I’ve been putting off writing about Warren’s excellent speech at the latest NJP event. It’s thirty minutes long, and writing about videos takes me absolutely forever. I have to transcribe videos at half speed, at best, as well as get screencaps of them. I also need to repeat certain segments a few times due to errors here and there. So if I have to work on a thirty minute long video, that’s going to be taking about two hours at the very least. Usually more.

That’s why I’m not going to be transcribing this speech the traditional way. I’d rather reflect on what this means, in a sort of meta way.

Almost 8k views. I saw well over 2k views on the very first day. An almost 99% like ratio. It’s an excellent speech, but I’m mostly just reflecting on what this means for content creation moving forwards.

Sadly, embedding appears to be somewhat hit or miss. Find the odysee video of the speech here.

I have a YouTube channel, which you can see here. It’s already received two strikes, and had a third video removed without a strike. I was very active on that channel making videos, and I feel that I got a lot of benefit from that. There’s no question that, if we were simply allowed to compete on a non-rigged playing field, we would immediately dominate the so-called competition.

As a result, I haven’t been uploading to YouTube nearly as often as I should be. I was thinking about switching to Odysee, but Odysee has a nice feature where you need 300 subscribers to switch seamlessly. I’m only at about 266 right now, so if you could go to my channel and subscribe, that would be very much appreciated. I know it’s weird to ask people to subscribe to YouTube just so I can stop using it and switch to Odysee, but that’s just how it is.

This isn’t really a tangent. My point is that it’s exciting how many views and likes NJP gets on their Odysee channel. Being on YouTube might be the best, but just having a place to share videos that actually works, unlike BitChute, is an exciting development, as is the National Justice Party.

Warren’s speech is a combination of excellently researched and impassionately delivered. The above still is just after he says the following.

In 1946, President Harry Truman issued executive order 9808, which created a presidents committee on civil rights. Now this was one year after Truman authorized the dropping of atomic bombs against two cities packed with hundreds of thousands of civilians in Japan, and two years before Truman became the first World Leader to officially recognize the state of Israel. 11 minutes after Israel was created.

*Audience boos vigourously. 

Balogh waits until the goyim have booed themselves out.

I comment on this, because I’ve never seen someone basking in boos before. It’s weird, but it works.

Working class Whites were caught between the organized tyranny of the state on one hand, and the mob violence of the Blacks on the other. Those who fought back went to prison or were killed. Those who did not, or could not, were simply forced out.

This is what is called “White Flight.” This term is presented as though average Whites were so racist that they just couldn’t bear to look at brown skin, or kinky hair. That their sensibilities were so delicate, and they found this aesthetic so viscerally distasteful, that they would uproot entire communities and abandon their cities just to not have to look at it.

In fact, what those Whites were fleeing was violence against themselves and against their children. The record of Black racial violence is indisputable, and has been exhaustively documented by investigative reporters such as the late Colin Flaherty and others.

In response, the (((ADL))) has declared that the number 13, when used in conjunction with the number 50, is a numeric hate symbol.

*Audience laughs.

It’s simply one of the best speeches I have ever seen. And it also shows how the NJP events are getting better and better. 

In the suburbs folk culture is replaced by corporate mass culture and consumerism. And this also was centrally planned and carried out.

As stated earlier, you can find the video here. The very last seven or eight minutes or so. The anger and passion of the last part of the speech had me, and I’m not just saying this, for a moment truly transfixed on Warren and the speech.

Earlier in the speech, somewhere around 14 minutes, there was an audience led chant of “White People Awake.” I thought that was the worst part of the speech, since it seemed a bit incongruous. However, as screencapped above, at this moment in the speech, the audience starts chanting “White Strike,” and I have to admit, I was into the speech enough that I was nodding my head back and forth while I listened.

And our demands are right there in the National Justice Party Platform. We want the same protections granted by the civil rights laws, applied to White People.

*Audience Cheering, Warren plows through it.

We demand that the labour of working White Men and Women not be exploited to support a Black welfare class, or a corrupt anti-White bureaucracy. Likewise – 

*Audience cheering, Warren gives them a moment to relax.

Likewise, we don’t want to exploit Blacks in any way. We don’t want or need anything from Blacks. 

*More cheering.

But we demand an end to the state terror of the FBI and the jewish department of justice in the War Against Whites.

*Audience uproar.

Put simply – put simply, our demand is not one more White victim of Black crime. Not one!

I don’t want to spoil the ending, since I think it should be delivered by Warren himself. All I’ll say is that you should go over to Odysee, follow the NJP, and like the video. I’ll write up some brief articles on the other videos they’ve made.

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