One of the points I saw against Israel, made years ago, was that Israelis have never fought alongside American soldiers. Literally not one time. This is from the country that is supposedly “our greatest ally.” 

Well the Israelis have finally put boots on the ground. After all, someone had to fight for the totally cucked Azog Battalion.

Times of Israel:

A senior aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says that there are dozens of Jewish soldiers fighting in the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

“There are about 40 Jewish heroes protecting Azovstal now,” David Arakhamia, the adviser in charge of Ukraine’s negotiating delegation, told The Times of Israel on Friday.

Look, I get that there are some people who think that Azov Battalion goys are Le Based, and super hardcore. They’re not. What they are is low IQ tools of Zionist Power. That’s just flat out what’s going on, which is why the literal Israeli soldiers are fighting alongside them.

People really need to get over this low IQ garbage about how some guy has a cool mask, and is therefore based. I don’t care is someone flies a goddamn Swastika, and neither do zionists. I care if someone is actually fighting against Schlomo and the Rabbis of Zion, which Azov is most definitely not under any circumstances doing.

That’s why these Israeli soldiers are willing to actually risk their lives fighting and potentially dying alongside them. They’ve figured out what’s going on, I hope you have too.

Make no mistake, if the US ever got into a serious war, you’d see a relaxation in the policing of Nationalist rhetoric among the troops. It’s just like we saw with the Trucker Convoy. Remember when they had the incompetent Black Police Chief? Then remember when they got rid of him, and replaced him with a sociopathic White Man? Suddenly “diversity is our greatest strength,” goes out the window when they actually want competence.

I can believe that Azov Battalion goys are the best fighters that Ukraine has. That, and only that, is why the WMD Liars make apologies for them. If Ukraine were to completely win this war, what do you think would happen to these men? Do you think they’d get to take over the country afterwards?

No. They would get nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not one single policy. In fact, they’d get Zelensky and pals flooding their country with migrants, child trannies, and everything else that comes with (((International Finance Capital))). Which is what they’re actually fighting for.

One of the Ukrainian units still holding out in the steel plant is the Azov Regiment, a formation that has been accused since its formation in 2014 of associations with neo-Nazi ideology. These claims have been central to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s justification for the invasion of Ukraine, having said at the outset of the war that Russia’s goal was to “demilitarize and de-Nazify” the country.

The unit was absorbed into the National Guard in September 2014, and Ukrainian officials are adamant that the regiment has been thoroughly professionalized and politicized.

At this point Azov Battalion are just a bunch of useful idiots. They’ve been thoroughly “politicized,” with anyone genuine probably being killed behind the scenes. But they’ll be allowed to exist in a continued form of Kosher-Patriotism that is so utterly cucked that Israelis are willing to die for it.

The massive Azovstal steel complex is the last bastion of Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol. The plant, with its network of tunnels and bunkers, has sheltered hundreds of Ukrainian troops and civilians during a weeks-long siege. Scores of civilians were evacuated recently, but Ukrainian officials said some may still be trapped there.

One of the Jewish soldiers the Zelensky adviser referenced released a video last week calling on Israel to rescue the besieged Azovstal garrison.

In a message posted by Kyiv-based entrepreneur and activist Ilgam Gasanov, Vitaliy Barabash said in Ukrainian, “It’s hard for me to speak, so my speech for me will be said by my brother, on behalf of all Ukrainian Jews who are together with me here.”

Barabash, also known as Benya, held a Ukrainian flag up to the camera as his friend read his statement, a Star of David tattoo clearly visible on Barabash’s hand.

Addressing “Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, the Knesset, the public of Israel,” and prominent Ukrainian Jews, Barabash’s statement announced that “in the rubble left from Azovstalí, there are Jews like me, like you.”

“Ukraine has never turned its back on Jews, so we believe Israel may not turn its back on the Ukrainian people either, but stand side-by-side against Russian invaders who brought a new tragedy,” read Barabash’s statement.

“Now we, being here, need Israel’s help in withdrawing the entire military garrison of Mariupol and call for rescue.”

Gasanov told The Times of Israel that he has never met Barabash in person, and is doing what he can to help the besieged Azovstal garrison after his friends’ wives reached out to him.

“I know many Jews who are currently at war, and not only in Mariupol,” he said.


There is a weird bizarro alternate side of Finklethink, where people become extreme conspiracy bro types, and absolutely everything is completely fake and controlled. 

Jewish News Syndicate:

Russia has likely turned a blind eye to Syrian and Iranian transfers of Russian-made weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon, a new report by an Israeli defense research center has assessed.

The Alma Center said in its findings that when Russia wishes to transmit messages of displeasure to Jerusalem over Israel’s “gray zone” campaign against Iranian targets, which Russia fears can destabilize the Syrian arena, it has, among other things, disregarded the movement of advanced Russian-made weapons from Syria to Hezbollah weapons depots in Lebanon.

The report estimates that Moscow has enabled the transfer of a host of surface-to-air missile-defense systems to Hezbollah from Syria, as well as the supersonic anti-ship cruise missile, the Yakhont. This comes despite the fact that Russia and Israel share an overall interest in Syria to keep Iranian entrenchment efforts in check.

I guess that because Putin doesn’t go around talking about making Russia Judenfrei he’s just a complete controlled op finklepuppet like Gorland Blormph, the guy who called himself “the King of Israel.” 

But whatever, people don’t need to go around supporting Putin. But I could go the rest of my life without seeing people shilling for a group in Azov Battalion that is so utterly kosher that Israelis are willing to die for them.

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