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Rep. Madison Cawthorn lost his first re-election bid on Tuesday after serving in Congress for less than two years and racking up a litany of scandals that turned longtime members of his own party against him.

Here’s Madison Cawthorn. He’s said some good things before. He’s also face fucked another man.

No, really. Here’s a censored still from the video.

He’s also done whatever this is.

And he’s had one of his male staff members grab his crotch before, with no resistance from Cawthorn. Below is a still from the video.

Cawthorn was endorsed by Blormph, as well as the Catboi Fuhrer. At least with Blormph he did this before it came out that Cawthorn is a disgusting faggot.

Very TradCath from the Twinkcel crowd.

It’s a big upset for former President Donald Trump, who reasserted his support for Cawthorn in the early hours of Monday morning and implored voters to give him a ‘second chance.’

Oh okay, nevermind. I guess Blormph doubled down on him when he saw that he was a disgusting pervert. So good Blormph, you eat that L.

Cawthorn himself publicly congratulated Edwards shortly before midnight.

‘Congratulations to [Chuck Edwards] on securing the nomination tonight,’ Cawthorn wrote on Twitter.

‘It’s time for the NC-11 GOP to rally behind the Republican ticket to defeat the Democrats’ nominee this November.’ 

I expected Cawthorn to wheel out some attack on Con Inc, but instead he spoke purely in flattering terms of his opponent. You’d think he’d stand and fight, but he just completely rolled over for them.

The wheels really came off his campaign at the end there, and he will no longer be so much as chairing a single senate committee. Then again, facefucking another man isn’t really something you can walk back, even in the best of terms. There’s just no good way to spin that. When it comes to scandals, Cawthorn can hide, but he can’t run. Maybe he’ll come crawling back to the Con Inc plantation and admit he’s a fag, but it’s wheelie hard to suck up to people who’ve been pushing you around and talking behind your back. 

The 26-year-old Republican’s re-election bid was widely seen as one of the most critical tests of Trump’s endorsement strength. Supporters of Cawthorn and the former president hoped Trump’s backing could push him over the line despite a litany of recent public relations crises.

I’m not sure there’s a reaction pic that accurately sums up my schadenfreude at the Trump endorsed candidate losing.

‘No matter what you are facing, when Donald Trump has your back, he has your back until the end,’ the young lawmaker said, vowing to fight on. 

The GOP is doing this weird thing where they’re pretending that Blormph is still relevant in the year 2022. As if people actually give a shit about this fag anymore. 

Another Trump-backed candidate, 26-year-old former college football player Bo Hines, won the state’s 13th Congressional District Republican primary. 

Oh cool, Trump is endorsing guys who are ahead in the polls and then taking credit for their success while doing nothing. While this is a cynical strategy, it’s not terrible for pretending to still have relevance. This reminds me of Juan Fuentes, the Child Saviour of the Brown Race, who is too rock-stupid to get this.

[Forwarded from LAURA LOOMER]
Fox News just basically allowed JD Vance to have a soft ball 10 min segment where he promoted his campaign. 
I thought Fox News didn’t allow candidates to plug their campaigns during “primaries”? 
They are so full of shit and we live in a country where the media and big tech is deciding which candidates are allowed to have exposure and a voice, and which ones aren’t. 
JD Vance attacked Trump for cracking down on immigration from ISIS infested Islamic countries and he said he might even vote for Hilary Clinton. 
JD Vance is the furthest thing from America First.

Great. Let’s see how the Catboi Cocksucking Kingmaker’s lack of endorsement worked out.

“Trump Backed Author.” 

I just can’t help myself but cockslap the manlets back into place on this. Remember when the promise of Manlet First was to be primarying Republicans. And then remember when they literally never did that?

Like, not even one time?

But these tiny little e-fags are too dumb to even shut their mouths and pretend to be backing the guy who will win, like Blormph does, so as to pretend that they’re more relevant than they actually are. 

Imagine being so shitty that you can’t even grift properly.

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  1. Crenshaw kept his eye on the ball, and that’s how he saw success. Cawthorn isn’t a patch on him, not even close. You’d have to be blind not to see this. The only thing they have in common is their names beginning with “C” and their vision for a gayer future. To focus on anything else and make any other comparison is simply myopic.

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