I’ve said before that this series is difficult to write, because the Andrews deleted the search function on their site. As a result, you need to have either an archived copy of the article you’re looking for, or the exact link. However, an enterprising telegram user told me about the “site:dailyrake.ca” trick, where you can specify results from a specific site on whichever search engine you want.

Sadly, this doesn’t work so well with the dead stormer. They just got a new domain and it’s not a popular site anymore, so I don’t get any valid results when searching “book clubs,” probably because nobody has visited those pages yet. I don’t know how tiny the stormer audience is these days, but since I’m going back to the Tanya Gersh and Stormer Book club stuff from 2016-18, it could take months or longer before I get anything through a search engine on that stuff. For all I know their new domain won’t last that long.

DuckDuckGo repeats the China article for some reason, but even with that I only get four results. There are five results with Google, shown below, none of which are anything I actually care about.

But luckily I have at two relevant archived links.

Archived DS Link 1:

A Stormer Book Club is a real life meetup group, intended to organize people locally in the real world. This is both for the purpose of human interaction with like minded people, helping one another build character and life skills, and for political organization purposes.

I can’t remember exactly when he started them, but some ADL hitpiece says August, 2016. This would have been about three years into the life of the Stormer, and was a necessary step for real world relevance.

Book Clubs exist all over the world, and they are growing.
This is the next phase of our movement. We need real life connections.
This is intended to be a full guide on how to setup a Stormer Book Club or join an existing one, and how to operate it when it is setup.

Real life organization, precisely what these e-grifters rail so hard against nowadays, is a pre-requisite for political organization. The natural progression of someone who is serious in politics is to get some following online, and then convert said following into real life meetup groups. Then you use these real life groups to organize political campaigns to get people elected.

Everyone who is currently in an active Book Club needs to edit the first post of their thread, to make it clear that it is active, and to give specific information:
  • Contact information
  • Usual meeting place (not specific location, just general area of city/town)
Contact information SHOULD NOT be an email address. It should be a group contact platform. For instance, tell them to post in the thread to get invited to a group PM thread on the forum, or, much better, a Discord channel.
The first post can include a logo, or some photos, whatever else you want. But you need to make clear that it is active, and give clear contact information.

Anglin’s retarded rants often make me laugh. Sometimes they make me angry. Sometimes they make me baffled. This on the other hand just makes me annoyed and disgusted. It’s hard to believe now, but the DeadMeme Honeypotter was a popular website once upon a time. They had a large audience, and only some of that were the turbospergs who still read it today. 

I myself joined a Book Club here in Canada in the Vancouver area. They told me I set the record for longest time to get verified, since my first meeting with them was in 2017, and my third was over a year later in 2018. I was frustrated with them, because I wanted to do actual political work, instead of just hanging out and wasting my time.

Those guys were somewhat hostile to any real political action, although they at least tried to get in on Maxime Bernier’s grift org, the PPC, only to find out that it was a scam right from the beginning. Then they kicked me out for “fedposting,” because I said that the way to deal with antifa was strafing runs with an A-10 warthog.

There are a lot of people for whom the slightest amount of power gets to their heads, and the guy who kicked me out was one such person. I don’t know what happened to that group, and didn’t try to join another one until 2019. When I did, through the Stormer forums TGK, I noticed they had removed that part of the forum. When asking around for why, the answer I got was that Anglin had whined about “TRS Feds,” and something about “Gay Pool Parties.” So basically, after making up the slander of TRS being a fed honeypot, Anglin and weev had used this to shut down the only politically relevant part of their grift operation.

One of the things that irritated me the most about the Deadmeme Honeypotter was how Anglin never told anyone to actually do anything politically. Being “redpilled,” is irrelevant, only actions are, and I remember for years, even when the Book Clubs were going, being mad that I wasn’t being directed to actually do something politically. Eventually I realized that all Anglin really wants his audience to do is give him money. Political action is totally irrelevant. 

Use the PM feature, or Discord.
If you do not know what Discord is, you can check out this site’s public channel here.
This is software, which can also run in a browser, which allows for people to easily create their own chat servers. You can create a chat room for your group, where you can have separate rooms for new people and people you trust.
Information on how to start a Discord server can be found here.
However, even if you do have the Discord server, make sure you check your thread for new people who do not know how to use Discord (older people may be confused by it).

It’s kind of funny that Anglin told people to use Discord, but it was 2017. Everybody used Discord back then.

Of course Anglin made sure that everybody is aware that no vagina people are allowed in. Having a single wahmen in an organization leads it to be compromised by cooties, and we just can’t be having that.

Women are not allowed in Book Clubs. Period. There is no room for discussion about this, and anyone caught violating this rule I will personally disavow. At meetings, you cannot bring your girlfriend. You cannot invite single women. Ever.
The one exception to this rule is a backyard BBQ-type setting, where men are allowed to bring their wives and SERIOUS girlfriends, along with their children. Any event that is not appropriate for children is not appropriate for women either. It is only FAMILY events that women are allowed at.
This is also not “bring a date” type rules. If you bring a woman to a family event, you either have to be married to her or having been dating seriously for six weeks. A BBQ is not an excuse to invite a single woman, or a girl you are interested in.
There are going to be betas who try to break this rule, so it is up to the alphas of the group to ensure that it is enforced, strictly.
NOTE: Only upon review did I notice the “beta/alpha” language in there. That’s old manletsphere language, and it takes me back.

There are very few compelling reasons to have men only groups, none of which are listed by Anglin here. These were not military ops, these were a bunch of clubs that mostly just had people sitting around and not doing anything until they eventually broke up. If your group is just people meeting at a bar, excluding the wahmens is gay and retarded.

If the purpose of these was to be doing some dangerous political activism, then it makes some sense to not have the wahmens in there. But you could also just exclude them from that stuff and do something else. I’m not really interested in playing Devil’s Advocate and putting out gay arguments for wahmen exclusion, considering what he ended up being. Anglin was just being a sperg even back then.

There are cowardly people who will not join these groups because they are afraid of feds. However, the only thing a fed can do to you is try and get you to do – or to TALK ABOUT DOING, EVEN IF YOU THINK IT’S IN JEST – an act of violence.

Cool story bro. Here’s a quote of his from a piece in February of 2020.

Retarded Manlet Daily:

There are now an infinite number of reasons that you can be thrown in prison for – reasons completely outside of your control, so effectively, you already have been sentenced to prison. The actual prosecution and sentencing is simply a formality and something that can happen to you at any time, for any reason.

If the state decides that they want to throw you in prison, there is nothing you can do about it. You can mount a defense, but they can simply decide they don’t like you, and there is nothing you can do about it. The government has men with guns who will simply kill you if you resist.

Anglin’s views on fed power exists as a sort of Schroedinger’s Catboi for political thought. The feds are simultaneously an institution with complete and utter power that can do anything they want, and also an autistic rule obeying politically neutral body that can be rules lawyered to death. The feds will exist in such a state, until Anglin observes that it would be politically beneficial for him to pretend one or the other, typically when slandering actual pro-White activists for the former, or defending the catnats for the latter.

No one, under any circumstances, should be compelled to give their last name. In fact, it should not be considered shady if someone wants to use a fake first name (though personally, I think that’s overkill).
There should be no membership lists, at all.
And there should be no mandatory group photos. I know some people like to take the photos and cover their faces and show them online. I think this is totally cool to do. But you shouldn’t feel compelled, and it should be a trusted member of the group taking the photo. No one should ever take photos without consent.
Obviously, you’re going to make real friends in the group, and you shouldn’t worry about giving them your phone number or other personal information as you get to know them. That’s normal and fine. Don’t be paranoid, just be careful.

This is all good stuff. It’s also exactly what TRS does with their pool parties, despite Anglin pretending otherwise without any evidence. Any serious org doesn’t really need to know the full names of the members just to put up some flyers or hold up a sign. It’s not that important, and I’m glad that this little manlet calls out the climate of paranoia that he himself has contributed to so completely these past five years.

There will be some Chads and some autists. Young guys, old guys, fat guys, skinny guys, body builders, nerds, skinheads, NEETs – you all need to treat each other like brothers, and understand that you are each others only hope for salvation.

Problem is that Anglin realized that everybody but the NEET incels didn’t serve as a reliable audience for him, nor did they serve as reliable paypiggies. I’ve said this before, but if you are some guy with a wife and three kids, you necessarily have much more serious politics than the Andrews have to offer you.

Every month, pass around a hat for DS donation money. Just put it in an envelope together and seal it and send it to our PO box. If you don’t have money, don’t worry about it, but the hat passing and single envelope makes it worthwhile to just even give a dollar or two. If you’re all doing this every month with whatever you can spare, it’s going to go a very long way towards getting us the funding we need to keep expanding.

Money is the lifeblood of any serious political organization. Having said that, the manlet cult is not a serious political org. I think Atomwaffen Andy looked at the paltry cheques he was getting from these things and decided that he could pull the plug. Sure, it made the Stormer audience politically impotent, but he was making more donations from online methods, so what did he care?

There is nothing illegal about white people meeting one another. Please avoid being overly paranoid with one another. Be careful, be smart, be reasonable and be aware.

Once again I have to print this because it is so contradictory to the current hyper-paranoid faggot stuff they are doing these days. Oh but they’re also supporting retard rallies like Jan 6th, and criminal lowlifes like Baked Alaska. So be super paranoid about the feds but also go do this fed honeypot on behalf of the King of Israel please goyim.

There are going to be missions.
I will let you know about that in the future.
At the end of this month, I am going to ask that every group with five or more members that has been together for at least a month to pick a representative to join a special Discord channel. This allows for some centralization of the project, while the representatives will remain anonymous to me and each other.
The Future
This is going to be big.
We are building a network.
I have a plan, don’t worry.
There is much more to come.
Great, I’m so excited. Where’s all the big missions Andy?

The Stormer Book Clubs were very similar to the Tanya Gersh case I’m covering next. All that buildup, all that potential, then suddenly just… nothing. Gone without a trace. Instead of progressing to more concrete political organization, they regressed into just being sad losers alone online.

I think it’s highly likely that the book clubs were atrophying members, especially since Anglin promoted wearing clown shoes as his “American Patriot,” schtick. No really, here’s a pic.

What the fuck am I looking at?

The manlets had lectured everybody on optics for years at this point, doing divisive infighting over “muh American Patriotardism,” garbage. So at this point, for them to be such tone deaf retards that they were promoting the retarded garbage you see on your screen above it was a big “nah, I’m good,” moment for a lot of people. 

Mostly I think people just realized that they weren’t really well run. There wasn’t a lot for people to do, and if you’re driving 45 minutes like I was to downtown Vancouver, walking around for a while as you shoot the breeze, and then leaving, that’s kind of an expensive and time intensive method of not actually accomplishing anything politically. If you’re not forming a political party you’re just wasting everyone’s time, and that includes this site, which is why I’m trying to get through these e-boys as quickly as possible and focus on real politics.

But even with them being poorly run, shutting the Book Clubs down was a huge blow to the Stormers credibility as a serious political organization. The turn from real life activism and back to online only stuff is indefensible considering mass censorship. You can’t have an online movement in 2022, or even 2018. What you can have is a real life one. 

My only critique of the NJP is they need to be doing more activism.

You know how Anglin ends that piece?

Hail Victory.


If you’re curious as to what the book club part of the forum looked like, here’s a screencap from sometime in 2017. It got decent engagement, and was a solid step forward. It honestly shows one of the few positive aspects of the internet, which is collecting people from all over the World, and getting them organized together, and eventually meeting up.

So of course it had to be shut down.

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