I wrote a retrospective on the now AIDS ridden “America Fist” movement. They did some horrible shit after the BLM anti-White terrorist attack in Waukesha, which caused me to think about them for the first time since I laughed at Fuentes getting oven’d on twatter.

The positive response I got from that retrospective, coupled with a BANG member giving me the heads up for a KiwiFarms thread lead me to write the first article on Juan Fuentes getting felted. Then I wrote another, then another, and another.

Our Felting of Fuentes is going to crescendo to an absolute orgy of manchild abuse, but it will all be over soon. We’ll be on to our next Cuckservative Target, as we’ve hinted at with our piece on APU. Not the Simpson’s character, the fake pro-White cuckservative political party associated with John Doyle.

But the Felting of E-Boy Fuentes series got me thinking about optics, and it turns out I have a bit of an effort post to get off my chest. There is after all, the tiniest little nugget of truth to the statement “optics matter.”

Okay hold on. Hear me out.

Above is Matthew Heimbach, of the now defunct Traditionalist Workers Party. They were a group of anti-social losers who decided to run around doing the Obese Neo-Nazi routine. Not all of them were losers of course. Like most dissident political orgs, there were plenty of people who were genuine, and saw the TWP as their best bet, but tone comes from the top.

They also promoted hardcore orthodox christianity, amongst other weird things normal people aren’t super into. I bring that up specifically, because Heimbach, the leader, was later found to have had an affair with the second in command’s wife.

In case  you had some sympathy for Heimbach, he’s now doing the “Life after Hate,” bit. Well not quite with them, technically with “Light Upon Light,” but it’s basically the same grift. Heimbach goes around and talks about how evil pro-White advocates are and how they hoodwinked him as a young man and blah blah you get it.

Light Upon Light:

This month Matt Heimbach, once considered the future face of hate in the United States, approached 100 days since announcing publicly that he had left far-right extremism here at LightUponLight.Online. We’re extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to work with him now for over a year, and to mark that 100 day anniversary, Matt came to the D.C. area where he was able to meet with Daryl Davis and Jesse Morton, both interventionists with our SHIFT-Hate (Support and Help for Individuals and Families Touched by Hate) program.

Yeah fuck this guy. Apparently he also pretended to be some working class stiff, but his parents were solidly upper-middle class.

Even hyper-narcissistic Richard Spencer publicly claimed that he didn’t want anything to do with Matthew Heimbach, probably because he was one of the most offputting losers ever. And you know for someone like Spencer, who exists purely on narcissistic supply, asking for less attention and people supporting him can only be done when the cringe factor is at its highest.

But some of you might be thinking, “Shekelstein you fucking hooked nosed kikel, you’re just attacking Heimbach for being fat and, let’s face it, pretty ugly.” But that’s not the problem here. Heimbach was indeed obese. Heimbach was indeed ugly. Heimbach and his crew did indeed dress like weirdos.

But ultimately, Matthew Heimbach just looks like a typical American Guy.

Okay, maybe not what Americans should look like, but unfortunately what they do look like. Heimbach could have gone out there with tons of anti-White hate speech up on signs, and pointed out how gross and weird antifas are, or just not put on weird suits. But all of that somewhat misses the point, as does the “optics debate.”

Matt Heimbach had “terrible optics,” because he was an anti-social loser.

Why did Heimbach promote hardcore Orthodox Christianity? Because normal people don’t like that. Why did Heimbach and his crew have super hardcore over the top rhetoric? Because normal people don’t like that. Why did Heimbach and his crew go around in weird outfits with embarrassing looking helmets? Because normal people don’t like that.

Have you ever wondered why feminists do disgusting shit like dye their hear red, or shave half their heads? It’s because they get tired of being naturally ugly, and rejected by men. So what they do is they intentionally uglify themselves, so they can cope, and pretend that they’re the ones rejecting you, because they don’t care about your approval.

CatNat faggots have almost permanently ruined the term “cringe,” but for a time it was the best word to describe this kind of behaviour. Lots of normal people absolutely hate our (((privileged class))), with varying degrees of political awareness. But the highest quality people tend to have full time jobs, and children, and don’t have the time to do politics.

Do research into politics, and you’ll find that beyond the meme of George Soros, there is an entire system of NGO’s, university pseudo-activist positions, in addition to the bureaucracies, “journalists,” and of course political parties. This system exists so that there can be a well funded group of people who get paid to enact the will of the (((privileged class))).

The above creature, as one of many examples, came to my attention in this article. It gets paid 167k per year to do whatever Schlomo wants. Including banning Nobel Prize Winning former ISIS victim from having her book taught to children due to “Islamophobia.”

You want normal people to support you? Go up on stage and promise to saw Mark Zuckerberg’s head off and feed his carcass to dogs. Go put some amputee veterans on stage and scream about the injustice of the lying mass murder propagandists who lied us into Iraq demanding that we the goyim be censored for speaking truths.

And yet anyone who has dealt in dissident politics has inevitably encountered what I’ve dubbed “Mr. Hardcore.” Mr. Hardcore is a constantly online sperg, who makes it his mission to shit all over average everyday people. Mr. Hardcore pretends that representative democracy is real democracy, and therefore when x bad thing happens, regular people are to blame. Mr. Hardcore does not have a wife or family, because wahmen are all coalburning whores or something.

Mr. Hardcore’s views are, to put it mildly, extreme. And I don’t mean that like the privileged class means it, where not wanting infinity immigration is extreme, or whatever. I mean he can’t stop talking about how he wants to exterminate every jew child on the planet even when everyone is having a chill discussion about something else.

Mr. Hardcore does not advocate for Palestinians, not because he has serious political disagreements with doing that, but because “muh brown people should be genocided,” or something. Monsieur Hardcore doesn’t care that the very same (((people))) who are flooding our countries with the sludge of the world are jew nationalist violent racial cleansing enthusiasts who hold up signs saying “death to arabs.” And he won’t even pretend to care in order to make solid political point. Solid political points are just not what Sgt. Hardcore is all about.

When given a clear propaganda victory, like BLM Toronto Founder Yusra K. Ali saying “whiteness is not humxness, in fact white skin is sub-humxn,” Mr. Hardcore is nowhere to be seen. He’s way too hardcore for that. Anything less than Total Nigger Death is pure cuckoldry, and he’s not afraid to use insanely cringey (((Hollywood))) invented propaganda to make his point known.

And no, he’s not exaggerating for comedic effect. Jokes are for unserious cucks.

Weirdly enough, Mr. Hardcore will never pick up a gun and do targeted assassinations of judges, billionaires, propagandists, or anyone else. His hardcore-ness exists in a purely online state.

In a different context, I went to two anti-Vaxx rallies this year. I’ll have to write about them later, and trust me it’s hilarious, but suffice to say, I could not have cringed harder if I walked in on my parents having a hot steamy fuck session, where only one of them was enjoying it.

There were some retards dancing around on stage. The first speaker shouted extremely loudly “HELLO FELLOW FREEEEEEDOM FIGHTERRRRRRRS.” And it only went downhill from there.

Even before this, I was accosted by some fucking weirdo who was going on about “Bill Gates UN Agenda 21,” and some other shit about vaccines putting microchips in peoples blood. At no point in time did anybody mention pharma profits off of unnecessary vaccines. They didn’t mention the borders not being shut down. They didn’t mention BLM “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests,” being allowed to go on and spread COVID-19.

Ultimately, those people were just anti-social losers looking for a social group. And if you start talking about “well you know the government should build quarantine hospitals for people traveling abroad and shut down the border,” they interrupt and start braying about “muh natzees,” all while looking like the biggest collection of losers you ever saw.

Anti-social losers need to be kept way outside of any serious political movement. And it’s not about “optics.”Appealing to as many normal people as possible should be the goal of any serious political movement.

Above is Mike Peinovich, NJP chairman, speaking on the Waukesha protest they did. Notice how everyone there seems like a normal guy who showed up because they were mad that an explicitly anti-White BLM terrorist murdered 6 White People, and injured 47 others, and has yet to be charged with anti-White hate crime charges?

It seems like they’re serious and normal people, because they in fact are serious and normal people.

Notice how the above guy seems like a fucking faggot? That’s because he is in fact, a faggot.

The 2017 era critique of anti-social losers who act in anti-social ways got weirdly shifted to “muh optics.” In retrospect, this was completely dishonest right from the very start.

Above is the anti-social loser behind the DailyStormer, a website dedicated to defending jew rapist Harvey Weinstein. Well not quite, they also really want to do physical violence to White Women and rape them.

There maybe no group of people who are more anti-social, and bigger genetic losers than the AmNat/DeadMemeStormer crowd. Especially with the “movement,” now dying of AIDS. With the possible exception of extraordinarily offputting LARP neo-natzees.

But these people were very interested in grifting off the nascent success of pro-White politics at the time. Or at least the appearance of success. Whether we were ever really all that close to real power is debatable.

But because their goal was grifting, they didn’t say “stop being an anti-social loser, you have to appeal to regular people.” There was lots of censoring starting at this time, and, while any serious political movement would have to prepare for financial oppression, they were in it to grift. Pretending to do edgy politics was just their niche.

They started off by saying that the reason Globo Homo Schlomo came down super hard on the White Men at Charlottesville, was because of “muh optics.” The premise is actually laughable in hindsight.

“Just have good patriotic optics and you won’t be oppressed.”

There were many problems with Charlottesville. Richard Spencer is a narcissist incapable of leading anything, who had no legal strategy, or really much strategy at all other than “get Richard Spencer attention.” The rally had no real purpose. The (((Republican Party))), including (((Donald Trump))) sold us all out. And the courts and police in Charlottesville are entirely corrupt.

On the list of things not to do again, not having fatties dress up in their NS gear is actually not all that important. Same for Richard Spencer doing the “Heil Trump,” and nazi salute. Or the crowd chanting “jews will not replace us.”

Charlottesville should have been the wakeup call to form a real political party, and serious people would have done so immediately. And we could have been challenging existing politicians in political races at all levels, municipal, state, and federal, starting as soon as 2018.

Oh what could have been.

But even still, there were the anti-social losers kicking around. And they really put off normal people, myself included, so it was somewhat plausible that they could have just had “better optics,” or whatever, and then maybe the (((Conservatives))) would have supported us. So what did “muh optics,” amount to?

It amounted to no swaztikas. Swaztikas were apparently the problem, not anti-social losers.

Of course, anyone who’s been around for any amount of time knows that nazi-related stuff is often the absolute funniest/best propaganda out there. I still chuckle at the Taylor Swift in the SS outfit above, because it’s legitimately funny.

I’ve always hated anime, especially the “there’s not enough clothes,” part. But even I think this hits a great note between funny and edgy. Imagine back in 2015 replying with this to the below tweet.

But the grifting “optics cucks,” dishonestly argued that swaztikas in and of themselves were somehow the problem.

And from there “muh optics,” was warped to serve a variety of ever-more gross and dishonest means. There was censorship on twitter starting in 2016 with Milo and a few others.

This progressed a lot further in 2017 when there was the start of mass banning of basically all the people who were any fun on twitter, with similar things happening on YouTube. By 2019, this was completely done, and as a result, those websites absolutely suck for political content.

“Muh Optics,” transformed from “don’t carry around swaztikas in real life,” to “you’re just a CRINGE wignat who isn’t serious about doing REAL politics because you talk about jews at all,” throughout the same time.

These dishonest little fucks pretended that people who got banned weren’t getting banned because the (((ADL))) viewed them as a threat to jew power, but because they were just low IQ cringelords who deserved it somehow. And faggots like Fuentes and Anglin actually cheered everytime someone with any amount of honesty and principles got banned for being too effective in fighting against Schlomo.

The condensed version of “muh optics,” is that it went from “don’t walk around with swaztikas in real life,” which is somewhat defensible if missing the point. Progressed to “don’t ever be associated with swaztikas,” then “support Gorland Blormph, the king of Israel,” to “talking about jews at all is cringe, bro,” to “LOL these heterosexuals got banned from twatter, serves them right,” to “cucking to jews so you don’t get banned off twitter is Chad and optical.”

I’ve gotten tired of felting this faggot. This made me mad again.

I could never even watch Fuentes, because he was a complete faggot, so I didn’t see what it ultimately morphed into. Reading from KiwiFarms and others, by the end it meant… whatever the CatNats wanted it to mean.

And it doesn’t need to be said, that there’s nobody more anti-social and weird, than some pretend tradcath faggot laughing at murdered White Children in a BLM attack. No really, that actually happened.

By the time all was said and done, it wasn’t just hilarious edgy memes of anime girls swathed in swaztikas that was lost.

The authenticity and entire energy of the movement was destroyed by these dishonest, grifting faggots.

Maybe this article didn’t need to be written. Maybe everybody gets it. The TRS guys seem to. Maybe someone more talented than I could have written this all in a single paragraph.

Even still, I want everybody to know understand the sort of weird pseudo-finklethink around optics. Just because twink Mexicans spend all day playing video games and sucking catboi cock while lecturing people about “muh optics”, does not mean that we must embrace anti-social retards who are deliberately offputting to average, everyday people, because pretending that normal people “aren’t hardcore enough,” for them makes them feel less like a loser.

There is a reason why I spent every waking hour of the two days after Waukesha working on articles completely absent of jokes, and editing videos for more of the same. And there is a reason I write under the pen name of “The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein.” There is no contradiction, it’s called being a genuine person.

Here’s to victory my friends.

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      1. Yea, I know there are a lot to milk, but he is a particularly virulent faggot who has gotten his DOOGINUST talking point into people who are actually good people and would be fully on board with NJP if not for his little psy-op. Please do one (or more) on him. Thanks borther!

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