I recently had an unfortunate run in with the manlets on Gamer Uprising by way of KiwiFarms. I use KiwiFarms for research purposes, and have plenty of images taken from there on this site. I do occasionally post some things on there, in an effort to clarify some things, and potentially send some eyeballs my way. Unfortunately, the incels on Gamer Uprising got extremely assblasted in the thread dumping on Andrew Anglin and the Deadmeme Honeypotter. 

I linked to my articles debunking the retarded slander of TRS through the Cantwell and Jayoh hit pieces. Some xir from Gamer Uprising proceeded to totally ignore the links and copy-paste some wall texts from old Anglin articles that I myself referenced in those pieces. Well, that’s not worth responding to. What is worth responding was this.

Milo and Nick talked, as you said, in November 2019. It was revealed in June 2020 that Milo was a federal informant. Do you think that time is non-linear? You once again have your timeline wrong, trying to use later revelations, of which no one at the time had knowledge, to attack people you don’t like. It is ridiculous. – Xir Manlet

I realized that my pieces on fed informant Milo Yiannopoulos, while good enough for a heterosexual, wasn’t quite airtight enough for the tranny porn enjoyers. So let me fix this right now. First of all, Milo and Nick talked in December, 2019. Milo released a recording of Richard Spencer in November, and promised more to follow. Then in an early December killstream Milo revealed his “vault,” and told everyone that he had been recording his private conversations with pro-White activists in any state he could legally do so.

It was already known that Milo was recording private conversations he had with pro-White activists, and blackmailing people. But it wasn’t until June 2020 we got the inevitable confirmation that he had been selling this information to (((Roberta Kaplan))) for her explicitly anti-White purposes, as well as repeatedly talking to the feds and giving them information. 

Milo Legal Filings:

Hi Michael. Thanks for the update. So far I’ve spent $3,500 on travel and associated expenses to review materials on your behalf. But many questions remain about the FBI’s desire to acquire them exclusively.

I am meeting my contacts at the Bureau next week in person and will be in a better position to answer you after that. As I’m sure you will understand I have been obliged to prioritize federal law enforcement over your civil action.

In December 2019 it was theoretically possible, if you were retarded, to pretend that the zionist faggot was recording White Activists private conversations for no reason, just like you could pretend that fed honeypot Atomwaffen were “a bunch of good dudes,” like weev did after two of them were murdered. In reality, the sole purpose of recording any of our activists private recordings is to have dirt on them, which can only hurt us and benefit the Roberta Kaplans of the World.

Nevertheless, it is technically true that it wasn’t confirmed that Milo was a federal informant when Spicolas Juan Fuentes, the child saviour of the Brown Race, went on his show in December, 2019. And as soon as the Catboi Cult found out about this, they immediately cut off all contact with Milo.

Just kidding, that never happened, and he forwards his posts on telegram all the time. Here’s one from just a week ago. Fuentes has mentioned Milo 85 times, and I it’s not worth my time to count how many of those are him praising him or forwarding the fed snitch’s posts. I don’t need to.

Because look what we have here. Is this what I think it is? Is this fed informant (on pro-White People) Milo Yiannopoulos having a spot on Fuentes’ shitty streaming site Cozy.tv? Why yes, yes it is.

These are the sorts of incredibly bad faith technicalities that the manlet cult needs to come up with the defend themselves. It was known that Milo was a zionist faggot who deliberately recorded the conversations of pro-White activists without their consent for his own purposes, but it wasn’t technically confirmed that he was a fed informant when Fuentes went on his show in December, 2019. So I guess us heteros are totally felted here bro. Except that it’s been confirmed for almost two years now that Milo is a fed informant and he’s literally got a spot on Fuentes’ shitty streaming service. 

Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult.

1. Christopher Cantwell sending incriminating video of antifa committing crimes to the feds means that he’s a fed. Then some TRS intern going on his show one time makes them a fed. This makes TRS as a whole feds trying to rehabilitate a “fed snitch”. This is the retarded dream logic Anglin uses to slander TRS.
2. Zionist faggot Milo Yiannopoulos maliciously recording private conversations he’s had with pro-White activists is fine. Fuentes going on his show is fine. Once it’s revealed that Milo sold this info to Roberta Kaplan, and gave this to the feds, that’s fine. Fuentes giving him a spot to stream to his impressionable audience of autistic 15 year olds, that’s fine.
Is Andrew Anglin pounding the table to have confirmed fed snitch Milo removed from Cozy? Because he is a confirmed federal informant and he’s bragged about doing it. And again, he’s not snitching on antifas. He’s snitching on pro-White activists to Roberta Kaplan and the feds. So Anglin’s really angry about that, right? He’s just super pissed that Fuentes has a federal informant literally on his streaming site?

No, of course he isn’t. Because Andrew Anglin is a grifting piece of trash. All of the attacks on TRS are dishonest and retarded, and everything the manlet cult accuses TRS of is something they are an order of magnitude more guilty of. Don’t even get me started on “muh optics,” from the terrorism promoting midgets.

“Take these optics you normal sized heteros.”

It was also confirmed by Kino Casino that Fuentes makes his interns sign NDAs that explicitly give Fuentes, and by extension fed informant Milo Yiannopoulos, these peoples private information. But this is also totally fine. Andrew Anglin is cool with fed informants, and recorders of private conversations, being embedded deep within a movement that caters to isolated 15 year old autists. But if you know a guy who once ate a bagel with Christopher Cantwell’s third best friend from childhood, then that makes you a fed informant honeypot. No other evidence necessary.

Pretty rich coming from the guy who promoted atomwaffen and ironmarch and all that shit.

Felting the e-boys is some of my most viewed work, behind only serious and timely work such as done after Waukesha, and a few other things here and there. Having said that, I can’t wait to be done with this garbage forever. I did not set out to become and internet person, nor document the dying manlet cult, as balding 39 year old Andrew Anglin slips deeper and deeper into bitter rage over his shitty worthless life. I need to get this shit done pronto, and I won’t be able to forgive myself if I’m still talking about this in June.

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