Homosexual Extremist Dilates over Quebec Government Demanding Migrants Speak French

Washington Post:

I often hear elite-level American intellectual types — pundits and academics and futurists and so on — express great optimism about Canada’s potential. The country is framed as a glimmer of hope in a bleak world, a dynamic, modern, urbane, democratic, multicultural, open-minded success story, free of the toxic nationalism and populist authoritarianism steering the rest of the planet into a ditch.

I’m sorry, who wrote this?

Well this fag did. And no, I have no confirmation of him craving it in his ass, just a weird hunch.

The great blind spot of such optimistic analysis has always been Quebec — a province housing 8.7 million of Canada’s 38.7 million citizens, and a place preoccupied with pursuing policies at odds with every flattering Canadian stereotype. On virtually any metric one might correlate with a promising, modern society — a hospitable business climate, an up-to-date education system, open and inviting communities, robust protection of individual liberties, a moderate and rational political class — Canada’s second-largest province marches unapologetically in the opposite direction.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault

Francois Legault must be doing something right if he’s got this faggot upset. Although I do want to circle back to something that this fag said in the first paragraph.

free of the toxic nationalism and populist authoritarianism steering the rest of the planet into a ditch.

Great so what steered Iraq into a ditch again?

Because just so everybody knows if you say that the people who lie us into wars deserve to be killed, this shit sucking fag AIDS patient will say that you are sending the rest of the planet into the ditch. I think it’s important to hammer home that this faggot, who literally works for Jeff Bezos, is cool with trillion dollar multinational corporations engaging in mass censorship and war profiteers facing no punishments. In fact, he really loves it. Because what’s really important to him is having cum in his butt. Also, cum in other faggots butts and sucking that out with a straw. It’s a real thing called “shrimping,” look it up.

This week, Quebec’s parliament passed Bill 96, “An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec.” It’s an ambitious piece of legislation granting the state sweeping powers to ensure that speaking French — the presumed cultural cornerstone of Quebec’s “distinct identity” — is all but mandatory in virtually every realm of life. The project of making Quebec a homogenous French-speaking nation is now the goal to which everything else is officially subordinate.

Private businesses in Quebec with more than 50 employees have long been obligated to use French as their primary language of internal communication. Bill 96 halves the number of employees required to meet the threshold and grants the so-called language police new powers to raid businesses without a warrant to ensure compliance, searching through documents, computers and even phones to make sure that … I don’t know, that employees aren’t secretly planning the company softball tournament in English (or, for that matter, Korean or Arabic or Greek). Offenders could see their business licenses revoked.

French speakers would know better, but this is setting off some mild finklethink alarm bells in my mind. Being against the English speakers has always been a sort of weird safe fake populism that doesn’t really threaten power. It’s not necessarily bad legislation in and of itself, but if this is all you’re doing, then I’m not really all that impressed.

Immigrants — long viewed as one of Quebec’s most daunting challenges, given how little of the world speaks French these days — will see their ability to communicate with the province in English cut off after six months. No access to English schools for them, of course.

So we’re in favour of immigrants, but they have to speak French?

Colour me unimpressed. Wake me up when they start talking about immig-

The dream embodied by Bill 96 — alongside other nationalistic initiatives of Quebec Premier François Legault, including cuts to immigration and a ban on public servants wearing religious clothing — is one of a “pure” Quebec, splendidly unspoiled by other cultures. It brings to mind the “sakoku” years of Japan, in which a sheltered political elite convinced of the inherent inferiority of the outside world isolated itself for two centuries, tightly restricting even learning about foreign things.

Well, colour me impressed. Maybe there is in fact some validity to Francois Legault. But minor cuts to immigration and pissing off some boy hungry queer online isn’t nearly enough for me. And figuring out what’s going on in Quebec politics would be such a huge time investment for me, as an English only speaker, that I’m not sure I can be particularly enlightening.

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  1. “Also, cum in other faggots butts and sucking that out with a straw. It’s a real thing called “shrimping,” look it up.”

    You mother fucking fucking fuck. Did NOT need to know that.

  2. I remember watching a few of his videos. He is one of those retards who think that The Simpsons is just as good as it used to be and has an incredably pretentious and self-righteous at times.

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