I try to check the new comments left on the site every day. This is easy to do on the backend, and yesterday when I did this I noticed two comments, both from a user named “The Problem with the Daily Rake.” Intrigued, I took a closer look at the comments themselves.

All this means is that they linked to my work externally, which automatically leaves a link on the page being externally linked. I took a closer look at the piece itself. After all, I must know what the problem with the Daily Rake is.

The link actually took me to the article, but this is the main page on that website. It’s called Ramona Leone – Mind’s Eye. I looked around on that site and honest to god I have no idea what they’re even going for. Maybe the About Page can help me.

Ramona Leone’s About Page:

Mind’s Eye Is A Reactionary magazine/webzine. We commentate on recent events with an America First agenda in mind.

It’s a homosexual sub-culture.

Our goal is to showcase the counter culture that is being suppressed by the mainstream.

Our Belief is that We Are Living In The System Of The AntiChrist and We would like to offer advice for living in this world.

New articles Monday-Friday, guides Saturday. Subject to change.

There is a lot of weirdness here, such as the random capitalization of We. This is a theme that runs through this work. Readable, but with a faint whiff of schizo. Anyway, they seem to have about an article per day, of which you can see a random selection above. It all seems fairly standard manlet stuff, so I’m not sure why they couldn’t just stick with the Deadmeme Stormer. 


We do not advocate violence of any kind. Everything said on this site is 1000% satire. Just My Diary Desu.

Our Team:

Writer, editor, administrator, etc:

$lave is a 20 year old basement dweller and when he’s not adding to Ramona Leone’s various projects (Mind’s Eye Mag, Viceroy TV, Pepper Social, White Rabbit Gallery, etc.) he’s working hard in his wage cage or studying even harder in school.

That’s the whole team.

The entire site appears to be run by a guy named $lave. And in fact he appears to have written all of the articles, including the one on me. And no, I have no idea who Ramona Leone is. I did some more research on that site and I don’t think there’s much reason to believe that Ramona Leone and $lave are anything other than one and the same person. An incredibly weird one at that.

Anyway, let’s find out what $lave thinks of my site.

Ramona Leone:

The Daily Rake is so ugly. The thumbnails, titles, and cluttered sidebar show a broken soul. You can tell this guy isn’t religious.

A guy called $lave has successfully diagnosed my broken soul because the site theme that I use has some cluttered sidebars. It’s over sisters, he’s onto us.

Even when I’m writing about something disgusting that I hate I make sure it looks cool. Having gay porn and Anglin’s face shopped onto an object be what introduces you to this website is revolting. 

I mean, Anglin’s face is revolting. But, this guy is a big stormer fan. He’s defending weev in one of the articles on the front page of his site for Christ sakes. Weev, in 2022. And some of his work is collecting daily stormer stuff on his page. So pointing out that Anglin’s face is disgusting isn’t quite the own he seems to think it is.

Hyphen Report has boring thumbnails but they aren’t repulsive and work for the overall theme of the site I guess.

Let me go and check out Hyphen Report. It’s been months since I went over there.

Looks like they’ve cranked out three articles this month. Guess that’s what happens when you fire your lead writer over a power trip. I’m not even angry anymore, it’s just a statement of fact that the Hyphen Report is pretty much dead. 

You’d think this autist would be focusing on that, as opposed to the site theme differences between this site and that one. But then again, that wouldn’t help him diagnose anyone’s soul, so of course he ignores it.

Also, his own site doesn’t work properly. Here’s an article of his shilling the Manlet Daily, where all the images broke. My diagnosis is that this is his repressed homosexuality manifesting itself as improperly maintained image links. There is no other explanation.

He simps for ugly, not even mid women in articles like TPUSA Hires Smokin’ Hawt Dimepiece to Shill Reheated Cuckservative Garbage and Manhandling the Manlets: The Political Importance of Good Looking Pussy, which is beyond pathetic.

What supermodel talent agency headquarters in Heaven would you need to live in where these wahmens are “not even mid.” 

Guys who have never gotten any pussy tend to have these stratospheric demands for the looks in their non-existent partners. These pure as virgin snow saviours of the Mexican Race demand only the hottest of 18 year old virginal supermodels to even consider for sex. Anything less than that is “not even mid.”

The latter holding the worst take of all time within it. He argues that to have a successful movement you must appeal to hot women.

“I mean, maybe literally, but also figuratively. The correlation between people being interested in something and hot girls being in it is so strong that you can tell how healthy your political movement is almost purely by the numbers of hawt babes. This is the ultimate bellweather.”

I think the more women apart of a political movement the greater it has a chance to fail, actually. Identity Europa? Girl leaks everything. Ashton Whitty? Leaks everything to Jared Holt. Lauren Southern? Leaks everything to Hope Not Hate. Most of those racist egirls ended up fucking non whites. Sorry if that’s news for you but women are evil.

I’m pretty sure if I write another article defending the position that 99% of the population has, which is that women are not evil just because these guys can’t get laid, that these guys are gonna start actually killing themselves. Saying “women can be nice sometimes,” is the manlet cult equivalent of saying “you will never be a woman,” to a tranny.

The writer (I believe his name is) Sheklestein spends a lot of his time attacking the America First movement. Specifically figures like Nick Fuentes, Andrew Anglin, and Weev. There’s a 15 part series on Andrew Anglin himself a separate series called “manhandling the manlets” with a broader target on AF. You never see AF people dedicating sites and video series’s to attacking NJP (The National Justice Party) which is who this guy supports. It’s just interesting it’s only coming from one side.

Fifteen part series? Surely you jest. We’re up to 18 by now.

And I had written part seventeen a full two days before this article of $lave dropped. You have to go all the way back to May 11th to find the 15th part in the series. And even the sixteenth part came out on May 22nd. I’m focusing on this because it’s just such a weird thing to get wrong. How did he miscount the number of pieces I had written on Anglin when it’s literally on the front page of the website?


As for the manlet cult never attacking us, I’m not even sure I can respond to that without legitimizing it as a reality based statement. It’s simply not, and is a weird form of passive aggressive sniping I’ve seen by these manlets from time to time.

By the way, I’ve included a picture of another evil creature below. I like them, and I think they repel the groypers. 

My critiques here are similar to my critiques of Kino Casino. There’s something wrong with these people and it’s hard to explain. PPP is the funniest of these types and Mister Metokur is the most annoying.

How is it even possible to have that opinion? Jim, aka Mister Metokur, aka the Internet Aristocrat, is one of the only e-people who ever had any real talent. I didn’t watch his stuff too much back in the day, but he’s undeniably witty and entertaining. 

Buzzwords and “clever” repetitive jokes make up their content. It’s Gen X garbage. Their dreams are getting promoted at their job and finding a hot gf. Normies, in the truest sense of the word.

Imagine a group of people who are so insufferable that I almost wish I was a zionist kike just to spite them. Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore. They call themselves the groypers and when they aren’t hunting for cum they’re streaming video games to save the White Race.

And for the record, my dream is not to have a nice job and a bangin girlfriend. My dream is for you, dear reader, to have a nice job and a sexy and loving mother for your children. Personally I want to saw off David Frum’s head after making him scream “THERE ARE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN IRAQ,” over and over again. Having a nice job is not really the end goal here.

True R9k and pol types from –

No hold on, let me revisit something from earlier.

It’s Gen X garbage.

I’m 30, and PPP is 26. What is with these manlets constantly calling everyone a Gen Xer now? I’ve seen this many times now and it mystifies me. If I was twelve years older that would still not make these people any more heterosexual.

Obligatory satanic being.

True R9k and pol types from the og days would not bully successful people that try and represent them. We were broken down by our reality and hated by society so we needed to create a new one. They are online to laugh at the people creating. They want to tear it down. So do the Jews, FBI, NATO, women, Libtards, non whites, Etc.

Let me go and look at this guys biography again.

$lave is a 20 year old basement dweller.

What is this 20 year old guy who calls himself $lave doing reminiscing about the good old days? Like, bro, you were 11 back in 2013. You were 13 when Blormph started his campaign. Methinks that this guy isn’t really 20 years old, he’s just yet another manlet cultist who is actually somewhere around 45 years old, but pretends to be a zoomer online. This is somewhat confirmed by this bizarre link on his site to his Web 1.0 project.

I haven’t seen a website like that since I was in elementary school. So either this guy is a total weirdo who coded up his own HTML site for no apparent reason, or my thoughts on his age are more accurate than he would like you to believe. I still haven’t figured out who Ramona Leone is even supposed to be.

Another wicked creature for your enjoyment.

I think the work this guy put into his website is admirable. I think spending your time throwing arrows at these people is low class and there’s no real reason for it. It’s drama trash content I suppose.

And with that, the screed is over. There are no comments on this piece, or any other piece that I bothered to click on.


I left the above chirp before I clicked around on that site a bit more, and it’s weirder than my screencaps can do it justice. However, also sadder.

Poor guy. I’ve got a dead forum on the NPP_Canada site, but I at least had 11 people sign up and leave comments on it. His telegram is no better.

Sixteen subscribers for a channel is pretty much in the “why bother,” territory. I hate to sound harsh, but it’s not like he just created this yesterday.

I’m not saying this in a catty way, I’m just saying that if you only have 16 followers after a year and a half, you are officially shouting into the void. What’s the point? Why are you doing it?

So there you have it. A guy who thinks wahmens are wicked and calls himself $lave is mad at my sacrilegious soul as evidenced by my site theme having too much clutter in the sidebar. This 20 yearn old who yearns for the OG 4Chan and has a Web 1.0 site is NOT a fan of the Daily Rake, and he feels the need to tell all 16 of his telegram followers. It’s actually a bit too sad to be funny, to be completely honest.

I still want to know who Ramona Leone is though. If anyone knows, leave a comment.


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