Globe and Mail:

Earlier this week, Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre held a press conference and, once again, rubbished the Bank of Canada.

The message was confusing – something about prohibiting the bank from establishing a digital currency and bringing in the auditor general. Informed heads shook disapprovingly.

For those of you who don’t know who John Ibbitson is, I don’t think I can sum him up any better than this puff piece on him.

Ryserson Review of Journalism:

Afterwards, I walk up and lie to Ibbitson, telling him the event went rather well. “Well, the good thing is that politics is the only blood sport you get to walk away from when it’s over,” he replies, smiling. As I leave, I overhear departing audience members bashing Ibbitson’s ideas as tired right-wing “bullshit.” But while it’s true he trumpets fiscally conservative causes such as smaller government, lower taxes and increased military spending, he also advocates same-sex marriage, increased immigration and aboriginal rights, while celebrating the rampant urbanization of Canada and mocking the Conservative Party – not typical positions for a right-wing columnist at the old grey Globe. But Ibbitson’s far from typical.

Yes, he’s a conservative.

John Ibbitson, a fag in a “marriage,” with Grant Burke, is pretty much the asshole licker of the privileged class. He’s a corporate shill who’s pro-war, but he’s also an anti-White pervert. And he’s all of these things to the umpteenth degree. And yes, he identifies as Conservative, which he is, and has a welcomed place in the Conservative Party. You do not.

Here’s his views on White Replacement migration.

Globe and Mail:

Opponents of Canada’s wide-open immigration policy have good reason to complain. This country embarked on a massive social experiment in the early 1990s, when the Mulroney government opened the immigration floodgates. That experiment is radically altering the ethnic makeup of the population. Yet that decision was never properly debated. Has the time come for such a debate, or is it too late?

Never forget that Brian Mulroney was a conservative. Don’t ever let the CPC get away with pretending to be against mass migration. They are the biggest fans. And the same was true of the Harper government.

A report this week from Statistics Canada forecasting the country’s demographic makeup in 2036 suggests it’s too late. The transformation of Canada is already far advanced, and continuing. By 2036, the agency predicts, as many as 30 per cent of all residents will not have been born in Canada. Another 20 per cent of the population will be native-born, but with at least one immigrant parent. Since the vast majority of immigrants come from Asian or Pacific nations, within 20 years Canada will likely be as brown as it is white.

Some old-stock Canadians, as Stephen Harper called them, will resent this. No one asked them, they will say, whether they wanted the European, Christian country they grew up in to be transformed into something so cosmopolitan. They lament the loss of traditional values and social solidarity. Some of them look with envy to the United States, where Donald Trump surfed nativist resentments all the way to the White House.

But a Canadian Donald Trump – at least one who wins a general election – is unlikely. There is no future courting the angry white vote. There just aren’t enough angry white voters.

Some Conservative leadership candidates are flirting with nativism nonetheless, because the Conservative Party membership is older and whiter than the general population. But, in fact, Conservatives should welcome immigrants. The Philippines, India and China accounted for 40 per cent of new arrivals in 2015. They are economically and socially more conservative than many of the native-born; many of them voted for Mr. Harper in 2011, and they are a natural constituency for the Conservative Party.

If you’re grinding your teeth at this, if you long for the Canada that was, it’s easy to understand your frustration. That Canada has gone away. By 2036 it will be barely a memory.

John Ibbitson acknowledges that White Replacement was mandated from the top down. He doesn’t pretend that any of this was actually democratic. He doesn’t even pretend that it’s good for White People, acknowledging the “loss of traditional values and social solidarity.” 

He’s just here to gloat about it, and tell you that you need to get used to it. You’re just an angry White Voter, and the Conservative Party of Canada is the biggest increaser of non-White migrants around. So what are you gonna do about it, Whitey. You don’t have any actual political representation.

Or at least you won’t until we get a party started.


Poor John Ibbitson had to deal with the trauma of these angry White People, being replaced due to malicious and anti-White migrant policy. He was the victim of online abuse here goy. Why’d you have to go and do that to poor Johnny?

Getting back to our original article, this anti-White pro-war fag still manages to smack fake populist Pierre Poilievre back into his place. I covered his retarded “central banks are great, but they need to be less democratic,” horseshit earlier. Suffice to say, it’s pure politics replacement, designed to get people away from talking about shit that actually matters. But Ibbitson is, as you might expect, a big fan of Mr. Poilievre.

Smart Liberals know Mr. Poilievre isn’t really campaigning against a central-bank-based digital currency. He’s campaigning against entitled elites – “gatekeepers,” he calls them – who have made housing unaffordable and vaccines mandatory, who worry more about global warming and acknowledging unceded Indigenous lands than about the price of gas and having to give up beef for chicken.

Smart Liberals know the Carleton MP is the most serious threat they have faced since Stephen Harper reunited Conservatives in 2004.

Pierre Poilievre?

The little weasel-man named Pierre isn’t a threat to Justin Trudeau, as this malicious misanthrope would like you to believe. Having said that, he might even be an upgrade over Scheer the Queer and Erin the Toole.

Mr. Brodbeck reflects the progressive narrative: Pierre Poilievre is exploiting incoherent anger in a populist campaign that, if successful, could polarize Canadian politics and bring great harm to the country.

The progressive narrative also asserts that high levels of immigration and the embrace by younger voters of the rights of women and minorities have combined to create a diverse and tolerant society that some less-educated, rural, evangelical, white voters resent, though their influence will diminish over time.

Yes that is what “progressives,” say.

It’s also what John Ibbitson says, something you can easily verify by simply scrolling up on the page. And notice the language he uses, whereby voters simply embrace the “rights of women and minorities,” to create a “tolerant society,” that “less educated, rural, evangelical, white voters resent.” 

Yes, what tolerant people these anti-Whites are. Luckily we have conservatives like John Ibbitson to agree with him while making some random points about polling. Points that I’m going to skip over while getting right to the denouement. 

Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre is far from inevitable. The Liberals have plenty of time to assess the threat and meet it, perhaps with a new leader. But ask yourself this:

How likely is it that the standard Liberal tactic of accusing the Conservatives of being pro-gun, anti-abortion, racist and stupid will work on Pierre Poilievre?

You hear that? Own Da Libs by supporting the career politician Pierre Poilievre as he brings in record numbers of immigrants, supports abortion, pretends to be against gun control, and makes himself entirely indistinguishable from an antifa member. Vote antifa to get owned by da libs.

It’s crucially important that you support Pierre Poilievre. Without him being there to get in the way, we might risk an actual populist getting in there and doing things for people.

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