For the backstory on the Nova Scotia shootings done by Gabriel Wortman over a thirteen hour time period from April 18th-19th, 2020, you can go here. Wortman was killed by police on April 20th, and no motive for his murder spree that claimed the lives of twenty three, and injured three others, has been released. The man was a denturist who reportedly had an obsession with his ex-girlfriend, according to people who actually knew him. My hunch is that he was simply an insane but high agency guy, which is reinforced by his creation of a replica police cruiser as well as a replica police uniform. Such crazy people do exist. More relevant politically, this evil piece of human garbage was used by another piece of human garbage, Joffrey Trudeau, to pass peasant control legislation. 


On May 1, Trudeau announced that the sale, transportation, importation, or use of “assault-style” firearms in Canada was now banned effective immediately. Via Order in Council, the government re-classified them as “Prohibited” under the Firearms Act, with a two-year amnesty period to allow current owners to dispose, export, register, or sell them (under a buy-back scheme), and for special uses. The prohibition applies to at least 1,500 models and variants, largely semi-automatic firearms (fully automatic and certain specifically chosen firearms were already classified as “Prohibited”), including the AR-15 and guns that had been used in other notable mass shootings in Canada, such as the Ruger Mini-14 (École Polytechnique massacre), the Beretta Cx4 Storm (Dawson College shooting), and the CSA vz. 58 (Quebec City mosque shooting).

The intended long-term effects of the ban were questioned by experts, who pointed out it would have had no effect on Wortman’s illegal acquisition of his firearms. They also highlighted the ban’s inability to address international firearms trafficking or other types of firearms used in criminal activity, like handguns and other semiautomatic rifles such as the SKS. Five separate court challenges were raised in response to the ban, claiming the Canadian government contravened the Firearms Act and unfairly targeted legal gun owners.

On May 3, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair announced plans to expand Canada’s red flag law to include family members and others.

After this Wortman nutcase buys a bunch of guns illegally, Joffrey and his handlers use this as an opportunity to pass some peasant control legislation that wouldn’t make a bit of difference anyway. And who was it who helped him accomplish this? None other than RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki.

Halifax Examiner:

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki “made a promise” to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and the Prime Minister’s Office to leverage the mass murders of April 18/19, 2020 to get a gun control law passed. 

A week after the murders, Lucki pressured RCMP in Nova Scotia to release details of the weapons used by the killer. But RCMP commanders in Nova Scotia refused to release such details, saying doing so would threaten their investigation into the murders.

The Trudeau government’s gun control objectives were spelled out in an order in council issued in May 2020, and were encapsulated in Bill C-21, which was tabled last month, but the concern in April 2020 was the extent to which politics threatened to interfere with a cross-border police investigation into how the killer managed to obtain and smuggle into Canada four illegal guns used to commit many of the 22 murders. 

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

The Halifax Examiner piece is quote long, and I don’t want to quote all of it. The long and short is there in the headline. Brenda Lucki interfered multiple times and in a detrimental way with the RCMP’s investigation into this mass shooting. She did so purely for political purposes, so that the Trudeau government could pass the peasant control legislation that they wanted.

Never forget that the very same people who tirelessly push to have you completely disarmed and helpless against them, also work to give the RCMP infantry rifles, silencers, and full on body armour, all of which is funded through your tax dollars. And never forget that they try their hardest to lower the penalties for people who commit crimes with guns. Because the purpose of peasant control is control, not safety.

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