I was recently forwarded this video on Telegram.

…people that are in charge of the entire World. And these people are not what they say they are. These people are the high high high power, the elites that run the World. They claim to be jews, and I’m just gonna say that they are not what they claim.

That’s interesting, can we take a closer look at that? 

Thanks, Jenny. I completely agree.

Their god is not the same god as you and I, and they want you to think it is. 

Jenny alternates between saying things that I really don’t think I can defend in any serious intellectual capacity and absolutely nailing it. But she’s really hot, has a sultry voice, and gives off an “I give great head,” vibes so I don’t really care either way.

I very very much encourage you to get balls deep inside of me.

Sorry my bad. What she actually said was.

Smother me in gravy you big dirty man.

I keep making errors in the transcription process. What she said was.

I very very much encourage you to look deep into this because you will find the truth and it’s a very evil truth. When I say they are in control of everything – this bag of M&M’s, if you just look at right here this U with a circle – every single dollar that we spend goes to these elites, look it up.

Jaime, can we zoom in closer on that M&M bag that Jenny is holding?

Thanks Jaime. So glad Jenny Pace is finally redpilling the masses on the kosher certification scam. Jazznds, Halberstram, and the FTN gang has been on top of that for years. We’ve had the facts on our side for a long time, but it’s nice to see the hot crazy girl contingent finally get in line.

We think that we’re free, but we’re not. We’re free range chickens. We’re human cattle for them to make money off of, let me take off all of my clothes and get on my knees for you Timothy.

Sorry I don’t know why that keeps happening. 

We think that we’re free, but we’re not. We’re free range chickens. We’re human cattle for them to make money off of. Let me get into the money aspect.

The video ends there. How could anyone hate this perfect little angel? What sort of hooked nosed devil could dislike a beautiful young girl raising awareness of a crucial social issue to the masses?

Israelly Cool:

Meet Cleveland hairdresser Jenny Pace:

You’re introducing us? 

That Israelly is Cool! Nice to see these heebs have moved on from squealing with joy as Palestinian Children are murdered or stealing tens of billions of our tax dollars, and are now just playing matchmaker for Uppity Goyim online.

Oh, nevermind. Turns out they’re just seething that this angelfaced female Hitler is wise to their kosher bullshit. Of course. How could I have predicted anything other than whining from these people?

For those who don’t know, the “U with a circle” on the packet of MMs and other foods represents Kosher certification from the Orthodox Union (OU). Basically, it tells those of us who keep Kosher that the product was actually certified kosher by the OU.

Not that this woman would know the truth even if it came into her salon and demanded a blow dry.

The fuck? Is this any way to treat a working class lady? Especially one who is hot and probably slurps up a storm in the bedroom? I think not.

She is also a flat-earther, who has not heard of gravity:

Stop AntiSemitism is the joke organization that fell for someone making a meme of Nikocado Avocado fact-checking the lampshadocaust. You can find that here, and it’s hilarious. So it’s a bit rich this “Lolol she so dumb,” routine that they’re doing now.

If you’re curious, you can find /ourgirl/ Jenny fact-checking gravity below.


If you think gravity, think again. 🪶⚾️ #gravity #flatearth #gravityisnotreal #ericdubay #ericlaithwaite #science #proven #facts #TRUTH #fyp #vacuumchamber #antigravity

♬ original sound – Jenny Rose

I think her opinions are absolutely correct and I fully support her. She may not be factually correct, but she’s spiritually correct and physically attractive, which I think we can all agree is more important.

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  1. If TRS want a Paranormies replacement now that Johnny has shit the bed, I’d be happy with her taking his place.

    1. What a nice Avatar you have.

  2. Nice to see that Jenny got you thinking about starting a family! 🙂

  3. Say what you want about her wacky beliefs; She’s still a better choice than Alt Skull.

  4. I thought you were just being hornt for fun but now she got me hornt fr

  5. Step aside, clowns – she’s mine…

  6. More confirmation the earth is flat.

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