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All Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) trustees Mike Ramsay and Cindy Watson wanted was some transparency around the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “white privilege” in the board’s classrooms.

But when their motion – asking how CRT and “white privilege” fits into the board’s “anti-racism” curriculum – came to the board’s committee of the whole this past week, Ramsay had already been banned from the meeting over a secret code of conduct complaint.

The report on that complaint, launched by trustee Laurie Tremble, was discussed in camera on June 6. In a public session, gleeful NDP-leaning trustees – led by board chairman Scott Piatkowski – voted 6-3 to apply the maximum number of sanctions available to them to punish Ramsay.

Pic unrelated.

This piece starts off fine enough. Sue-Ann Levy shows us without telling us how important school board positions are. These positions have value. They are paid positions where you can exercise power and influence, as well as legitimizing our political efforts through tangible victories.

But this wouldn’t be a nicely Finkled piece if it ended here.

That has effectively neutered the board’s only black trustee and outspoken critic of woke policy until this October’s election.

Jesus help me.

CRT – which has its roots in Marxist ideology – posits that “anti-black racism” is deeply embedded in western institutions. It claims these institutions maintain white dominance and create an uneven playing field for black people. The theory teaches that white people are the oppressors and blacks are the oppressed.

The vote came immediately after a number of woke activists took the stage to defend CRT in schools and accuse Canada of being a racist country.

And let me guess, that’s a problem because these WHITE wokesters aren’t appreciating the great work against WOKEism that MY BLACK FRIEND is doing.

Jeewan Chanicka, the same person who claimed men can menstruate in a laughable eight-minute video last month, contended the impact of the motion was nothing short of horrendous.

Replying to questions from the woke trustees, Chanicka said he’s a director in whose body “multiple intersecting identities run through” and that many students and families have expressed fear about the motion.

“It has Impacted children to such extent that many are becoming suicidal or want to leave the region,” he said, wiping his tear-stained eyes for dramatic effect.

On one hand we have the Black Man Fighting Against the Woke Left Who Are Too Mean To Black People. On the other we have the Muslim who claims that men can menstruate crying because of the imaginary scores of children committing suicide. I’m starting to think that Canada may not be a serious country.

“Some of these conversations have generated so much hate, so much racism that we’ve had to talk to police several times especially in the past two week.”

Okay, Jeewan.

He denied CRT is being taught with the exception of two high school courses.

He didn’t mention a word about white privilege, although he did insist that Canada is a country “steeped in racism” and that residential schools have been blueprint for “genocide.”

But the whack-a-doodle activists who came before him – all to talk about CRT – seemed to suggest otherwise, even if the term CRT isn’t actually used.

Critical Race Theory is just anti-White hate propaganda, a term that appears nowhere in Levy’s piece. But it appears in this case that they’re actually teaching CRT specifically in two high school courses. So claiming they’re not is just a flat out lie. 

Aashay Dalvi who identifies as “he/she/they” and a “genderqueer” – and who has protected his tweets since speaking before the board – claimed that CRT exists to “critique racism” and allows children to “acknowledge oppression” while challenging the “settler colonialist ideologies” of white people.

Speaking from what appeared to be his bed – contending he was on Indigenous lands – he said he encourages teachers to teach from books of CRT founders and encourages parents to “decolonize” their kids’ bookshelf.

“Parents need to educate kids so they don’t grow up turning a gun on someone non-white,” he said before signing off from his bed.

Aashay Dalvi

These people need to stop being so ridiculous so I can start criticizing Sue-Ann Levy instead. How am I supposed to be doing that when I have these genderqueer anti-Whites on Zoom streaming their brave fight for Black Trans Bodies of Colour from their beds.

Amanda Bripaul, who said she googled whether Kitchener-Waterloo was racist before she moved to the city last year, denied schools are trying to teach CRT. Rather students are being taught equity, she said.

“(The use of CRT) is a U.S. racist dog whistle,” she said. “People get scared when they have to share privilege and power.” 

She added that we should feel “discomfort” at how so many systems are built so that one particular colour gets privilege and power (not having the faintest clue that this is straight out of the CRT manifesto.)

I don’t have a picture of Amanda Bripaul. What she says is textbook ridiculous anti-White hate speech. Every institution is either neutral towards or discriminates against White People. So of course they just pretend otherwise with no explanation given.

Behaviour analyst Natalie Robinson claimed the goal of the CRT motion was to “whitewash history to support white privilege.”

TK Pritchard, a white man who uses the pronouns “they/he” and describes himself as “queer, trans and non-binary,” said the motion “consistently prioritizes white voices.”

“These kinds of motions are thinly veiled right wing extremist tactics,” he said.

He added that the motions could impact on the safety of “racialized” teachers.

Pritchard didn’t explain how it would happen, just like Chanicka didn’t say who exactly was suicidal.

Can we zoom in a little closer on this TK Pritchard spiteful mutant?

Sorry about that.

It was all just hyperbole and rhetoric from activists and educators who use shame and guilt to try to extinguish dissenting voices.

Well Levy is making some solid points here. I’m really glad that we’ve got her on our side to –

Nevermind, she’s actually an idiot. And here’s a picture of her with her lesbian life partner literally at the Simon Wiesenthal Spirit of Hope gala.

Let’s see how she wraps up her piece.

The deranged left has taken over the WRDSB but fortunately, people are slowly but surely awakening to these destructive woke tactics.

Thanks, Lesbian Jew. Thank goodness that when we have Muslims of queerness and coloured people of AIDS pushing extreme anti-White hate propaganda as school curriculum as well as grooming children we’ve got Sue-Ann Levy to call them the real natzees for not approving of her Middle Eastern rug munching.

Sue-Ann Levy is basically Finklethink on steroids. Here are some of her tweets that I found on her account.

“Radical anti-black racism agenda.” Yeah I don’t think that’s what’s going on here Levy.

This isn’t even me cherry picking. I’m just taking her most recent tweets. 

Sue-Ann Levy is a comical example of a kikess inserting herself as the fake advocate for White People racially and normal people socially. She’s a Lesbian Jewess, and while that could theoretically be fine, Glenn Greenwald is a mixed bag but not entirely bad after all, she’s desperately trying to pretend to the audience that these racial attacks on White People are bad because they’re being done by those pesky White NDPers to our Conservative Blacks.

Don’t pay attention to the fact that most of the people doing these attacks are non-White, or that Mike Ramsay was attacked by the “Black Parent Council.” No, the problem is all of these White People, goy, and their “anti-Black racism.”

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  1. “TK Pritchard, a white man who uses the pronouns “they/he” and describes himself as “queer, trans and non-binary,” said the motion “consistently prioritizes white voices.”

    “man” – hahahahahahahaha – they can’t keep their story straight (lol) for one line

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