Yesterday I wrote about my call in to the Surrey RCMP over the Aspen Park incident. Or at least my first call in. Today I want to go over in detail what actually happened in its entirety. The video below is required watching, but there are some advantages to having this content in text form.

On July 28th, 2021, there was an incident in Aspen Park, located in Surrey, British Columbia. The incident involved a White Couple and between ten to fifteen Brown People having a picnic, presumably while also littering all over the place. What started this conflict is not entirely clear even after reading RCMP press releases and of course media propaganda. Reading between the lines it appears the Brown People were littering everywhere and the White Couple took offense at that. Then the Brown People started getting in their faces and yelling at them in Punjabi.

This all escalated until at some point one of the two White People says,

I don’t understand what you’re saying. You wanna say shit to my face then speak English. Shut the fuck up.


This is Canada, speak English.


Go back to India.

An officer was called by someone in the park and showed up. No one was arrested and the incident appeared to be over. However, on July 3rd you get some cunt named Sahiba Kaur Sangha, who goes by the instagram handle sahibasays.


She started posting highly edited clips of this encounter on her instagram page. She accompanied these three clips with a copy pasted blurb that accused the White Couple of, among other things, picking up dog feces laden litter out of the trash can and throwing it at the elderly Brown ladies. She also accused the Surrey RCMP officer of ignoring the Brown Children who were talking to him later on, when he was called, and forcing the Brown kids to pick up the litter that she falsely claims was thrown by the White Couple, and originated from the White People. Every single one of those claims is false.

From one of her instagram posts.

She then tried to get the White Couple banned from the park. And while she herself did not publicly try getting the White Woman fired from her job as a nurse at Surrey Memorial hospital, she insinuated this was a desire of hers, and commenters on her instagram page were openly calling for this.

And of course the WMD Liars propaganda was as expected.

The Surrey RCMP confirmed that what Sahiba said was “inaccurate.” This is code word for “hilariously fake slander.”

But they made sure to refer to the Brown People as “the victim group,” regardless of this racially motivated slander. 

Despite the clear and obvious anti-White racial motive by Sahiba Sangha, Surrey RCMP denounced the “racialized language,” used by the White Couple, but not the slander of either the White Couple or the Surrey RCMP officer.

Well well well, if it isn’t Elenor Sturko.

Fast forward a few days to August 3rd, and the “Stand with Asians Coalition,” through a so-called “anti-racism rally,” also in Aspen Park, where Sahiba, who I have to say is not a particularly talented speaker, grabbed the mic and started blabbing on and on about how much of a victim the elderly Brown Ladies were.

Sahiba Sangha, the chubby anti-White cuntess.

Signs held up at the rally included “Stand With Asians,” and “White Silence is Violence,” a clear and obvious targeting of White People. And this is just what we can see from the News 1130 video. For all we know, there were far less “optical,” signs held up.

Look at this spiteful mutant.

A comment under the video from one “Vancouvermycity79” is explicitly anti-White and threatening.

if your white you shouldn’t play the victim card your kind is a joke and aren’t doing anything good in our community. Leave Surrey

Their profile indicates it’s probably a basketball-American.

There are similar comments under Sahiba’s instagram page, which I showed earlier in this piece. And once again, Sahiba considers herself to be an “anti-racist,” activist.

In fact, I’ll print out those comments again.

Were seven exclamation marks really necessary?

And yet the Surrey RCMP does not condemn this racially motivated hate speech as “racialized language,” that is “obviously concerning,” as they did to the White Couple saying “speak English,” to the Brown People screaming at them in Punjabi. Nor did they investigate Sahiba Sangha for racially motivated slander. And I’ll remind you that in her statements she made sure to refer to them as a “Caucasian couple,” despite that theoretically not being relevant to the incident itself, other than this being anti-White slander.

They Surrey RCMP did not investigate her for racially motivated slander, although they did make sure to announce that they are investigating the White Couple for some unspecified crime. All of this prompted my first call in to the Surrey RCMP, which I wrote about in the previous piece.

The Surrey RCMP simply does not have time for actual citizens of Surrey. Only the propagandists of CBC, CTV, Global News, etcetera, get access to the political police force. Instead the catlady on the other side, Vanessa Munn, mischaracterized my inquiry as debate, and proceeded to ragequit on the call after telling me to email her.

The overview video ends with me claiming to have written them an email, and not received a response. That was true when I said it, but I did eventually get an email response from them, which I will be printing out in full.

The legal system in this country is intentionally designed so as to obfuscate responsibility when it comes to pressing charges. However, the RCMP absolutely has the power to investigate or not investigate. They absolutely have the power to condemn certain acts, and they absolutely have the power to refer to one group as “the victim group,” instead of another.

And in this case the Surrey RCMP sided with an anti-White slander as ridiculous as Jussie Smollett’s Nigerian KKK lynching, and denied justice to not just that White Couple, but all of Our People who are the victims of this malicious slander. Sahiba Sangha is a liar and a slanderer. She knew she was lying, and she lied anyway. The Surrey RCMP knew she was lying, slandering not just the White Couple but their own officer, and they ran cover for her purely for anti-White political reasons.

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  1. I hope these bipocs create their infantile perfect “white-free” societies. I will be laughing from the sidelines as they burn it all to the ground.

  2. The Great White North is becoming “The Great street-Shite North”

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