As many of the readers of this site know I recently moved to Kelowna, but am from South Surrey. When I was doing the activism with the calls to the Surrey RCMP, and dealing with Lesbian PR cuntess Elenore Sturko I was still living in South Surrey.

I’ve always said that activism and electoral politics go hand in hand. Activism like what I’ve done, or what the NJP does, raises our profile, and forces the privileged class to either deny us justice, or give in to what we want. If the former, it shows people how important it is to reject existing political parties and vote for us. If the latter, it legitimizes us as a politically relevant force that must be taken seriously.

However, my activism with respect to the St. George church arsons and the Smollet of Aspen Park have become more immediately electorally relevant than I thought.

Surrey Now:

There’s no word yet on scheduling for a byelection for the vacant Surrey South provincial seat following the departure of Stephanie Cadieux.

The former MLA had fulfilled all constituency obligations before May 1, after announcing her resignation on April 4.

Andrew Watson, communications director for Elections BC said there is a six-month time period – following the resignation, retirement or incapacity of an MLA – in which a byelection can be called.

“It’s a decision of government,” he said. “But it must be called, in this case, by Oct. 28.”

He said Elections BC is ready to go ahead with the logistics of conducting the byelection for Surrey South, as soon as it is called.

Stephanie Cadieux is stepping down from her elected seat, thus necessitating a by-election. So far so good. So who is the BC Liberal Party running as their candidate for the by-election?

On Thursday (May 5) BC Liberal leader Kevin Falcon announced Elenore Sturko as the party’s nominee for the Surrey South riding.

So weird that there are two Elenore Sturko’s in the South Surrey area. There’s the venemous blue antifa bitch Elenore Sturko, and then there’s this other Elenore Sturko who I’ve never heard of. I know she has to be a different person, because it would be ridiculous for some party to field the cunty RCMP officer I had to deal with as a candidate.

Sturko, an RCMP sergeant currently on leave from the force, lives in South Surrey and is noted as a champion of human rights and advisor on issues relating to gender, sexual orientation, harassment, equity, and inclusivity.

God, the coincidences just keep piling up. Not only are there two Elenore Sturko’s, there are two who worked for the Surrey RCMP. What could possibly explain –

Oh, nevermind. Turns out it’s the same woman after all.

Peace Arch News:

From policing to politics – a well-known public face of the Surrey RCMP is diving in to represent the BC Liberals in the upcoming Surrey South byelection.

Sgt. Elenore Sturko – announced Thursday (May 5) as the riding’s candidate – said getting into politics is something that has been on her mind for the past few years.

I believe her. It certainly felt like I was dealing with a political activist on the other end of the lines when I was on the phone with her. It felt that way because it was that way.

But the move to actually follow that path arrived earlier than expected, after she was approached about a month ago by BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon and his team.

“It did feel like a right fit,” Sturko said Thursday, shortly after her candidacy was made public.

That’s not Kevin Falcon on the left, it’s just some random guy.

So weird isn’t it. She just all of a sudden gets approached by the BC Liberal Party, and they offer her a spot running for office with them.

You and I have no place in the BC Liberal Party, or the Conservative Party of Canada. Yet this antifa gets contacted by them supposedly out of the blue and is offered a position with them running for office. Even if we accept that she just gets contacted by them right out of the blue, the question is why her and not anyone else?

Sturko is a lesbian, something you could probably tell from the haircut, and probably has some pervert networks that she’s a part of who are ensconced deep within the Liberal Party. She’s also an RCMP officer, which is to say she’s a member of a thoroughly political police force. So we may be seeing something of an RCMP to politics pipeline in action.

BC Liberals:

Today BC Liberal leader Kevin Falcon announced Elenore Sturko, a sergeant on leave from the Surrey RCMP, as the party’s candidate in the upcoming Surrey South byelection.

“I’m running to be the next MLA for Surrey South because as a Surrey South resident I’m tired of the NDP’s failed promises for Surrey residents,” said Sturko. “From the rising cost of living, to increased crime, to the failure to deliver on needed mental health services, life is worse off in Surrey under the NDP. I’m excited to bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to Victoria on behalf of the people of Surrey South.”

I really need to do a deep dive on this mental health stuff. From a distance it looks like the Current Grift Operation, where billions of our taxdollars are funneled into the pockets of the politically connected.

Also, does this “increased crime,” perhaps include the arsoning of the Coptic Church on July 19th, 2021? Everyone remember that, and how the Surrey RCMP, through PR catlady Sturko refused to condemn that as a hate crime or even investigate it as a hate crime? Remember how she made excuses for Kathleen Panek, the arsonist, and hypothesized insane reasons as to why she wouldn’t get hate crime charges before ragequitting on me?

“Elenore’s experience working on the front lines of the opioid crisis and tackling issues facing young families in Surrey will be a great asset for our caucus,” said Falcon. “From the outset of my BC Liberal leadership, I am committed to building a team of highly qualified and talented individuals from a diverse variety of backgrounds. And Elenore is an outstanding example of that.”

So it’s because she’s a lesbian. Elenore Sturko eats pussy, and that qualifies her to be the BC Liberal Party candidate for South Surrey.

Also announcing her support for Sturko was Dianne Watts, the former Mayor of Surrey and former Member of Parliament for South Surrey-White Rock.

“Elenore brings a unique perspective to politics and to the discussion that needs to occur if we are going to seriously deal with the important issues that face the people of Surrey South and the entire province of BC,” said Watts. “I am proud to endorse her as I strongly believe it is important to ensure there is a pathway into politics for strong and accomplished women.”

Elenore Sturko has been gifted the candidacy for the BC Liberals in South Surrey. That’s a seat the Liberals won by 4% in the last election, and 18% in the one before. Nothing is a guarantee in politics, but she has a very good chance at winning a seat, and having a cushy sinecure worth at least 115k, all because she eats pussy. I eat pussy too, where’s my sinecure? 

Maybe I need to start identifying as a woman and I’ll have a nice cushy sinecure in politics, since that would also make me a lesbian as well.

Together with her wife Melissa, Elenore is raising her three children in Surrey South. Eleanor has spent years working as a front-line and media relations officer for the Surrey RCMP. Before joining the RCMP, she worked in media production and as a reservist with the Canadian Forces.

I look forward to working hard to earn the support of Surrey South voters so that I can join Kevin Falcon and our BC Liberal team in Victoria to bring real solutions to the problems facing our community.”

You know this really perturbs my petunias. I’m half considering doing a suicide candidacy of my own just to see this horrid bitch lose.

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  1. A police wahmen who appears to have done little more than “front line” media work. In other words, a tatooed pervert/ attention whore. That’s your politician goyim. Celebrate!

    1. So the site appears to work for you. Such bizarre technical problems I’ve been having.

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