I’ve written about the overview for the Aspen Park anti-White incident here. And previously I’ve written about my first call to the Surrey RCMP. At the end of the video in the overview I talked about the email that I sent to the Surrey RCMP. Here is the video of myself going through the email I sent.

You don’t really need to watch that. Textual reproduction of the email, which I will do below, is simply superior. This is an incredibly long email, and it’s easy to forget many nuances if we don’t have it in text form. 

Corporal Vanessa Munn,

I enjoyed our talk earlier today. I would have enjoyed it more had you not hung up on me, a concerned Surrey resident, in the middle of me saying “we’ll talk to you soon.” I don’t expect obsequiousness from the ever evasive RCMP, but even I was taken aback at the comically absurd lack of professionalism and discourtesy on display. Nevertheless, I simply assume that you have many vague, unspecified tasks that so require your urgent attention that you need to scramble, fight, and claw for each second in your busy day. Can’t let the concerned citizens of Surrey get in the way of Vanessa Munn’s civilizationally important PR duties. If the CBC had to wait 4 seconds to get Vanessa’s email response, I think our hospitals might shut down.

As for the issue at Aspen Park, July 28th, I have quite a few questions that I would like the Surrey RCMP to answer. 

First, no media anywhere appears to give a coherent account of this event in the first place. My piecing together of the events is as follows:

1) There appeared to be numerous incidents in the park before the July 28th altercation between two White People, and a picnicking group of Brown People of various ages. It was unclear based on Sgt. Elenor Sturko’s comment which group had been in multiple incidents, although it was implied that it was the picnickers.

“That interaction is something that boiled up after a couple of days of the dispute that relates to garbage and some issues with dogs in the park as well between that group and several other groups or individuals that were involved in the dispute over several days. Although we see a video, it’s actually not an event in isolation – it’s actually part of an ongoing dispute about the usage of the park.”

So to clarify, was that particular White Couple involved in any incidents in the park in the previous days? Were the Brown Picnickers? Or was this instead other groups entirely unrelated?

2) It is still quite vague what actually caused this particular incident, although it appears to be littering related, or possibly dog related. Can the RCMP clarify what the actual inciting incident of this altercation was?

3) The best I can do to find the supposed “racialized language,” that prompted a Surrey RCMP investigation is the following:

“I don’t understand what you’re saying. You want to say shit to my face than speak english. Shut the fuck up.”

“This is Canada, speak English.”

“Go back to India.”

Are there some other statements that were made by the White People who were put under investigation that didn’t either make it to print, or could be seen on any videos online?

4) What specific crime or type of crime was the White Couple being investigated for?

5) What we do know is that when Sahiba Kaur Sangha claimed on her instagram: 

“Elderly bibis of the south Asian community bring their grandchildren to this park every single day, my grandma has been taking my siblings and cousins there too for the past so many years. All of a sudden today a Caucasian couple picked garbage out of trash bin and started throwing it on brown kids playing there and then dirty bags from trash which had dog poop in it was thrown on these elderly women, who are OUR GRANDMOTHERS. Their fault? They don’t speak English and sit in the middle of the park.”

…That she was slandering the White Couple. Nothing happened “suddenly.” The “Caucasian couple,” never picked garbage out of a trash bin. Nor did they throw any garbage “on brown kids playing there,” or anyone else. Hilariously Sahiba claims “dirty bags from trash which had dog poop in it was thrown on these elderly woman… because they don’t speak English and sat in the middle of the park.” 

Quote from Sgt. Elenor Sturko: “We talked to the grandmother and we don’t have any evidence to substantiate what Sahiba is saying. The thing is that she was not at the scene at the time. So when our officers who speak Punjabi spoke to the (elderly women), they never said that that happened to them. Sahiba also said that they got dog doo-doo thrown on them and we know that that’s not the case either. … She said a lot of things, but we have been able to investigate that – a lot of the things that lady said were inaccurate.”

Why did the Surrey RCMP use the term “inaccurate” to describe what appears to be malicious slander?

6) I have to admit, I find the combination of Sahiba’s absurd creative fiction writing and poor sentence structure particularly comical, but her intentions here appear to be completely malicious. Another quote from her Instagram page: 

“Please help me get this couple banned from the park. And heard the lady raging works as a nurse in surrey memorial! Wow!” 

Sahiba Sangha slandered a White Couple multiple times. Then she attempted to have them banned from a park. There are other insinuations that she was attempting to get at least the White Woman fired from her job as a nurse. Insinuations that are picked up and amplified by her Instagram followers and made explicit. As one example, three seperate comments by one “babycobra89”:

“Someone tell me these racist white peoples* names or social media pages, time for the internet to make their life a living hell. Someone message me their work places I am going to get them fired”


“Someone must know these racist animals, What are their facebooks or something please someone tell me !!!!!!!”

I suppose the Surrey RCMP may have simply been too busy investigating the White People for saying “speak English,” at the people screaming at them in Punjabi, but is there any explanation at all for why Sahiba Sangha was not investigated for hate propaganda for this racially motivated slander? 

7) Similarly, there were many shockingly anti-White comments not just on Sahiba Sangh’s instagram page, but elsewhere online. One such example: “vancouvermycity79” who left this comment under a news 1130 video reporting on this incident:

“if your white you shouldn’t play the victim card your kind is a joke and aren’t doing anything good in our community. Leave Surrey” – improper punctuation and spelling included.

To the uneducated rubes who are not deserving of the attention of the Surrey RCMP, this comment, especially “your kind is a joke,” appears to be an open and shut case of hate speech in Canada. As Sgt. Elenor Sturko “helpfully” suggested I read educate myself on hate speech laws here in Canada, and BC specifically, let me quote from the Criminal Code directly.

“Section 319(2) makes it a criminal offence to communicate statements, other than in private conversation, which willfully promote hate against any identifiable group. This includes statements appearing in print or on the Internet, including in audio or video. This offence can also apply to statements spoken or written in a place accessible to the public, or statements distributed in a place accessible to the public.”

Yet, there appears to be no investigation of Sahiba Sangha for her racially motivated slander. Nor does there appear to be any investigation into babycobra89, vancouvermycity79, or any others for their clear and obvious anti-White hate speech. 

Is there an official policy somewhere that the public can see that explains this clear and obvious anti-White racial discrepancy from the Surrey RCMP?

8) It should be noted that finding such comments took less than 30 minutes of work. One of them was from Sahiba’s own Instagram page after all. That I can spend 30 minutes and do more investigative work than the Surrey RCMP, while flattering, is not credible.

I welcome any explanation.

9) The other part of Sahiba’s statement:

“When the police officer came, he ignored the statements of all the brown kids present there who COULD COMMUNICATE in English and believed the couple’s story of how all the trash present there was thrown by the bibis. When a mere 12 year old boy asked the officer “why didn’t he punish the couple?” The officer replied “maybe they were having a bad day!”. The officer then made the bibi’s and kids pick up the trash thrown by the couple. IS THIS FAIR? #Racism needs to end. This country #canada if it’s not ours, it’s not yours either.”

… appears to be slander of the RCMP, or at least the specific RCMP officer that was called for that specific incident. Sgt. Elenor Sturko has provided multiple statements explaining that these accusations are blatantly false. Sahiba is once again lying, about an RCMP officer ignoring “brown kids who could COMMUNICATE in English,” as well as forcing the children to pick up the trash. 

Quotes from Sturko:

“They were under no obligation to do so [pick up the trash]. I think at the time he was just trying to clean up that garbage, defuse the situation, and then move onto his next call.”

Once again, Sahiba’s creative fiction writing is somewhat unintentionally hilarious. The image of a Surrey RCMP officer forcing Brown children to pick up dog feces laden litter that White People threw at them is too absurd not to be comical. However, it is still slander of the RCMP. And yet despite this slander, there are no statements condemning Sahiba Sangha, or any others, as contrasted with the immediately hostile and dismissive reception I receive when simply asking for explanations from Surrey RCMP Media Relations. Perhaps I should start inventing libels of the Surrey RCMP, so as to ensure I receive good press, and quick service.

More to the point, why did the Surrey RCMP not release a statement condemning the slander of one of their own officers? Additionally, what race was this police officer?

10) There appears to be an odd contradiction between these two quotes from Sturko.

From a Vancouver CityNews piece:

Sturko expressed surprise upon learning of news reports Monday that indicated the couple subsequently offered an apology through the RCMP.

“I don’t know where they get their information because that’s not a question they asked me,” Sturko.

And, from a CBC piece:

Surrey RCMP say the couple is feeling remorseful for their actions. 

“I know that they are very sorry about what happened. And they wanted to make an apology,” said Surrey RCMP Cpl. Elenore Sturko. 

Which is it? Did the White Couple apologize in some way or not? Moreover, did the Surrey RCMP pressure or intimidate the White Couple into apologizing for this non-offense?

11) There are repeated mentions by Elenor Sturko of “racialized language.” 

“No one was forced, I think it’s important to note that the officer was trying to defuse a situation, a neighbourhood dispute. He was unaware of the racialized comments at that time.”


“Some of the information that we got from social media may not be accurate. However, what can be seen was that there was some racialized language being used in that disturbance and that’s obviously concerning and so it’s something that we have been speaking about with all the parties that were involved and certainly don’t condone any of that activity.”

Why is it “obviously concerning,” that White People said “go back to India,” or “speak English,” but not “obviously concerning,” or indeed worthy of mention when Brown People make up slanders of White People, claiming that dog feces and litter was thrown at elderly Brown Women? 

Why is it not “obviously concerning,” when anonymous people online, but presumably here in the Lower Mainland, attempt to get said White People fired because of this malicious slander? 

Why is it not “obviously concerning,” that vancouvermycity79 says “if your white you shouldn’t play the victim card your kind is a joke and aren’t doing anything good in our community. Leave Surrey,” in a clear and obvious racial attack on White People?

What is the precise standard for “obviously concerning,” when it comes to the Surrey RCMP?

12) A quick glance at the so-called “anti-racism rally,” held in Aspen Park August 3rd, shows that it was organized by the Stand With Asians Coalition, a clear racial advocacy organization. In the video by news 1130 already mentioned, a woman can be seen holding up a sign that says “White Silence is Violence.”

Has the Surrey RCMP done an investigation into the “racialized language,” shown in this sign? Or is such a sign not “obviously concerning,” enough to warrant the attention of the Surrey RCMP?

13) Was anyone charged for littering? If not, is this now not illegal?

14) In Sgt. Elenor Sturko’s statement made clarifying another, if not outright lie then misleading statement, made by Sahiba Sangh, she makes mention of a “victim group.”

“That’s actually taken out of context. It’s only part of a larger conversation. I talked to that officer this morning – he was speaking to a larger group of people that included children, people from the victim group and other people that had gathered after the incident … He was saying basically that he doesn’t know why people would do something like that whether they have a bad attitude, whether they are having some kind of a bad day, but regardless of what their reason would be, it’s not acceptable and [it’s] inexcusable to use that type of language. It’s actually just one tiny clip of a larger statement in which the officer condemned the use of that type of language. So it’s quite misleading to have that in there.”

Why is the RCMP referring to these Brown People as “the victim group”? It is undeniably true that the White Couple was slandered. Beyond being slandered, they have been victims of what appear to be a failed attempt at firing at least the woman. It is simply not in the realm of possibility that an objective, non-politically motivated observer could conclude that they are not “the victim group,” in this incident, yet that is precisely the opposite of the characterization from the Surrey RCMP PR lady Elenor Sturko.

The Surrey RCMP appears to be bending over backwards to make excuses for racially motivated slander, provided the victims are White. In fact, even if an RCMP officer is victimized by such slander, the Surrey RCMP PR lady Sturko will ensure that official Surrey RCMP press releases refer to the defamers as “the victim group”.

Will the Surrey RCMP make a statement explaining that the White Couple was the victim of racially motivated slander? Will the Surrey RCMP refer to the actual victim group, the White Couple, as the victim group? In the future, if another White Person is slandered by a Brown Person, will the Surrey RCMP refer to the defamers as “the victim group,” or is this just a one time thing?

15) Is there any way for me to get contact the actual victim group, the defamed White Couple? Furthermore, does the White Woman, victim of defamation and an attempt on her job, maintain employment in her old position?

16) I have screencaps of all the comments mentioned in this article. I would love to give them to you. Will the Surrey RCMP investigate them for “racialized language”?


Thank you very much Vanessa. 

I hope you can find some time during your next 18 hour long slavery session to push the much more important work aside and grace me with your illuminating wisdom. I completely understand that you are so very busy servicing the very same propagandists who themselves need to take time out of their busy schedules of lying us into wars, shilling for multinational corporations, telling us Epstein killed himself, or any other vitally important task, no doubt thoroughly in the interests of the public.

I do understand your reticence to give me the information that I have asked. After all, your job is to make the Surrey RCMP look good, which is quite the tough ask after a July where a church was arsoned, twice, and a White Couple were the victims of racially motivated slander, and yet the only “hate crimes” the Surrey RCMP saw fit to pursue was some “Islam is Evil” graffiti, that for all you know was yet another slander created by a muslim. Where people openly talk about “your kind is a joke,” when referring to White People, but the only “racialized language,” you see fit to comment on, let alone investigate is “speak English.”

But then again, I’m showing everyone how anti-Christian, anti-White, and hostile to the general public the Surrey RCMP really is, so by all means, take your time. After a while, the story becomes the lack of story.


Timothy Coish

That was quite the long email. I entered it into a word counter online and got the following result.

This was the response I received from the Surrey RCMP’s Elenore Sturko a full two days later.

Let me transcribe that for you.

Good afternoon Mr. Coish,

The investigation you are referring to into a disturbance at Aspen Park, is still on-going.

No charges have been laid at this time. Surrey RCMP will not be providing any further information to the media regarding this incident at this time.

Sgt. Sturko

Before I get into deeper analysis, there is something I caught at the time, as evidenced by this email I sent back to this cunt an hour later.

Good afternoon Sgt. Sturko,

If I could quote from my call with Corporal Munn the other day:

Munn: “You know what actually Timothy I’m gonna have to give you a call back because I have other pressing matters to deal with at this time.”

Coish: “And when can I expect that call back.”

Munn: “Well unfortunately operational stuff takes precedent[sic] over a file that’s already been, ah, dealt with and concluded.”

And yet this investigation is apparently still ongoing. I see.My understanding is that it exists in a sort of Schroedinger’s Investigation state, where it can be both active and concluded simultaneously until a member of the public tries to hold the RCMP accountable, at which point the waveform collapses into whichever is most convenient for the RCMP at that particular moment in time.

Thank you for your time,

Timothy Coish

And that was the last of our contact with each other. Elenore Sturko did not bother responding to my email, and I didn’t bother sending another. After a certain point there’s nothing more to be gained.

And if you’re thinking that I may have taken too overtly of a hostile tone, trust me, it doesn’t matter. This is far from my first call in to the RCMP. It’s a political organization. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to them, their job is to waste your time and obfuscate the issue. 

What we’ve seen in this particular case is that the Surrey RCMP, and Elenore Sturko in particular, is a totally political, and totally anti-White and anti-Christian institution. That’s far from unique to Surrey, and is something that they share with the RCMP elsewhere. 

I’ll have my calls with the RCMP over the Yannick Bandaogo stabbing and the “Skidmark of Hate,” up shortly. 

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