I wanted to write about this the day that it happened, but was swamped, mostly with Patriot Front’s recent actions in Idaho, and the fallout from that. I felt that was most time critical to write about, and I think I did good work on that.

I originally wanted to transcribe some small segments of the video. But the problem with edited video is that, if it’s done right, there’s not that much you can leave out. I realized that I had to transcribe Peter Tefft’s speech as well as Mike Peinovich’s. And then I realized that I probably needed to transcribe the touching poem by Jupiter Paulsen herself, as read by Peter Tefft. While we already had a face, it puts a personality to this adolescent girl who was murdered while skateboarding to her grandmothers house.

NOTE: The last sentence above is incorrect. Jupiter Paulsen was biking to her mother’s house to get a change of clothes for work, not skateboarding to her grandmother’s. Paulsen’s grandmother passed away about sixty days before Jupiter was murdered. This is why Jupiter had such short hair at the time of her murder, because she had shaved her head in solidarity with her grandmother as the she went through cancer treatment.


Even past this weekend slog, I realized that some amount of restraint was necessary on my part. There’s no point in transcribing the entire video, as people should simply watch it.

NOTE: While the NJP guys have figured out how to embed Odysee videos cleanly onto their site, I have not. You’ll have to go here to see the video itself, if you haven’t already.

The video starts off with Peter Tefft, who I may be interviewing at some point, recounting the story of Jupiter Paulsen’s murder at the hands of Arthur Kollie. Tefft does an excellent job, but I have to admit that I had to stop watching the video a few times, because the story made me too angry.

I almost don’t want to bring it up, but I am so thankful that we don’t have a bunch of “Read Siege,” type LARPers bloviating about starting da’ race huwar. In this audience, or at this event. Nor do we have some irony bro types who would say unspeakable things about a murdered White Child. Tefft’s presentation, and the entire NJP event, comes across as exactly what it is, a collection of normal people doing the political work that must be done.

Mike Peinovich is just off screen to the right. Tony Hovater can be seen far right. Credit to everyone else who showed up to protest.

Tefft continues on, explaining how the governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, refused to comment on Jupiter Paulsen’s torture and murder in his “State of the State address,” despite being asked to. And yes, he is a Republican.

Doug Burgum, Republican Governor of North Dakota. 

Tefft cycles through some more anti-White attacks that have been excused by the media, including Cash Gernon at the hands of Darriyn Brown. He then continues through some details more relevant to this specific case. After that he reads a poem written by Jupiter Paulsen herself. I decided to transcribe this poem in its entirety because, while it’s not exactly Shakespeare, nothing could possibly humanize this adolescent as well as her own words.

I wish I were the rain,
because I would actually have a purpose. 

I wish I could douse the trees and plants to give them growth.

I wish I could make the rivers flow more smoothly.

I wish I could be buried deep in the ground, 
and provide for people,
though they don’t have much thought for me.

I wish I could go unexpectedly and be free,
between the air and the ground,
but I’m not.

Instead, kids get upset that I ruin their plans and others curse,
because they have to walk and get soaked.

Some nature being unhappy because I flood the area that I wanted to take care of most, 
and ruin everything I tried to fix.

I wish I was the rain, so I could be free,
free to be whoever I wanted,
and free to be wherever I went.

I wish kids were happy to see me,
and I wish construction wasn’t difficult because of me, 
but it is.

Many people hate the rain,
and that’s okay,
because believe it or not,
I would already be used to it.

I wish I could place my arm around Jupiter, pull her in for a nice hug, and lightly ruffle her hair. I’m sure Robert Paulsen wishes he could do that as well. But he’ll never get a chance to, because Arthur Kollie stabbed his daughter more than twenty times over a twenty five minute period. And he’s being denied the absolute barest fascimile of justice by an anti-White legal establishment that squeals with joy at denying justice to a grieving White Family.

We get a glimpse of their march down Fargo.

And then it’s time for Mike’s speech.

I’ll only quote the very first part of Moike’s speech.

So some people might say to us, ‘why are you guys out here making a scene? Why are you politicizing it? Why are you making a big deal of it? Why are you turning it into something? Why are you making people feel uncomfortable? Why are you embarrassing people? Just let the system work.’

Well the system’s not working is it? If the system worked, we wouldn’t have to do this. We wouldn’t have to politicize it. I’d like to hear every person that single person that says that turn around and tell that to everybody that marched in the streets, burned down cities, broke shop windows, and terrorized people because a Black drug addict died in police custody. I’ll wait to hear you say ‘don’t politicize it,’ to them.

The rest of Moike’s speech is great, and to the point. I’ll let you watch that from the source itself. But I do need to take a moment to praise whomever put the video itself together for excellent and professional work.

I don’t know if this is Media2Rise again, but whomever is responsible should be praised to the utmost degree. I can’t capture that purely with screenshots, so you’ll have to watch the video itself.

It ends with Peter Tefft speaking once again, and demanding hate crime charges. He points out that hate crime charges would put the death penalty on the table, and our (((privileged class))) most definitely does not want that. Hate crime charges, whether here in Canada, or there in the US, are the clearest example of a racial double standard.

Privileged groups have access to these, non-privileged groups simply do not. As a result, they are the easiest vector for making our case explicitly, because they force our enemy into a “Deny, then Justify,” cycle, where they pretend that there is no anti-White/Christian/Goy double standard, only to later justify this all along.

The NJP also released an official statement on this.

National Justice Party:

One year ago 14-year-old Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen was killed by an African immigrant in her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota. Local media has done all they can to brush this under the rug and harass her family into silence. Local officials are working to give her killer Arthur Kollie an insanity plea to help him avoid punishment.

Thousands of cases just as tragic as this one happen every year in America. All of which deserve attention, and political action. Every life taken was avoidable. If it weren’t for anti-White politicians, NGOs, and media, none of these crimes would have taken place. Through radical immigration policy, “criminal justice reform,” and racial brainwashing It is clear that the official US government policy is one of reducing and ultimately replacing the White population. This policy led directly to the murder of Jupiter Paulsen. Political organization is the only way to prevent this from happening to another family ever again.

On Saturday June 4, 2022 The National Justice Party teamed up with supporters and local activist Peter Teft to protest this unspeakable injustice in Fargo and all over America.

This video is dedicated to all victims of anti-White violence.

It’s a shame that I couldn’t get to this sooner. It’s also a shame that I, being in Canada, can’t actually become a member of the NJP, and am not privy to any future plans. I can say that nothing would make me happier than Peter Tefft running for local office in Fargo, North Dakota, except perhaps him winning.

And as I said earlier, I hope we can get in contact to publish many of the minutia of this case, such as that which was covered on the most recent Strike and Mike. This is a story that we absolutely need to be getting in front of as many people as possible.

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  1. […] give credit to the National Justice Party for being the only political organization to stand up against the egregious miscarriage of justice the Fargo court system had planned for the Paulsen family. […]

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