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In May 2021, the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Nation released a shocking statement revealing that they had discovered the remains of 215 children on the site of the former Kamloops Residential School.

In the months since, however, mounting archaeological evidence has challenged the claims that children were, in fact, buried there.

Ah yes, the Gravocaust. The claim that all expenses paid boarding schools that these people demanded we build for them were secret genocide facilities where children were taught how to do math. Originally I figured that there really was a cemetary in Kamloops, where people, children or otherwise, died of natural causes. Apparently there’s not even that.

“This past weekend, with the help of a ground penetrating radar specialist, the stark truth of the preliminary findings came to light,” the Nation said in their statement, announcing “the confirmation of the remains of 215 children who were students of the Kamloops Indian Residential School.”

Tk’emlúps te Secwe?pemc Chief Rosanne Casimir explained that they “had a knowing in our community that we were able to verify.”

Lauren Southern has two decent videos on the Gravocaust. This one is on the total lack of bodies found.

And this one features that Kamploops Chief Rosanne Casimir. I’ve started it at the relevant part. I’d suggest watching both on 1.5x if you’re interested.

The shiftiness and duplicity is on full display with the Kamloops Indian Band, lead by Rosanne Casimir, doing a transparent bureaucrat gang on Lauren Southern and her fellow journalist. Then they blocked off the grounds so that nobody could get any footage of it. They really do not want anyone but approved propagandists talking about this.

Writing under the pseudonym Kam Res, former anthropology professor Hymie Rubenstein has been publishing the work of a professional architect and aerial – 

…anthropology professor Hymie Rubenstein

The only pictures I was able to find of dear Hymie were those tiny ones here on his substack, pictured above, and on his LinkedIn. Having said that my suspicions are rising here with dear Hymie. Let’s see if there’s anything else we can find out about him. Here’s a story from 1999.


University of Manitoba professor Hymie Rubenstein is in hot water with the student union over a leaflet he wrote about homosexuality.

A flyer was circulated called Myths and Realities about Homosexuality.

The following is a sample from the flyer:

“Myth: the homosexual lifestyle is no different from the heterosexual lifestyle. Reality: The typical gay man has had between 300 and 500 sexual partners.”

The students’ union says the flyer is opinion, not fact, and has sent a letter of of complaint to the university.

Rubenstein lashed out yesterday accusing the union of political correctness and censorship.

Today, Rubenstein is saying he’s being advised not to speak publically.

Based, or Finkled? I have my suspicions, and I’m not going to accept what he’s written here as is, but it could go either way.

Writing under the pseudonym Kam Res, former anthropology professor Hymie Rubenstein has been publishing the work of a professional architect and aerial photography expert who has analyzed the site of the supposed “unmarked graves.” His findings, which have not yet been peer reviewed, can be found in the REAL Indian Residential Schools Newsletter.

The Post Millenial wrote this very poorly. Hymie Rubenstein’s substack is under his name. The professional architect and aerial photography expert is the one writing under Kam Res.

According to Res, historical documents and aerial photography show that the site on which the former Kamloops Residential School sits has been the subject of numerous archaeological digs over the past century, with the most consequential being in 1958.

During the 1958 dig, over 100,000 sqft of land was excavated to make way for a sewage retention pond. No human remains were found.

Digs in 1998 and 2002 conducted by Simon Fraser University archaeologists also failed to uncover any remains.

Okay, but I’m not sure what that proves. The Kamloops Residential School grounds are quite large. 100,000 square feet sounds quite big, but works out to only 0.09 square kilometers. It’s not really that big of a dig, and the claim is not that children were strewn across the entirety of the site, but rather in that one field specifically. Below is a screencap from Southern’s video on this. Each stake supposedly represents where a ground anomaly was found.

As True North reports, the claim that human remains are buried at Kamloops Residential School was pushed by Professor Sarah Beaulieu, whose research methods included Ground Penetrating Radar as well as “oral history and folklore.”

No hard evidence has been released to back up her claims.

This part is true. There’s no actual evidence for the supposed mass grave of dead children. There are simply “anomalies,” in the soil which are interpreted as “oh yeah, def a dead child down here.” They have refused to do an excavation, and they aren’t about to anytime soon, because they know this is a slander.

Having said all that, I’m very suspicious of Hymie Rubenstein. We don’t really need this “debunking,” that doesn’t really debunk anything. This kind of stuff simply muddies the waters, and could easily lead to us being discredited if people start taking this up as a supposed killshot to the gravocaust slander. 

I’m watching you Hymie.

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