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The Prime Minister landed in B.C. on Monday, July 18, to kick off a tour of the province starting in the Okanagan with a tour of a children’s day camp, a food processing facility, and a family farm.

While Justin Trudeau wasn’t in the area to answer any questions he was available for photo opportunities and meet and greets with local workers.

However, despite the PM having a conversation with a Summerland farm owner about crop yields affected by weather, others in the agriculture sector weren’t pleased with Trudeau’s choice of tour stops.

Radical Action with Migrants in Agriculture (RAMA) penned an open letter to the PM the day after his Okanagan tour to voice its displeasure that Trudeau did not meet with any migrant farm workers.

And this is news because? Watching the industry of politics from afar sure is something. We get some totally unpopular political action group that no one has ever heard of. But their totally unjustifiable concerns are taken seriously by the Media-Industrial Complex. These propagandists then, by taking their whining seriously, attempt to legitimize it.

“Thousands of people come to the Okanagan each year to work in the fruit and wine industry, providing the majority of labour in harvesting and processing the fruit and wine that we all enjoy. Farm workers endure poor living and working conditions, struggle to access services, and face precarity and hardships due to their temporary status. These workers are essential to agriculture, and make important contributions to our communities,” stated the letter.

RAMA hoped Trudeau would meet with the farm workers and understand the issues and challenges they face while working and living in Canada.

“These issues need to be at the forefront of discussions about the agricultural sector in the Okanagan, and across Canada,” said RAMA.

The issue of migrant workers should be at the forefront of every discussion on the agricultural sector. Specifically, that we shouldn’t have any. Not one single farm worker needs to come from outside of Canada, and claims to the contrary are not to be taken seriously.

RAMA is looking at the following changes to be implemented which would help to improve some of the issues include:

1. A national standard for farm worker housing that is founded on the needs of farm workers.

2. Support for workers applying for an Open Work Permit for Vulnerable Persons.

3. Open work permits to enable workers’ job mobility like other Canadian workers.

4. Permanent status upon arrival for all migrant workers in Canada.

It’s exactly what you’d expect. They want these random foreigners that capitalists bring to our countries immediately granted citizenship. They also want us to pay for their housing, and they want to be treated with privilege as “vulnerable persons.” Although it is pretty funny that a group called “Radical Action…” would be penning letters to the PM.

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  1. Check out RAMA’s co-founder, a bimbo named Elise Hjalmarson. She is a cat-lady-in-waiting cliche/virtue signaller extraordinaire. Her and her ilk need to be driven back to the kitchen with extreme prejudice.

    Anyhow, some of her bio:

    “Over the past five years, I have lived in Nicaragua, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and Canada. I am fluent in both English and Spanish, and get by with my very rusty French. Despite my extensive traveling, I am still most at home on the Canadian West Coast and the unceded traditional territories of the Syilx people, also known as the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. In ‘normal’ times, I can be found writing at a café before the sun rises, the gym in the afternoons, and a dance studio at night. A close observer may catch me watching cat videos or googling house plants between writing spells, while I dream of putting down roots, warm light, and a world without borders.”

    The bimbo likes writing in cafes, gyms, and dance studios before retiring to watch cat videos. My hero, lol.

    1. Lol. LMAO. Truly we have the best enemies.

  2. Also, Hjalmarson’s partner in crime appears to be a certain Amy Cohen. See captioned photos on this page:

    A Cohen. Of course. Every. Single. Time.

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