Once again, shoutout to the Colon Report for finding this Daily Beast whinefest. Everyone make sure to follow them on telegram and Poast.

Daily Beast:

A candidate running for the Santa Rosa County School Board in Florida made the stunning assertion that doctors who provide sometimes life-saving gender-affirming care to LGBTQ+ youth should be lynched. At a conservative candidate forum in Navarre, Alisabeth Janai Lancaster took to a local church’s stage to spew vile anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. “These doctors that are going along with mutilating these children and prescribing hormone blockers to these kids, in my opinion, they should be hanging from the nearest tree,” she proclaimed to thunderous applause.

Let’s take a look at her statements, shall we? I’ve started the video from the most appropriate part.

She does say earlier in the video “Judeo-Christian values”, but she mostly focuses on the Christian part and it’s very brief. I don’t expect perfection from average, everyday people. Based Grandmother.

Her comments have drawn widespread criticism, even from Rep. Alex Andrade, (R-Pensacola) who was at the forum. “I’ll always stand on the side of parent’s rights and protecting our kids, but it’s wrong to joke about lynching political opponents,” Andrade said. “We should never call for the murder of the Americans that disagree with us.”

Get a load of this Alex Andrade faggot.

And yes, of course he’s a Republican.

Alex Andrade when he sees an unsupervised young boy…

Because the job of koshervatism is to give you AIDS. To get out in front of any organic pushback our parasite class might get for one of their many outrages, in this case the mutilation of our children, and make sure that goes nowhere.

Did you notice how she got applause when she said that these doctors should be hanging from the nearest tree? That’s because that’s what the people actually want. But that’s not what this faggots owners want.

Child abusers do not have valid political beliefs, they’re child abusers. Without Alex Andrade and Koshervativism Incorporated that would be the natural reaction of the people, as evidenced by them clapping at her speech.

Alejandra Caraballo may be right that Lancaster wasn’t expecting applause after saying these child abusers should be executed, but I was. I’m not sure she was surprised, but assuming that she was that’s only because she’s been gaslit into thinking that Koshervatism has any actual popular support or organic base. It doesn’t. People want someone to deal with the nasty people, not respectfully lose to their oppressors.

As for the woman herself, Alisabeth Lancaster, let’s take a closer look at her.

IB Times:

Alisabeth Janai Lancaster, a school board candidate from Pensacola, Florida, said that doctors treating the transgender youth should be hanging from the tree. She made this statement at a political forum called “Closing Arguments” which has created a furor on social media.

A retired law enforcement officer, a conservative, Lancaster is running for a seat on the Santa Rosa County School Board. The LGBTQ community as well as the healthcare providers have slammed Lancaster for her statement adding that she should be “boycotted” for her discriminatory speech and attitude.

Alisabeth Lancaster is a great example of actual normies. She’s been told that the way to fight back against these people is something something judeo-Christian values, so she mumbles that out and calls herself a conservative. Meanwhile, actual conservatives, the real supporters of judeo values, immediately denounce her pushing back in too real of a way against the systematic abuse of children.

And yes, we need to start running for school board elections. I don’t have anything better to do, and neither do you.

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  2. ” life-saving gender-affirming care to LGBTQ+ youth” by making them join the 42% club….

    Holy shit these journofags have no shame about lying.

  3. Doctors in America have already mutilated 120 MILLION White boys in the 20th century, by cutting out the sensitive parts of their genitals and throwing them in the trash, “without so much the courtesy of a biowaste disposal protocol.”

    No one said a word about that. To this day no one says a word about it.

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