Remember “Freida Whales.” He’s the groomer whose putting on the Groomer Story Time in Kelowna. I wrote a brief intro on that, as well as a deeper look at this Freida Whales character along with the rest. But because had e-holocausted the original petition, it was hard for me to find information on the Whalester. Luckily someone posted in the telegram chat a link to an updated petition against this groomer, giving us more information.

Citizen Go:

The Kelowna, BC Action4Canada Chapter leader, Laurie Baird, created a petition on and it was removed as they deemed it ‘hate speech.’

The topic of concern? A Drag Queen reading to and performing for children in public libraries and at ‘Family Friendly Events” in the City of Kelowna, BC, paid for by taxpayers. The petition was polite and articulated legitimate concerns.

I don’t want to do the whole libertarian bit, because most “wokeness,” is pushed by major corporations. Having said that, it is an extra insult that your taxes fund this groomer fiesta.

In reponse, Action4Canada created this further petition with CitizenGo to ensure that the public maintain the freedom to voice their concerns without fear of being censored. There is nothing hateful or offensive about wanting to protect the innocence of children and safeguarding them from indoctrination.

Who is this drag man in question? Tyson Cook, AKA Miss Freida Whales. It was not difficult to come up with the following information. His extra-curricular activities are shocking to say the least. Tyson created videos depicting murders that also include cannibalism and a Satanic-like ritual. His social media posts consist of sexually vulgar and profane language. View evidence Here

They link to a ton of pictures and tweets from this creep, most of which I will be putting in this article. However, they don’t actually link to the “erotic” cannibalism video. Luckily, I could find that fairly easily, and have re-uploaded the video.

Or at least one of the videos. In the above video he “sexily” sings along to a song that he interprets to be about cannibalism.

He has this actor pantomine fear as they’re tied up.

Before he draws out a machete and swings it at him.

The guy who wants access to your children then adds a splatter of blood against the wall as he “erotically” sings about eating people.

Before more shots of the deceased are shown.

Then he starts feeding their body parts into a meat grinder.

I believe this is supposed to be an ear.

Then he “luxuriously,” eats the ground human meat.

It was so gross and hard to watch that it took me a while to realize that he was going for erotic horror. Him singing along “sexily” is already extremely bizarre because he’s pretending to be a woman and not doing a very good job. On top of that he’s “eroticizing” cannibalism. But then you put it all together with this guy wanting access to children and I find it difficult to process.

Above is the Odysee version, since you never know when (((YouTube))) is going to holocaust our account that already has two strikes.

But of greatest concern is that he works with children with special needs as a certified Education Assistant in the Kelowna SD 23 as well as with autistic children for AutismBC.

Yes, the cannibalism fetishist has a job where he works with vulnerable children. 

As a further point of interest,Loyal Woodridge, an openly gay Kelowna city councilor, is also on the board of the Okanagan Regional Library, and is a strong supporter and advocate for the Drag Queen Story Hours. Is this a conflict of interest?

Ah yes, Loyal Woodridge. One of the most homosexual men I have ever seen.

Of course it’s a conflict of interest to have him on the library board. Although “conflict of interest,” is not really the term I would use. It’s more like the child hungry mutants are working together.

The amendment to the Human Rights code to include “gender identity and gender expression” as a protected class is not an open invitation nor defense, for men with adult sexual proclivities to have access to, or permit them to sexualize and exploit, children.

It is, sadly, no surprise that reports of child porn and sexual abuse is on the rise. Kelowna RCMP forms unit to combat child porn in face of surge

I’ll write about this in a separate piece. Suffice to say, the RCMP will not be going about this in any sort of productive way, since that would entail breaking down the doors of the LGBTQPIA++2S activists and searching every electronic device in their possession. 

Time to Leave Our Kids Alone!

Please sign and share this petition demanding that the City of Kelowna STOP using taxpayer’s money to promote and fund all library Drag Queen Story Hours and family friendly events and further demand that the School District reassess Mr. Cook’s suitability as an EA.

I linked to their petition at the top, but once again you can find it here. Despite it being created after the Groomers created their counter-petition to keep it going, it has far more signatures as of time of writing. 

You need to go over to that petition and sign it. Many of you can’t make it out there, but consider this doing your part in a show of force.

Also, there will be a PEACEFUL gathering at the upcoming Drag Event at the Kelowna Library on January 28 @ 10am PST. Address: 1380 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC

Thank you

The Team @

Take further action and help protect out kids!

Words alone can’t properly describe this degenerate mutant named Tyson Cook, aka “Freida Whales,” so they include some of his publicly visible twitter sexting. Here he’s… well just look. 

When I think “people I want near my children,” I think cannibalism fetishing perverts with admitted mental health problems. 

Oh but it’s always better when they also send “sexy” tweets to other fags on twatter. Not even DM’s, just public anus talk. 

I honestly have no idea what “banana pussy,” means even after seeing this tweet. I thought it was something to do with having a dick, but then he goes on about being a vegan. Your guess is as good as mine. 

By the way, it will never get old hearing the phrase “her dick,” thrown out. 


Anyway, this circus show hits the library at 10:00 AM Saturday. Be there, or be square sign the petition. I’ll be there.

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  1. This is beyond disgusting. It is the embodiment of complete mental derangement. Utterly putrid.

  2. […] Habbening Tomorrow Kelowna Pedo Groomer with Cannibalism Fetish Reading to Children […]

  3. >in public libraries

    Uh-huh — ever wonder why these events take place in libraries? — because that’s where the white kids are — you’re not going to find niglets and spiclets in a library — only white (and some Asian) kids — all of this propaganda is aimed at white kids.

    How do you think the rate of ‘gender dysphoria’ in the US or Canada compares to that of, say, Nigeria? — it’s solely a product of the degenerate West, which is full of people who have nothing else to worry about, since all of their basic needs, and then some, are being met by via the work of others — a disproportionate number of the people who promote this are women.

    I hope the Russians have gotten the targeting correct.

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