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Transgender rights activists occupied the Oklahoma state Capitol’s rotunda on Monday to protest a push by Republicans to limit so-called gender-affirming care in the state.

About 150 people, many holding signs and banners, chanted “Trans lives matter” ahead of a new legislative session in which GOP lawmakers had pre-filed bills aimed at curtailing treatments like hormone replacement therapy, the Oklahoma Daily reported.

One of the new proposals, Senate Bill 129, would ban health care professionals in the Sooner State from referring anyone under 26 for gender-affirming care, including both surgical and non-surgical interventions.

The second bill, Senate Bill 252, aims to prevent anyone under 18 from undergoing a sex change operation.

Of course they can just go to a different state, and you have to punish people for literally sterilizing children. So no, this is not good legislation. This is the bare minimum of what they deem necessary to be doing in order to appear like they are doing something of value. Nevertheless, troons mad.

The bills are part of a slew of recent gender-related proposals in the state, including one signed into law last year by Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt that banned trans women from competing in women’s school sports.

What, who wouldn’t want men in their sports? It’s so popular every time it happens. Transphobes can suck some girldick if they don’t like it.

Trans rights activists told the outlet Monday that the proposed legislation was misguided, and would likely have deadly consequences for Oklahoma’s LGBTQIA+ community.

“Lawmakers fear the trans community as if trans people are coming for their kids, but in reality, trans people just want to live and mind their business,” said one demonstrator, identified only as Laine.

Seems legit.

recent survey by the Trevor Project found that 59% of trans men, 48% of trans women and 53% of nonbinary people had considered suicide in the past year. Research by Columbia University, however, found that gender-affirming care consistently improved mental health outcomes for trans and nonbinary young people.

Those are rookie numbers. We gotta bump those up.

“Working to ban HRT and other trans health care is active genocide,” Benjamin Patterson, a trans man, told the Oklahoma Daily.

“People will not survive to 26 to get that. For a lot of us, it is one of the only things that can help us feel at home in our body.” 

The original story happened about a week ago. Then they left and Oklahoma passed the bills. I guess some of them aren’t gonna make it to 26 now, and that’s a real shame.

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  1. An unfailing aspect of this type of event is how ugly the people are — as I said: low quality human capital on display — at these types of events the quality of the human capital is always very low.

    It’s probably clear to a growing number of people that civilization is dysgenic (anti-evolutionary) in that not only do the the unfit mass reproduce, it’s also often subsidized by the state.

    Civilization has to reject attempts by what Ed Dutton calls ‘spiteful mutants’ to influence or control the state apparatus — otherwise it will continue to get worse.

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