Our video compilation from the recent foray into the MonkeyPox Community in Kelowna is now out. For the backstory to this, go here, here, and here.

I’m embedding the YouTube version below, and will update this page when the Odysee Version is finished processing. Remember, you just get to watch, we had to smell these people.

UPDATE: Odysee version below.

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  1. Never actually saw one of these before.. I think your assessment was spot on though.

    These are the spiteful ugly people who no one normal ever wanted to associate with in school, college, or the workplace.. So acting like this and supporting child molesters while being surrounded by police protection is their cowardly way of getting revenge on normal society.

    They could just lose weight and stop being little cunts all the time but… nah, it’s everyone else’s fault for not accepting them “as they are”..

    Absolutely disgusting that the powers that be in the west actively facilitate and encourage this type of behavior.

    1. Yes. “Spiteful mutants,” is pretty much all they are.

  2. Pink hat lady looks like Edith Frayne. These mutants are all starting to look the same to me.

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