It’s been too long since we updated the ClownWorld series. But today we’ve got too much degeneracy to properly sum it all up, so let’s just get into it.


Reduxx has learned that a convicted pedophile is the individual who had been protected by swimming pool staff after mothers expressed concerns about his presence in the women’s locker room. Parents and concerned citizens had been sounding the alarm about the man, who some say they had caught watching their young daughters undress, but were told he had a right to use the facilities as a “transgender woman.”

In February, Reduxx reported that a mother had been threatened with arrest by staff at the Aquatic Centre in Nanaimo, British Columbia, after attempting to remove a male from the women’s locker rooms she said had been acting in a predatory manner towards her children. The man, who she described as wearing a wig and a face mask, had been peeping under the stall into the one where her young daughter had been changing.

Reduxx has now identified the man with the help of members of the community, and learned he is a convicted child sex offender. Jeremy Melvin Carlson now goes by Rylie Otter — sometimes spelling his first name “Rhylie” or “Rhiley.”

In 2019, Carlson, who was 28 at the time, was sentenced to 14 months in jail and 24 months probation for sexual interference against a young person.

The article they link to is not worth quoting, as the summary is enough. However, the comments, even from the Boomerwaffen, would not be out of place on BANG. After all, this is just common sense. 

To be clear, this wasn’t the statutory rape of a seventeen year old, bad though that would be. This was the sexual assault of an eight year old. And he touched the girl “for a sexual purpose” nine different times over a roughly year long period. He really ought to stand on a stool and then take a short drop.

According to Vernon news site InfoTel, Carlson told police that he touched the child with his penis and fondled her genitals. The girl eventually disclosed the abuse to her mother, who reported it to the RCMP. Carlson pleaded guilty to the charges in 2017. He later applied to have his guilty plea withdrawn but did not continue the bid and reverted back to a guilty plea.

The case gained national attention in 2018 when the victim’s mother read an impact statement aloud in court during the sentencing hearing in Kelowna, British Columbia, noting that her daughter had been severely traumatized by Carlson’s abuse.

The Crown sought a 15 to 20 months jail sentence and two years’ probation. Defense counsel argued that circumstances such as Carlson’s heavy marijuana use and struggles with gender identity and depression warranted a light sentence of only 90 days, despite admitting that he had “poor sexual boundaries.”

McParland felt that a strong denunciatory sentence was warranted in the case, with one aggravating factor being that Carlson has attempted to blame the young victim for the offense. She added that Carlson had to receive psychiatric treatment during his probation and barred him from being alone with children under 16, as well as from places where children under 16 could be present, such as swimming pools, community centers, schools, and daycares. Carlson was also added to the sex offender registry for 20 years.

Despite these conditions, concerned citizens have come forward to identify Carlson as the man who was spotted using the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre women’s facilities and closely watching the young girls.

To reiterate. This man is a disgusting pedophile, who expressed no remorse for his years long sexual molestation of an eight year old girl. In fact, he blamed the girl, I guess for being “too sexy” or something. 

Although that does remind me of something else

The judge bars him from any place where children could be present. This includes swimming pools. And yet, we find this creep peeping under the change stalls in the girls changeroom to see the naked children. Surely, the RCMP is going to deal with this man quite harshly, no?

In February of this year, Reduxx reported that a mother had come forward after a man in a wig who claimed to identify as “female” walked into the women’s changing room and tried to peer under the changing stall her daughter was using.

The mother confronted the man, who said that he had a “human right” to be in there, and escorted him out of the changing room. When she reported the incident to pool staff, she was warned that she could be arrested and charged for her actions instead. Other local parents also came forward with reports of having run-ins with the man at the Aquatic Centre.

More recently, Facebook users have been sharing around a screenshot taken from a March 20 post about a convicted child sexual abuser in a Facebook group called Predators Of Vancouver Island. The post identifies the man pictured as Carlson and says that he has a current case open against him for another sexual assault on a child.

Reduxx confirmed the source of the photos and received confirmation that the man pictured is indeed Jeremy Carlson, a.k.a. “Riley/Rhylie Otter.”

Two anonymous sources who had encountered the man in the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre changing room also confirmed with Reduxx that it was the same man as the one pictured in the post.

“That’s 100% the person,” one member of the community told Reduxx. “I’m just so upset our justice system isn’t doing anything about it,” the source said. “They can’t charge him, not enough evidence, even though he breached by… not letting the sex offender list [know] he changed his name. Our system is a joke.”

Our injustice system is indeed a joke. Or rather, it’s a tyrannical and illegitimate institution, that gives concerned fathers like Rob Hoogland punishments far beyond what is written down in the book for trying to save their twelve year old daughters from being sterilized and destroyed through tranny hormones. Meanwhile, a convicted pedophile gets legally barred from swimming pools, shows up anyway, and the militarized RCMP throw up their hands and tell you that they can’t do anything.

“I can anonymously confirm that was the person I saw and confronted in the changeroom watching a young girl change, yes,” she said, adding that she had also been in contact with the police but was told they had “hit a dead end.”

The dead end was that they didn’t want to prosecute the pedophile for breaking the law and abusing children again.

For those who don’t know, the blue antifa are entirely political. When you try doing real activism, they’ll just tell you that some vague forces, maybe in the judiciary, maybe with crown counsel, maybe within the police, are stopping them from applying charges. We saw that with the church burnings, as well as the antifa Dave Zegarac’s terrorist attack in Winnipeg.

Reduxx also spoke to a concerned citizen who had been trying to get answers from Judge McParland in Kelowna and Crown council in Nanaimo about why Carlson was allowed access to the Aquatic Centre given his restrictions.

“I tried using online court services to see his conditions … and crown had said there [was] a public ban and that cops were well informed of Jeremy’s actions around the island as there were alot of incidents with that person,” he explained.

“Cops won’t touch it [because] of trans issues now,” he added. “I’m honestly really shocked that the Nanaimo pool would continue to allow [Carlson]… to go there after numerous police were called and file numbers were taken. The police say they can’t do anything.”

One of the most consubversatives things was when these faggots tried getting us to “Back the Blue.” BLM is just an anti-White hate group, and BLMers say things like “whiteness isn’t humxness,” in addition to “my black skin directly absorbs knowledge from the sun.” And it also let these anti-Whites get away with LARPing like they’re anti-police, when they are the furthest thing from that.

Beyond “Defund the Police,” I want every one of the blue antifa to pay back every cent of their earnings when they were pretending to be police officers. Frankly, I want a lot more than that. Things should be done to the antifas in the legal system and the RCMP, and of course this pedophile, that can’t be said in public.

Speaking of sex crime enjoying troons…

Wikipedia Entry for Paul Denyer:

Paul Charles Denyer (born 14 April 1972, known briefly as Paula whilst in prison)

is an Australian serial killer

currently serving three consecutive sentences of life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 30 years[2] for the murders of three young women in Melbourne, in 1993. 

Denyer became known in the media as the Frankston Serial Killer as his crimes occurred in the neighbouring suburbs of Frankston.[4][5] Later, during his imprisonment, when aged around 30, Denyer began identifying as a transgender woman, but was refused permission by prison authorities to wear make-up, receive sex reassignment surgery, or legally alter his name.[2] In the 2022 Stan documentary No Mercy, No Remorse, presenter John Silvester (Senior Crime Reporter, The Age, Melbourne) states that Denyer has reverted to identifying as Paul.[6]

In other words, the bigoted prison guards refused to let this oppressed serial killer tranny be the woman he always knew that he was.

I’m sure that he just loves women though. That’s why he’s decided to become an ersatz version of one.

Women Are Human:

Thirty years ago, terrified residents of a suburban town took cover indoors at night as a killer embarked on a seven-week killing spree. Now serving a life sentence for a series of stalking murders targeting women because “I hate them,” the inmate will soon have a chance at parole.

“Can you explain why we have women victims?” an officer inquired. Mr Denyer replied: “I just hate them.” The officer responded, “I beg your pardon,” to which Mr Denyer reiterated, “I hate them.” The officer asked, “Those particular girls or women in general?” Mr Denyer told the officer, “General.”

Paul Denyer really missed the boat by a decade. If he had decided to come out and identify as a troon ten years later – he was doing this in the early aughts – he would be celebrated as a pioneer of troon rights, and allowed to transfer to women’s prison.

The majority of trannies kill themselves. Some kill others. But even the ones who kill themselves are often tragic stories. It’s not true that every single tranny is a spiteful mutant looking to cause as much pain and suffering as possible in this world. Some of them are mentally troubled people who got lead down the wrong path, and destroyed themselves. 

MAiD stands for Medically Assisted in Dying. It’s the new term for assisted suicide, and is responsible for just about the only form of advertising that you’ll see White People in. 

Duchess Lois of Alberta is the pen name for a male to female tranny named Lois Cardinal. He got sick of the constant pain and failure, and has decided to off himself.

I wish I was normal without pain.

Imagine living in a world where medical practitioners mutilate and sterilize mentally ill people, and are celebrated for doing so even when these people kill themselves due to the horror of their existence combined with their constant pain. 

Now you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Graham Linehan wrote up a great piece summarizing Cardinal’s abuse on Linehan’s substack. In short, the man was coerced and pressured into chopping his dick off in 2009, immediately regretted it, has been living with constant pain since then, and is now going to kill himself.

Calling trannies “sterilized people” is a great turn of phrase, because it is simply true. It is also true that many of these sterilized people are spiteful mutants who utter misanthropes. We saw them gloating after the murders by Audrey Hale.

Although I am happy to announce that at least one of them lost their job over that. And of course it was the Biden Administration that made it happen, if this troon is to be believed. Frankly, I do believe it, since All Republicans Are Faggots.

Trannies exist in one of two binary states. Either they are oppressors, in which case they constantly talk about what victims they are. Or they are actual victims, usually rightfully angry about their botched surgeries which have left them in constant pain. Or they realize that they have turned themselves into something grotesque. Sometimes they just want even more attention, so they lead the anti-troon charge. Like I said, they’re not all right upstairs.

However, they are still entitled to reparations for the mutilation and sterilization that they have received with the advertising and blessing of our parasite class. After all, when you realize that tranny is synonymous with sterilized it’s harder to not see them as victims, provided that they aren’t in the misanthrope division. 

But championing policy that gives remuneration to the victims of this human experimentation would be too effective for consubversatives. Instead, they’ve got to support trannies as the face of Bud Light, while talking about how their rock-ribbed Republican trannies are hotter or something.

The whole thing is incredibly disgusting.

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  1. A sterilization program dressed up as a gender identity crusade. What a psy-op!

    People like the Duchess should lawyer up and conduct a legal jihad on the “medical” profession, the MSM, and other miscreants. They want to die – why not go out like a spectacular blazing star!

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