The local Goys at Active Club had themselves a fun little get together last weekend.

I’ve endorsed Active Club before as both the fastest way to get sixpack abs as well as Covid, and I stand by that. A lot of people don’t know how nice it feels to meet up with a bunch of local guys who all have the right attitude for a nice workout. It hits different than anything else.

I was sent all these pictures over Telegram by one of the local guys who was there. I asked him if they intentionally wrote “TERF” on the rock, seen in the image below, in order to trigger the troons. He said that he didn’t even notice it was there until I mentioned it to him. 

It’s fun either way, but ultimately these sorts of events are about more than internet-tier memeing anyway. And you may need a group of men with the right stuff sooner than you would like.


A school district in the B.C. Interior has decided to indefinitely suspend a comment period at its bi-weekly school board meetings due to what it says are “discriminatory comments” made by members of the public attending them.

On Thursday, the Central Okanagan School District (SD23), based in Kelowna, B.C., announced that the 15-minute second comment period — where public attendees are allowed to speak on any topics of their choice — was cancelled at the board meeting held on March 8.

The Okanagan is a great area. Unfortunately, it suffers under Globo Homo Imperialism just like any other place. Remember this guy?

I went to a protest for the above creature’s drag story groomer fiesta in Kelowna at the beginning of February. That was a great learning experience, and the footage we got was fantastic.

The conservatives we were with were alright people. I think their hearts were in the right place, and one of the ladies chirped two absolute studs on the pro-groomers side. However, one of the members of their “BC Interior Freedom Fighters” group actually sided with the groomers instead.

That was an extreme example, but you can’t count on these conservative types to have your back in these situations, even if most of them are well meaning. It was obvious even at the time that we could really have used just a few more of the types that you get with Active Club. 

The school district’s news release doesn’t mention the nature of the “discriminatory comments” that it said were made recently, but trustee Chantelle Desrosiers from West Kelowna confirms they contained anti-LGBTQ sentiments and language.

Desrosiers says those comments were mostly directed at board members, but they made students and staff feel unsafe.

“There were a number of religious comments made and quotes from the Bible which marginalized a diverse population that has other religions within our community,” she told host Chris Walker on CBC’s Daybreak South.

What a cunt.

Chantelle Desrosiers

I still have to do my writeup of my aborted school board election stunt. Once it became clear that I was nowhere near winning much of the value was lost. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t encourage everyone else to run for office. You collect a hefty salary, do have some local power, and prevent these anti-White pro-groomer types from doing the same.

“Our staff are there to support our students — they aren’t there to, in your comments about them, be pedophiles and groomers.”

Supt. Kevin Kaardal says the school district is committed to creating a safe working environment for staff, students and trustees.

“Public schools continue to support SOGI learning and foster inclusive spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ people because all students and staff must be safe so they can learn and work.

Superintendent Kevin Kaardal is this doughy little pudgeball.

A lot of people have gotten the wrong message from much of my writing. Some people think that I dislike short men or something, which is ridiculous. This is not a Bronze Age Pervert-tier homosexual grift operation where everyone must have ripped and constantly oiled abs.

All I’ve said is that a real political movement will consist of average, normal people. Maybe slightly above average. You get that from groups like Active Club. In contrast, our enemies are one failed physiognomy check after another, constantly crybullying about how the meanie hate words of truth holocausted their emotional state of being.

Compare the above with the below. 


It appears the woodland creatures have made their choice as to who to hang out with. They found themselves an impressive mountain goat looking to make some gains with them. 

UPDATE: Big horned mountain sheep. No idea why I referred to Clarence as a goat. Poor guy.

“That rap music sucked balls though” – Clarence, the Mountain King

This is of no surprise. Many of God’s cutest creatures have gotten into trouble with The Jews for their hatred of shitbulls, the niggers Underprivileged-Americans of the dog world. I’m just chapped because I’ve hiked that exact trail before and didn’t see anything other than this little chonker.

He was quite the sight, shaking the ground with every step, but he’s no Mountain King.

They were telling me that this particular ram actually came right up to them and started eating out of their hands. And then, to their astonishment, he began to speak. He told them its name was Clarence, and then continued. 

I’m only showing myself because you didn’t bring that absolute Heeb, Timothy Coish of The Daily Rake, with you. I saw him running up this trail so many times, but I just hide because I can smell the kike on that guy. I mean, look at that greasy hair. Look at that schnozz. You’re telling me that this guy isn’t pure Israeli Phenotype? Get the fuck outta here.

He wasn’t done.

Oh and by the way miss me with this globe cuck shit. How the hell would I be able to stay on a mountain if the Earth was a globe. Fuckin’ retards. Moon landing never happened either.

They’re so wise.

Anyway, it’s important for everyone to get organized locally. That can mean Active Club, that can mean the NJP. The era of online activism is the past. The era of wilderness treks with the boys and also the local mountain sheep is the now.

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  1. The transition from online to IRL is a necessary filter. Permanently online autistic turbovirgins are not necessary for a serious political movement.

    1. Yup.

  2. The media gave pitbulls a bad name in the same way that they gave ar15’s a bad name. Guy bitten by dog, doesn’t drive clicks the same way as guy mauled by pit bull regardless of rather it is actually a pit bull mauling the guy, the majority of the time it’s just a mutt. Similarly people get shot by cheap shotguns and Pistols and the media says it’s an AR-15 knowing that the majority of people have zero gun knowledge and can’t tell the difference. Yet the ar-15 is the most horrible dangerous gun that should be banned in the mind of retards due to media demonization.

    The pit bull is the strongest dog by several measures, it can jump the highest, pull the most weight pound for pound, and is the ultimate defense and family dog, I know from decades of experience. I grew up with pitbulls and wrestled and played with them as a kid, so did all the neighbor kids. The only dog that ever tried to bite me was a German shepherd, and my pit bull saved me. The only dog that bit a kid in my neighborhood was a Labrador retriever, and he bit him pretty bad on the face.

    Pitbulls are an English breed, and really awesome dogs, my family has owned them for generations and never had a problem. For over 100 years they didn’t have the incorrect reputation that they have now.

    People in our sphere of things ignore the history of the breed, and shut off their logic and love for truth because it doesn’t fit their bias. They even suddenly trust the msm liars when it comes to the dogs they don’t like. Id trust my pitbull in a foxhole over any of you niggers, any day of the week, and that’s no joke.

    Same thing happens with the Russia Ukrainian conflict. People on the right who are normally such critical thinkers with a deep knowledge of history, just have all of that evaporate away immediately to fanboy over Putin as he erects statues of Lenin in the land his people inflicted the Holodomor on. The universal pro-Russia stance of nearly all alt-media makes me feel foolish for laughing at the idea that Russia was influencing the right back in 2016. It doesn’t seem so conspiratorial these days, the right suddenly sees Russia as our greatest ally, and wants Russia to win against the USA and NATO, and any questioning of that results in being attacked. It’s like the msm cannot think logically when it comes to jews, but the alternative media cannot think logically when it comes to Russia. It makes me start to think that Russia does have a bunch of shills saying popular things and sneaking pro-Russian propaganda venom with the popular stuff that everyone wants to hear.

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