As many of you know we here at the Daily Rake have a YouTube channel, as well as an Odysee channel. They’re linked, which means that all of the YouTube videos are auto-uploaded to Odysee. As a result, you’ll see all the same content on Odysee as you will on YouTube, plus many other videos that are too spicy for (((Google))), such as my interview with Monika Schaefer.

But there is one form of content that you can only find on YouTube.

Which are the creepy porn bots that spam you with presumably broken links to their presumably malware infested scam sites.

I’ve had to prune this exact comment more times than I care to remember. Because apparently it’s just impossible for SchlomoTube’s algorithm to pick up that this is worthless porno spam.

Ignore the time stamps on these comments, these aren’t all from today. But even still, this garbage is all over YouTube.

And the below image was in fact from today. Three spam bots had latched onto our video from the Zelensky piece and left the following.

The top one literally says,

Trending adult porn videos only

And yet wasn’t caught by the spam filter.

But take another look at that screencap and see if you notice something else. I’ll even post it again here.

Take a look at the number of comments. There are four comments, but only three are showing. And no, I didn’t cut off an additional comment, there’s nothing else there.

When you upload a video to YouTube, the above is enabled by default. Susan Wojicki personally holocausts all of the comments that get too uppity with Der Juden. You have to open this one hidden by default area and manually change the above to this.

Since I do this for every single video, it’s just part of the uploading process for me, and I don’t think much of it. Except that sometimes YouTube just decides that YouTube knows best, and deletes comments on the goyim’s behalf.

And no, these are not spambots or anything like that. I know, because I get a notification whenever someone comments, as well as an email, so I know the exact comment that got censored. It’s inevitably just something like “boy I’m getting real tired about these hook nosed gremlins in Israel.” 

Now think about that for a second. You can’t just censor every comment that says “jews,” even in a negative sense, since it could be satire, or something else innocuous. It’s actually quite a technological achievement to auto-censor those posts, without censoring a far greater number of false positive posts, and yet YouTube does it. And they do it so confidently that they’ll happily step in and censor these uppity commenters on my behalf.

And yet their porn bot spammer algorithms are so bad that they can’t even detect literally the same comment repeated word for word complete with gibberish ASCII art.

Nor can they figure out that any of these comments are spam bots.

I guess with all the money they spent on censoring the goyim for political purposes there just wasn’t anything left over for censoring this trashy garbage. Odysee appears to have this figured out, but Google does not. But that’s okay. Google is a small indie trillion dollar multinational. You can’t expect everything from them.

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  1. On many occasions, a legitimate post will be registered as spam, which forces a youtuber to approve the message. Most of the time, those messages will be ignored, and of the few that will check, very very few will approve a pro-white or anti-zionist message for fear of getting into trouble. It’s become clear to me that alot of accounts seem to be in different phased networks. In one comment thread of say 25 accounts making comments, half can’t see the other half but they can see their half.

    1. Very interesting, but not surprising.

  2. as a programmer and tech guy, it is amazing how much work would go into creating the YouTube wide comment moderation system that is so proficient at blocking our message… first off you have to get the algorithm right and then you have to make it efficient enough to work on millions of comments every day.

    The fact that they have not even bothered to go after this ridiculous spam is amazing to me.

    one thing about it is fairly amusing is that I’m pretty certain these bots only function correctly in English, even in the year of our Lord 2022. (though possibly they are working in German or other European languages by now)

  3. It’s a feature not a bug. Our friendly gremlins HATE when people can freely express their thoughts, that’s why they got rid of the dislikes too.

  4. i have recently found searches for technology based videos on youtube are completely overrun by indian results, followed by other non-English videos, with obviously bot comments – similarly note the indian and non-English comments flagged in your article. it seems English videos are being downgraded for “diversity” – also don’t forget google/youtube is crawling with indians, so they have an incentive to do this beyond just being jew policy – all this seems to have happened or massively increased recently

    1. Very interesting.

    2. “95% of modern developer/programming content nowadays is street-shitter indians who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. better to stick with the white creators and their content. Anything else isnt worth your time.”

  5. I don’t even bother commenting on YouTube now. They were onto me a couple of years ago but occasionally I could get past the censorship with very carefully worded posts but today it is impossible. I was never a habitual commenter, only on occasions. Their TC’s are meaningless and will simply delete anything that opposes their agenda. That is what you have to do when your ideology is such utter shit you can’t even defend it.

    I was also booted from bitchute immediately after asking a certain creator who is somewhat popular in dissident circles a few questions which I found interesting. It wasn’t an attack or anything, but I’ve been around can usually pick up on certain things. Personally, although this guy was stating some facts his completely unhinged and crazy delivery was questionable to me, and a deliberate attempt to predicate the idea that the JQ aware are simply batshit crazy. That would be the impression anyone who happened to stubble onto his channel would immediately come to.. When I heard him regurgitate the the typical evils of WW2 etc is when I decided to comment/call him out. A couple hours later my account was deleted so never got an answer

  6. There is no “JQ,” only the Jewish Plague

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