I follow Eric Striker on Telegram, and saw him post the following message.

Official Ukrainian military account releases a video joyfully celebrating the fact that they target civilians.

Big if true. That’s pretty brazen, even for (((Zelensky))). I’ll need to see the tweet that he links to in the – 

Nevermind, they’re threatening civilians.

Unless they want an unpleasantly hot summer, we advise our Russian guests not to visit Ukrainian Crimea. 

Because no amount of sunscreen will protect them from the hazardous effects of smoking in unauthorized areas.


The video they included can be seen above. The viewer is taken on a wild ride throughout many resort areas of the World. We see the Palm Jeremiah Beaches, the Analyta Resorts, the Cuban Cabanas. But unfortunately those nasty Russkies chose Crimea, which the video helpfully informs us was a BIG MISTAKE.

They follow this up with videos of explosions, and concerned sunbathers leaving the beach. Crimea isn’t particularly strategically valuable, considering that it’s a resort area with little to no heavy industry. It’s also hundreds of kilometers behind the actual war lines, so Ukraine has little chance of recapturing Crimea. 

Foreign Policy:

Emma Ashford (Dipshit Journalist): Reports are saying that Ukrainian special forces are responsible for the massive explosion in Crimea that took out a Russian airfield. It marks a significant escalation in the war: Thus far, the Ukrainians haven’t really been able to stage attacks that far behind Russian lines.

Matthew Kroenig (Fellow Dipshit Journalist): It is a notable development indeed. And I think a positive one for the Western war effort. The Russians reportedly lost at least eight aircraft. It won’t be easy for Russia to replace that much military hardware anytime soon.

It won’t be easy for them to replace eight planes? What?

They’ve got well over a thousand jet fighters alone. 

I also hope this attack brings the war home in the minds of the Russian people. They may pay more attention to foreign policy with billowing clouds of smoke getting in the way of their sunbathing. Don’t underestimate the psychological impact of this attack, with wealthy Russian vacationers fleeing clogged roads in a panic with explosions in the background.

First of all, Ukraine has been winning the “morale war,” the “psychological war,” the “economic war,” and every other war except for the actual real war that’s actually happening in Ukraine. Russia’s winning that one, and this attack, ostensibly on a Russian airfield, but really with the intent to terrorize Russian civilians, isn’t going to change anything.

The practical military facts on the ground have not changed. The slow war of attrition, entirely in Russia’s favour, will not be stopped by terrorizing sunbathers in Russian Crimea. And it is Russian Crimea, since they democratically voted to join Russia in overwhelming numbers.

Speaking of democracy…

Headline USA:

A Ukrainian court has permanently banned and seized the assets of the country’s chief opposition party, Opposition Platform for Life, according to a report from Summit News citing the Facebook page of Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice.

The move—part of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s ongoing attempt to de-Russify the country on America’s dime—comes one month after Zelenskyy suspended 11 opposition partiesfor their alleged ties to Russia.

Wait, I’m sorry, isn’t Zelensky like the Defender of Democracy or something?

I’m pretty sure I saw some headlines to that effect.

More than a few in fact. Does the Defender of Democracy have some sort of justification for this?

“The activities of those politicians aimed at division or collusion will not succeed, but will receive a harsh response,” Zelenskyy said at the time.

No, he does not. You see those politicians and political parties didn’t agree with International Finance Capital, and were therefore undemocractic. Democracy means “the rule of the people.” And by “people,” we mean “international parasite class that has nothing but contempt for the peasants.”

“The most democratic president of modern Ukraine has taken another step towards the western ideals of democracy,” former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev responded. “By decision of the Council for National Defence and Security, he completely banned any activity of opposition parties in Ukraine.”

That really is the best way to deal with this. Don’t make arguments, just point and laugh at our parasite class pretending that a guy who bans the entire opposition to him politically is a Brave Defender of Democracy. 

Meanwhile Viktor Orban, flawed though he is, is a threat to democracy. He won re-election with 53% of the votes in a crowded field, but that just makes him more of a threat to Our Democracy. And the Crimeans voting directly to join Russia? Nothing could be less Democratic than the people choosing. We must choose for them.

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  2. I wish Putin would just NUKE where-ever that rat faced kike midget Zekike-sky IS. And Israel. And Miami and Jew York. And DC.

    1. You want Russia to be turned into a glass crater? Because that’s how Russia is turned into a glass crater. Russians should just leave Crimea and Donbas. Not their land, no matter how many fairytales they make up. Why not just focus on developing and building your own economy, instead of threatening, plundering, killing and looting your neighbours?

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