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The California man accused of attempting to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh identified himself as a “sissy slave” and a “trans gamer girl” named “Sophie” in online posts, according to a new report.

We’re one sentence in and we’ve already learned that someone tried to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Furthermore, said someone is a sissy slave tranny gamer.

I know I just restated the first sentence but I was in shock. I needed time to collect myself.

Nicholas John Roske, 26, was arrested on June 8 near the home of Kavanagh. He was caught carrying a black tactical chest rig, tactical knife, a Glock 17 pistol with two magazines and ammunition –

Nicholas Roske, left, Brett Kavanaugh, right.

Alright, that makes a lot of sense. You’ve got to have a gun, and having a knife as a backup is reasonable. I’m sure he stopped there and –

– a thermal monocular, pepper spray, zip ties, a hammer, screwdriver, nail punch, crowbar, and duct tape, according to the affidavit. Roske faces federal charges of attempting to murder a U.S. Supreme Court justice.

There’s not really any reason to have all of this stuff. A handgun, sure. A knife as a backup, okay I suppose. A thermal monocular, well that’s really pushing it for no apparent reason. Pepper spray is a bit curious, unless the fallback plan is to really irritate their eyes if everything else fails. But it’s hard to see us not somehow managing to kill him with the hammer, screwdriver, nail punch, crowbar, and duct tape. 

Honestly I just have no idea what was going on here. Why the duct tape if you’re just going to kill him? It’s like Nicholas Roske couldn’t quite figure out if he wanted to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh, or tie him up and try to turn him gay. And then he brought literally everything that could possibly come in handy at some point for either of those two crimes just in case. And then he totally failed anyway.

The FBI affidavit filed in support of an application for a search warrant request allegedly revealed the social media accounts of Roske. The usernames for Roske’s profiles on Reddit, Google, and Discord were reportedly exposed.

Under the Reddit username “AmericanNick,” Roske allegedly posted several messages attempting to garner companionship with a female and explore his “kinks” while identifying as a transgender.

Hey ladies, a wannabe murderer tranny wants to explore his kinks with you. You down?

TownHall reported, “In this particular high-profile attempted murder case, an FBI special agent identified several Reddit accounts Roske operated in recent years—one of which the suspect used to embrace his transexual “femme” and submissive “sissy slave” persona, according to the search warrant applications filed in federal court.”

Political assassination is one thing. That I can accept. Failing so spectacularly is another. This… this is something entirely different.

The AmericanNick user said, “Hi my name is Sophie.”

Roske posted numerous personal ads on Reddit, desperately seeking companionship.

In one ad, Roske purportedly said he was a “Trans Girl looking for other Girl Gamers” to “chill” or play video games.

A year ago, Roske allegedly said he was a 25-year-old “Trans Girl” seeking a “movie buddy.”

Several Reddit posts allegedly show the Kavanaugh assassination suspect posing as a “male-to-female” seeking a female.

In the subreddit titled “Sissy Personals,” the AmericanNick account posted, “Seattle Sissy Seeking Female for Training.” Another post is in search of a “Domme.”

“The suspect, listing himself as a ‘Trans Girl’ in the city’s University District, struck a more erotic tone with his approach in another Reddit post soliciting ‘Another Girl for Play/Friendship’ on a recurring basis,” TownHall reported. “Roske, then 25, divulged that he has ‘many kinks and only a few limits’ but would ‘enjoy some vanilla time’ as well. ‘I have done a lot of research and have some experience being both a sub and a domme,’ Roske typed.”

The outlet added, “In an explicit Reddit post, Roske desired one such ‘Daddy to Have Complete Sexual Control Over Me.'”

Nicholas Roske, again.

Yes, Nick, that was my face when reading all of this as well. But really, I could have not bolded anything but Reddit, and that would have been just as embarrassing. If this comes up again I’ll do just that.

Roske – who is believed to be a pro-abortion extremist for allegedly wanting to assassinate the pro-life Justice Kavanaugh – allegedly wanted to abort every single baby in the womb.

“In addition, as a negative utilitarian, I wish for suffering to be reduced as much as possible,” the Reddit user said. “If abortion were mandatory for pregnant women, no new people would be born, and thus no new people would experience suffering. If no new people are born, humanity will end and thus human suffering will end.”

The user concluded, “I am aware how radical this view is, but I do hold it sincerely.”

What the fuck? Does he think he’s the main antagonist for some shitty Japanese video game or something?

Nick, buddy, this isn’t deep. You’re just a pathetic weirdo who has failed at everything in life.

This isn’t Spira, this is the real World.

Roske also believes “America hates black people more than it loves guns,” per his last Reddit comment.

Last year, Roske reportedly asked in three different subreddits if someone with borderline personality disorder could work at the FBI.

If I invented this guy as a character would anyone believe me? He’s like something FlashGitz would create, where the plotline is that some AI generated a person based on Reddit or something. He’s a sissy tranny femboi uwu who really wants to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh because he’s extremely invested in electoral politics. But he can’t assassinate him, because he sucks too much at life, even though he brought his best roll of duct tape, two pistols, a hammer, screwdriver, a trusty ballpoint pen, pack of chewing gum, anti-aircraft artillery piece from WW2, M2 heavy machine gun, night vision goggle, thermal scope, tactical body armour, and about twenty other weapons. But that just wasn’t enough.

New York Post:

The man who stalked and allegedly conspired to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh told a 911 dispatcher, shortly after arriving outside the judge’s home, that he needs “psychiatric help,” according to newly released audio of the call.

Because he called the cops on himself after going all the way to Brett Kavanaugh’s house with a bajillion weapons.

“Are you thinking of hurting anyone, including yourself?,” the operator reportedly asked.

“Yes,” Roske responded, before telling the operator he had access to weapons and was sober.

When asked if he needed medical attention Roske reportedly responded “I need psychiatric help.”

He honest to god might be the shittiest person you know, if you knew him. 

Sadly, that privilege will only be extended to the other inmates at the Maryland Institute for the Clinically Weird.

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  1. “Last year, Roske reportedly asked in three different subreddits if someone with borderline personality disorder could work at the FBI.”
    I have identified his crucial mistake: he thought that the FBI standards would reject some who was a mentally deranged tranny. If he would have just listened to us, he would be a normal well-adjusted person does not want to join the FBI.

    After all only weirdo tranny freaks want to join the FBI.

  2. “It’s like Nicholas Roske couldn’t quite figure out if he wanted to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh, or tie him up and try to turn him gay.”

    Isn’t being gay already a requirement for being a Supreme Court judge?

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