Two men, ages 44 and 27, visited a hospital in France on June 10, 2022, with rashes, headaches, fatigue, and anal lesions.

The men, who live in the same household and are non-exclusive partners, developed anal ulcerations six days after having sex with other partners.

Absolutely disgusting. As if these perverts assholes weren’t bad enough, now they’ve got anal ulcerations and lesions growing all over them. Oh well, as long as they aren’t infecting our precious doggos with –

Twelve days after their symptoms appeared, their dog — a four-year-old Italian greyhound with no underlying health issues — developed mucocutaneous lesions, abdomen pustules, and an anal ulceration.

By the way, mucocutaneous lesions is grosser than you might think. According to this dictionary the definition is:

Relating to mucous membrane and skin; denoting the line of junction of the two at the nasal, oral, vaginal, and analorifices.
So basically this poor dog’s asshole is as destroyed as his two faggot owners. I wonder how that happened?

The dog’s lesions were swabbed via a PCR test and subsequently tested positive for monkeypox.

I think that went without saying, but once again we’re left to contemplate the horrifying implications of this dog’s anus developing fistula lesions from close proximity to its two hypersexual pervert owners.

According to the report, the owners say they were careful to not spread the infection to their dog but did allow the dog to sleep in their bed.

Oh god.

Monkeypox is primarily spread through close contact and contaminated surfaces.

“We think the respiratory route is a less effective way to transmit it, and you really have to be close to a person for prolonged periods of time,” Schaffner said.

So basically the dog didn’t get the disease just from being around them, it had to do more, or have more done to it. This dog was licking something, or worse…

It’s also possible that the owners were affectionate with the dog and spread the infection from prolonged close contact.

More research is needed to understand how common this type of transmission is along with the prognosis in dogs.

That may well be true, but we’ve all got our own theories. The fag owners had lesions on their anuses, so it’s possible, nay, probable, that they got this poor dog to lick their asses or something. It’s also possible that they raped this poor pupper with their MonkeyPox infected dicks.

The bottom line is that these people are disgusting, and their poor dog suddenly found its asshole had lesions and ulcers everywhere. No one has conclusive proof of what went down, we just know that Hitler was basically right about everything, and you need to start voting NJP if for no other reason than to save your poor dogs asshole.

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