For the backstory on Chief Cucklet Pierre Poilievre, go here. I have written too many articles on this complete and utter fraud to link them all. If you had to just read one, go ahead and look at my piece on his campaign announcement.

CTV News:

Sebastian Skamski said Poilievre had been posing with “hundreds of people” at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday when he was photographed with an individual “without reading what was written on his shirt.”

The bright green T-shirt featured the symbols for men and women that are often posted to the doors of public restrooms.

It said, “Thank a straight person today for your existence,” in black capital letters, with “straight pride” written at the bottom.

Just when you think that Pierre “gay adoption baby” Poilievre is making it too obvious that his sole purpose is the throw the fight, he goes and does this. It’s not policy, but this is a shrewd move by Poilievre to signal his dislike of the pervert agenda. I really hate the shill, but you can’t deny his feel for realpolitik. It’s not – 

Skamski said that “Poilievre does not agree with the message displayed on the T-shirt,” adding that Conservatives are working to build a country where everyone is free to be themselves, “regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Nevermind, he instantly denounced a “straight pride” shirt.

He doesn’t agree with the message that straight people are responsible for your existence. This is an objectively true statement, so, if Pierre were to be taken seriously, he doesn’t have reality based beliefs. But really, it’s just another knife in the back of the footsoldiers. 

Poilievre said in June that he saw Pride Month as celebrating “freedom from bigotry” and the right to be viewed as an individual instead of being lumped together in a group identity.

Pride Month is obviously a celebration of pervertism. You need to have some aberrant sexuality or you’re not invited. Without the celebration of perverts it has no purpose, and if you don’t think that then you’re just wrong.

Of course, Poilievre doesn’t really believe any of the words that come out of his mouth. This is the same guy who apologized for “fighting” against anal marriage a few months after its legalization. He’s breaking his neck running for the knife with which he will stab his supporters in the back, and he’s not alone in doing this.

Poilievre and other political leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, kept up the tradition of joining pancake breakfasts and other public events at Stampede over the weekend.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith did, too, and her office provided a similar response when a photo of the premier with the same individual began circulating online.

Sam Blackett, a press secretary for Smith, said in a statement that the premier also did not read the person’s shirt, “and obviously doesn’t agree with its message.”

Blackett added Smith has “always been clear” that she supports those in the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Danielle Smith is supposedly one of these firebrand cuckservative radicals. She really signals against “The Woke Cathedral,” or some other retarded nonsense, but she does so with a passion. She’s not wearing the maaaassk. You hear that you triggered LibURaL SnoWfLAkES? Her face will be bare as she brings in record migrants to Alberta and turns your children into trannies. 

Someone posted a great screencap in the Daily Rake telegram chat of a video of her welcoming record migrants into Alberta. I couldn’t find that when searching for it again, because I didn’t remember all the details, and it was titled something gay like “Alberta Strong,” without mentioning migrants.

I did find a video from five years ago with her doing the Nigel Farage bit of being vaguely against migration. Not even that, just making a big deal out of Alberta maybe possibly getting control over migration at some point in the future, presumably to eventually increase it or something stupid and time wasting. She’s like an even gayer version of Giorgia Meloni in Italy.

Perhaps most relevant is that the video only has 78 views. Don’t ever let anyone gaslight you into thinking that Canadian “Democracy” reflects the will of the people. It’s extremely difficult to get something up and running in this country, and 99+% of people are entirely checked out of this fraudulent system.

I have to admit that I approve of the “Straight Pride” meme. It reminds me a lot of the “SuperStraight,” thing a few years back, which was fantastic while it lasted.

“Straight Pride,” hasn’t been quite as good, but it’s hitting some of the same notes.

It wouldn’t be Elon “dumbfuck” Musk’s twatter without there being plenty of annoying servative partisan politicking going on, with people trying to make this about Justin Trudeau, but the general message was effective and to the point. There is still some good stuff mixed in.

“Straight Pride,” is a great slogan to throw around, just like “White Pride.” It shows how, for all the bloviation and pretend principles, our enemies are just anti-White perverts. 

Heterosexuality has a lot of things going for it. Less diseases, more love, more beauty, and the production of the future. Pervert-sexuality, most notable with trannies but true for all of the various LGBTAOPE2_D)++D “community,” is sterilization. If no one in your club has children it’s a death cult. 

“The Patriot Hammer,” can’t help himself but include an all-Black family in the picture, because truly, that’s what the anti-White perverts hate the most. Then again, sunglasses in the bio leads us to believe it’s a bot. Either way, who cares? Twatter sucks. 

About a third of the posts are absolute “reeee TURDeau,” drivel, with the one at the top being so absurd that it borders on satire. Trudeau obviously had no idea that he was signing the NSDAP flag. That should be obvious even without context, but it’s the job of servatives to make the side of normal people as idiotic and contemptible as possible, so they’re going with this easily deboonked “gotcha”. The post by “ReDPiLL,” is much better, showing the groomers being naked in front of toddlers, and contrasting that to normal behaviour. Although it must be stressed that Pierre Poilievre openly supports all this.

Again, the normal, healthy instinct of people, while not always perfect, is usually quite close to the right way to go. That’s why (((servatism))) and (((Finklethink))) exists. The point is to substitute real politics with idiotic drivel and voting for Pierre Poilievre. 

Speaking of whom, some have the almost correct take that Poilievre is a “coward.” He’s not, he’s there to run an op on people. His job is to get out in front of things like this, and make sure that normal people always lose. 

I don’t want to be too hard on these types, since even five years ago I might have been saying the same things, but at this point it’s undeniable. Servatism has no purpose other than to take up space, then turn around and deliver the Goy-Peasants L after L after L. 

Obnoxious butthole-leftists attacking smol PP will undoubtedly lead some people to defending him. Don’t. If you got dragged in front of a human rights tribunal for “hate speech,” over promoting Straight Pride, Pierre Poilievre would publicly denounce you. Then he and his donors would laugh at you behind the scenes.

The guy is so fake that he’s exhausting to write about, and I can’t keep re-iterating the same points I’ve made before. He is barely even pretending to not be throwing the fight constantly. So much so that he makes up some incoherent gibberish to countersignal “Straight Pride,” while aggressively supporting this:

This is from Vancouver Pride.

It’s arguable that even engaging with Poilievre is granting him a certain legitimacy that is unwarranted.

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  1. In one of David Irving’s books, he paraphrased the jews who stated that Germans (ie. Whites) were incapable of revolution “because they are afraid of walking on the grass.”

    If that is true, then the only hope will be muzzies rising up, and performing all the rioting jobs that White people won’t do.

    1. But obviously it wasn’t true, since they did throw their revolution.

    2. Yeah based Muslims ‘rising up’ and raping women, children and animals whilst other Muslims light cars on fire and drive them into buildings in the background, is exactly what is needed to fix things, and all the civilized White people who aren’t currently raping and lighting things on fire, due to having careers, families and impulse control are just overly pacifistic sissies.

      1. Exactly such a dumb comment

    3. “Muzzies” is a term typically used by inbred, mentally retarded Zionist jews and their mentally retarded conservative allies. You may wish to stop using that cringe gay term, or not. Both Islam and international jewry are a plague on White people. Wake up.

  2. Wait until you get to the stage where they don’t even bother to have a fake right wing guy at all.

  3. I celebrate White pride month!

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