Cape Town – Judgment was handed down in the Equality Court, sitting at the Johannesburg High Court, on Thursday in the ’Dubul’ ibhunu’, translated as “Shoot the boer” or “Kill the boer”, case involving Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema and MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

This matter was brought before the court as hate speech by AfriForum.

The lobby group argued that the song, which can be heard at many EFF rallies, incites violence and fuels farm murders. They wanted Malema and Ndlozi to apologise and pay R500 000 damages.

Previously, Malema stated the party could not afford the exorbitant sum of money requested by AfriForum and further dismissed the claims of inciting violence.

What could possibly be violent about a literally genocidal chant that serves as a call to violent action? Especially when coming out of the mouths of the explicitly anti-White “Economic Freedom Fighters,” political party.

For some backstory on this Malerma character, just go watch the above. It’s just a few seconds long. Well worth your time.

Judge Edwin Molahlehi said he has no reason to reject the evidence given by Malema who testified earlier this year and explained the context and history of such struggle songs.

He further dismissed expert witnesses’ evidence brought before the court to testify by AfriForum.

Molahlehi dismissed the case against the EFF with costs.

Judge Edwin Molahlehi

This is the justice that White South Africans get. Explicitly genocidal chants of “Kill the Boer,” get dismissed out of hand as not hate speech, despite them being explicit incitements of mass violence. Not only that, the White People are forced to pay the costs of the anti-Whites legal defense.

Outside the courthouse these anti-White continued to chant “Kill the Boer.” And why not, what with it being legally declared to be not hate speech.

I’ve always really hated the “muh collapse,” faggots, who sit on their asses and do nothing. South Africa has collapsed, and yet it stumbles on as a semi-failed state. Get your act together politically or that’s your country in just a few decades, maybe sooner. 

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  1. Kill the boer = Kill farmers. Literally. I hope these morons enjoy their upcoming famine.

    1. They do not care. Starving, impoverished, squalor, negros will live like that without a care. They hate White people more than we love our children and families. Thumbing your nose and saying, “I hope they learned their lesson” is a meaningless sentiment because they are fine with killing themselves just yo spite you.

  2. One decidedly petty thing that sticks in my craw about Malema is that somebody who is so openly anti White could have a first name as unashamedly White as Julius. But it’s clearly asking too much of Sub-Saharan Africans to be intellectually consistent.

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