Looks like our old friend Caleb Maupin, of post-debate infamy, is getting me-too’d by the female commies he possibly groomed.


Bringing forward this statement was not easy for any of us, but there was no alternative to speaking the truth. It’s our responsibility to stop abuse of power against comrades. Those of us who want to fight for the ideas of constructive, optimistic socialism and anti-imperialism and who have contributed to the organization Center of Political Innovation have been betrayed by Caleb Maupin.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Daily Rake article without me bitching about these retards not hitting the enter key on their keyboards. I’ve never understood the impulse to write something that obviously takes hours to crank out, at least for these types, and never look at it and think it might be more readable with a couple paragraph breaks thrown in there.

You could say this is nitpicking, but it provides context for who the “anti-Imperialists,” at the Centre of Political Innovation are.

Over the years he has subjected members of CPI to various forms of abuse and exploitation. He pushed his sexual desires on members who had considered him to be a leading comrade. He brought his sexual impulses into political organizing. Caleb pushed a member out of CPI and its predecessor Students and Youth for a New America after she made clear that she would not do sexual favors for him. Caleb paid a member for sex who he knew was economically desperate, and then went on to push them out of the group and slander them.

Look, if some NJP guy did this to a woman with our politics, that ought to be a political death sentence. I don’t condone treatement of women this way, I just think it’s funny that these unironic commies get into their stupid Breadtube-adjacent political groups only to be forced to have sex with this guy.

Trust me honey, it’s all part of the plan. We can’t do decolonial anti-imperialist socialism without you blowing me. I learned about this in Das Capital.

Caleb Maupin has also targeted people in their teens with manipulative cult tactics in an effort to exploit their labor so that he can build himself up off their hard work and sacrifice, and then would go on to slander them behind their backs if they didn’t do exactly what he wanted. The abuses Caleb Maupin committed could have also done tremendous damage to all of us by discrediting all who associated with our political position.

Well I certainly hope so. Caleb Maupin is no Vaush, in that he actually cares about opposing wars and big capital. He’s not all bad, just mostly bad and irrelevant, as his debate with Mike Enoch and Eric Striker showed everyone. 

The guy has an extreme form of Jimmy Dore Syndrome, where he thinks that “progressive,” politics is real, and therefore “anti-imperialists,” are in some sort of alliance with BLM against the capitalist White Supreemacists or something. Like I said, at least he attacks the war machine and big corporations, but once you’ve found The Right Stuff, there’s no reason to ever listen to these people.

Despite these revelations now is not a time to despair, its a time to fight even harder for an optimistic socialism and anti-imperialism. It’s a difficult reality for many to face, but Caleb Maupin’s primary concern has not been advancing the cause of anti-imperialism, his primary concern has been self gain at the expense of others. However our goal is not to make an overly simplified picture of Caleb Maupin or to demonize him unjustly, our statements give credit where it is due, but at the same time they demonstrate his abusive behavior very clearly. The following statements from CPI members will show in detail how all of this was the case.

I don’t think I need to tell you how annoying these people are. I’m not going to bother reading their statements, because who cares anyway? Maybe Maupin did it, maybe he didn’t, what most concerns me is that this will be his legacy, when it should be his post-debate freakout.

Which lead to one of the best meme templates that TRS has ever produced.

As luck would have it, I reached out to Caleb trying to schedule an interview. He neither declined nor accepted. Instead, he just sent me the following, originally written in all caps.

I am furious with the trannies, this is not an anti-Imperialist organization.

I’m a socialist who takes rape through coercion seriously.

This was like a Dominatrix lecturing some kindergarteners.

I wore a suit while I spanked them. I have a real whip. These guys are clowns.

Others on BANG, TRS’s forum, found an excerpt from the claims that I do have to reproduce.

He even told me that he would engage other people in conversations about corporal punishment and spanking because it turned him on to do so; when we became closer friends in 2021, he finally admitted to me that he would masturbate to the thought of roping unsuspecting people, especially women, into these conversations about their experiences with being spanked and other forms of physical abuse.

I believe this was the first time I’ve written about Caleb Maupin. With Yahweh’s blessing, I hope it’ll be the last.

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  1. Prehensile-nosed pink-fleshed proboscis monkey sexual predatorizes retard feminist liberal subaru-driving dykeletes while holding a photo of Trotsky.

    There , I summarized.

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