Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about Kyle Capener, the White contestant on Big Brother 24 who had the gall, nay, the audacity to suggest that the White contestants team up, mirroring what the Black contestants did just one season prior? Well apparently the losers who don’t just watch the show, but watch the live feeds on the show, are even more assblasted now than they were before. Such was the butthurt that they made him trend on twatter again. 

Sure, this isn’t such a big deal now that twatter is 100% an NPC hugbox, but even still.


Big Brother viewers have accused the show of editing out what they characterize as racist behavior by one of the show’s contestants.

The drama started when footage emerged showing contestant Kyle Capener, 29, saying he thought remaining contestants of color are teaming up to beat out white contestants.

Capener is one of season 24’s eleven remaining contestants in a pool of competitors that has an increasingly apparent racial divide.

‘Those six with that background it looks very similar to the Cookout, with a very diverse background,’ Capener said, referring to an all-black contestant alliance from last season intended to secure the show’s first black winner. 

‘They’ve all expressed why they’re in this game. Joseph – more middle eastern representation on TV. Indy – there’s never been a Brazilian contestant or winner. Everyone has those whys where they all coincide,’ Capener said, voicing fears that another racially-driven alliance would form, and suggesting the remaining white contestants should form their own in turn.

The clip was broadcast on the show’s 24-hour livestream and was not included on the main broadcast. 

But as it began to circulate on social media viewers pointed out what they characterized as other racist moments from Capener and accused the showrunners of editing them out. The hashtags #StopProtectingKyle and #KKKyle have since begun to trend on Twitter.

If this is all sounding like deja vu, it’s because this was the exact same thing that trended two weeks ago. Honestly, the same damn thing. Here’s a story from two weeks ago, just to remind you.

Yahoo News:

Big Brother viewers are taking the show to task as footage consisting of houseguest Kyle Capener wanting to form an all-white alliance, among other things, have not been aired.

Newsweek reports that the show’s editors are being blamed for the show’s alleged protection of Capener, leading to fans to make “Stop Protecting Kyle” a trending topic. The producers were accused of “hiding Kyle’s racism” and the contestant has been called “KKKyle” by viewers annoyed with his antics in the house. In particular, a Twitter user described Capener in-house strategy as forming a “silent majority” of white players “because he wrongly assumes the [people of color] are working together. He’s called them loud bullies, and felt ‘jumped’ talking to them. He also said Turner [Matt Turner] in a bucket hat looks like a Filipino rice farmer.”

“Wow!!! KKKyle now explicitly saying that he wants to target all of the racial/ethnic minorities in the house and his biggest fear is them uniting against him. Wants to align with Michael [Bruner], Brittany [Hoopes], Alyssa [Snider] and himself.”

Fans believe the show is making the non-white housemates look bad by showing their less-than-favorable moments in the house while hiding Capener’s “micro-aggressions.” One viewer wrote, “CBS was quick to show Taylor [Hale] saying over and over she won’t put up a black woman which caused the causals to call her racist. But they refuse to show the actual racist Kyle and what he has been saying for weeks.”

Taylor is Black, by the way, and explicitly said that she wouldn’t put a Black Woman up on the block, which is how people get evicted. Kyle is not exactly going with some far fetched conspiracy theory here, okay. He’s already seen proof before his eyes that the non-White houseguests are making explicitly racially motivated decisions that affect the game. It’s just a bunch of anti-Whites whining on twatter that this is being done back to them, however tepidly.

Above you can see a minute of KKKyle’s racial strategizing. And with that, we get back to the article written yesterday.

That viewer was one of several who accused the show of hypocrisy for running the disclaimer while clipping out Capener’s comments.

‘What is the point of putting this at the start of feeds if you’re ALWAYS cutting away from conversations that touch sensitive subjects or “may reveal prejudices and other beliefs” that you say you don’t condone?’ a Twitter user wrote, ‘Stop protecting problematic behaviour. Stop hiding the truth.’

CBS has made no public comment about the accusations that it is editing out Capener’s behavior.

It’s pretty much just more of the whining that we’ve come to know and love.

Again, they whined so much they made the exact same hashtag trend on twitter. Right alongside the Keffals vs KiwiFarms drama that I’ve already covered

I’ve come to learn that Big Brother has an option for people who are mega losers, and aren’t satisfied with simply consooming hour long product once per week. If you truly have nothing going for you in your life, you can pay to watch live feeds, where you get to Truman Show these 20 contestants for as long as they are in the house. You get to watch them sleep, you get to watch them brush their teeth, and you get to watch every single mundane conversation that they have between each other that has no relevance to anything, not just what the show producers edit together for the week show. 

Correction: There are already more than one show per week. So yes, these people are losers in the extreme, even more so than I originally thought.

These are the people who are whining about Adolf Cupener. The absolute lowest of the low. These people make tranny speedrunners look like productive model citizens. These are who Kyle has angered. And there’s something about the combination of their anti-Whiteness, general shittiness, and Kyle’s happy go lucky charisma that makes the whole thing incredibly satisfying to watch. I mean you couldn’t pay me to watch the show itself, but I’m enjoying the twitter tears.

My understanding is that the show runs for another 11 weeks. If Kyle can hang on for 9 more weeks he makes it to the final two, at which point he has a shot to win the whole thing. If that happens, I’m finding out how you watch Big Brother and I’m watching my very first episode ever, because if he wins, that’ll be epic.

But if not, who cares? It’s a stupid show for shitty people anyway.

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