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Ski mask clad Antifa chicken necks showed up to ‘defend’ a drag show touted as ‘kid friendly’ in Texas this past weekend by standing around trying to look tough with AR-15s.

The drag event, taking place at the Anderson Distillery and Grill in Roanoke, Texas was met with Protests by locals, including the group Protect Texas Kids.

In response, an armed Antifa faction attempted to intimidate the protesters:

This video of some woman confronting these lowlifes made the rounds on telegram. I don’t know as of yet who the woman is, or what group she is a part of.

What I do know is that the police in Roanoke, Texas, appear to be on the side of the groomer mutants. 

In the above video we see one of the counterprotesters get spit on by the mutants. After this, he reports to the police, who are openly hostile to him. Remember this when you see koshervatives try to get you to do the “muh thin blue line,” bit, although I think as a community we’re well past that.

Kris Cruz from Blaze TV was on the scene and reported that Antifa appeared to be serving as security for the drag queens, replete with ‘snipers’ on the rooftops:

Credit to Kris Cruz. Most of the images I have of this event come from him.

And the video of the actual event itself comes from Andy Ngo.

You can see it below.

I did have a moment of unintentional amusement when YouTube asked me whether this “Child Friendly Drag Show,” was made for kids.

I don’t know, YouTube, what would you like me to say? I certainly do see a lot of children who were dragged out here by their parents. Although this one goofball in the orange shirt was the only child who appears to actually enjoy being there.

The amount of dysgenics in this image…

As for the actual event itself, it was a bunch of the most dysgenic looking mutants on the planet going around pretending to have fun while collecting money.

No, really. No one in the video is actually having fun. It’s just a bunch of shitlibs who realized how disgusting and worthless their existence is, all at the same time.

And that’s all that they’re doing. They just give the hideously obese mutants money. The drag groomers are barely even performing. They mostly just go into the crowd and collect money while pretending that something epic is going on.

This might not be the most politically important thing to focus on, but I couldn’t ignore it. It’s amazing just how sad these people are.

I tells ya, we may be fighting against an empire with seemingly unlimited resources, but the golems they have to put out there to actually fight for the will of the parasite class are truly the lowest of the low.

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