This may be one of the dumbest things I have ever written about. I’m including the two hour video below, but you should know that I didn’t watch the whole thing myself. In fact, I didn’t watch any more than the first two minutes. If you’re curious as to why just take a looksie for yourself.

The video starts off in silence, with a quote from Albert Einstein displayed on the screen.

Cool story bro. Here’s another quote from Albert Einstein that most people aren’t aware of. At least using this as a source.

“The nation has been on the decline mentally and morally since 1870…Behind the Naziparty stands the German people, who elected Hitler after he had in his book and in his speeches made his shameful intentions clear beyond the possibility of misunderstanding. … The Germans can be killed or constrained after the war, but they can not be re-educated to a democratic way of thinking and acting…

After an unintentionally ironic quote about evil from the guy who wanted to kill as many Germans civilians as possible we’re treated to the soyboy who’s suing YouTube. He goes by Business Casual, and his channel About page lists him as “[being] on a mission to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders.”

I can certainly believe that he’s on a mission to groom the next generation, and I would have told you that even without the About page blurb.

The rest of his videos provide even more depressing context to this high functioning Redditor.  

Generic celebrations of corporate product. Check. Pretending to have something to say by talking about some company having ties to natzees from 80 years ago. Check and check. Clickbait titles on videos that are now so old they’ve been deboonked through the passage of time. Check. Unless we’re all drinking $25 coffee and I haven’t noticed.

3 years ago…

What really stands out to me is that he didn’t post a video in the past two years. Not a single one. And then, out of the blue, what appears to be a dead channel drops “PUTIN IS HAXXORING GOOGLE’S BRAIN YO!”

This is a video that YouTube does not want you to watch.

No doubt. That’s why you can still watch it entirely uncensored on YouTube. Meanwhile even my tiny channel has had two videos completely removed for non-copyright reasons. 

Just like his “muh $25 cup of coffee,” was debunked through the passage of time, his claim that YouTube is deebly goncerned about his upcoming bloviations is debunked merely by the fact that this video remains on YouTube.

It’s also a video that I did not want to publish. For over a year my team and I have been conducting and investigation. An investigation into the theft of our videos by a YouTube channel owned and controlled by the Russian Government.

You’re telling me that the Russian Government has been stealing your videos. Any in particular, or just the ones about coffee?

I’m almost too skeptical to express how skeptical I am. This does not sound like a thing that could possibly happen in the reality that I live in, but let’s keep an open mind and see if this soyboy has the goods on Vladimir Putler.

But as our investigation unfolded we began to realize that what we had uncovered was so much bigger than anything we could have ever imagined.

We then get treated to the undeniable evidence, which includes separate pictures of people from Google, as well as Vladimir Putin. This is basically the shitlib version of the handshake meme, where retards online think that because two World Leaders shook hands they’re all buddy buddy. 

Of course, since all World Leaders eventually shake hands with each other, it doesn’t actually mean anything.

But as dumb as that is, it’s a step above “here are two unrelated pictures I edited together with some spooky music.”

This is a true story, a story about YouTube’s intentional efforts to undermine the United States of America in collusion with the Russian Government. It’s also a story about copyright infringement.

I hope that the most credulous among us understand now why I only watched the first two minutes of this video. We’re not even done yet, but come on now. This guy is claiming that Google is intentionally undermining the US government because some random corporation in Russia allegedly keeps copyright striking his clickbait videos about how the Natzees have ties to Swiss bankers or something.

As this video will prove, executives at YouTube are turning a blind eye to brazen, repeated, and obvious infringements of our channels copyrighted videos in an effort to protect the Russian Government’s YouTube channels. To that end, this video will also prove that YouTube has acted, and continues to act at the direction of the Kremlin. Even if it means violating YouTube’s own rules and policies in the process.

I’m tapping out. I’m going to take my chances and risk missing the great scoop here that proves that Adolf Putler was… stealing some videos from a shitty YouTube channel that hasn’t uploaded in years anyway. And that Google decided to go along with this because they were just like “yes, we love Russia and Vladimir Putin. We will rape, kill, die, and allow copyright theft on behalf of Vladimir Putin because we’re secretly natzees.” Even though they demonetized Russia Today, and all Russian government affiliated channels.

His videos intro ends with what can only be considered the most epic and cutting takedown of Google ever. The “don’t be evil,” slogan, but with the “don’t,” crossed out. And even worse, the G in the Russian flag colours. How will Google deal with being exposed like this?

Other than censoring the video, which they could have done at any time, but haven’t for the entirety of its two week lifetime. Instead, they decided to promote it through the algorithm, which is how I found out about it.

Weird, that.

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