Looks like Thuletide, everyone’s favourite e-schizo NATO defender, is at it again. The Shinzo Abe edition of shilling for ZOG while pretending to not be looks like this.

That’s a screencap from the AZOG e-Fangirls channel. You may remember them from this piece of mine. That these people had my name, face, email, and phone number and managed to muster up one single call days later says everything you need to know about them. But let’s first focus on Shultide and his seething over Striker’s condemnation of Shinzo Abe.

I’ll put the transcript below.

Shinzo Abe has a lot in commom with Angela Merkel and will go down in history as a “transitional” figure.

Here is an appraisal from a Jewish political analyst who spends a lot of time in Japan. He was impressed with Abe’s role in leading the accelerated ascendence of feminist, homosexual, and multiracialist forces during the Prime Minister’s rule.

“When I thought carefully about it, I realized that the changes mostly boiled down to three big things: The expansion of the labor force, the rise of immigration and diversity, and the country’s willingness to assert itself in the international security sphere. And although big changes like these are never the work of just one person, all of them can be traced directly to policy shifts under Japan’s longest-serving postwar Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo.”

The link to the zionist piece he’s referencing is here. Shinzo Abe was, in short, just a Japanese neo-con. 

Foreign Policy:

Today, nearly 3 million migrants live in Japan out of a population of 126 million. That number is triple the figure in 1990. And as Japan struggles with a rapidly aging population and shrinking domestic workforce, it’s looking to increase that number further. In April 2019, Tokyo implemented historic immigration reform, expanding visa programs to allow more than 345,000 new workers to immigrate to Japan over the subsequent five years. Low-skilled workers will be able to reside in Japan for five years, while foreign workers with specialized skills will be allowed to stay indefinitely, along with their family members—suggesting that many of these workers might stay for good.

This is of course in addition to his economic reforms which “financialized,” the Japanese economy, and his “re-militarization,” minus the nukes Japan would need to be actually independent, on the orders of Washington/Tel Aviv. Abe “boosted Japan’s ties to jews and Israel,” according to Jerusalem Post, which in more plain terms meant he was a whore for zionists. So much so that Netanyahu made him literally eat out of a shoe.

Luckily Shultide is here to lecture the heteros about how Dooginist it is to not support Shinzo Abe.

Look at these Dooginist Bolshevik Third Positionists who are aligning themselves with every commie troon in the World to seethe about Shinzo Abe. The troon brigade doesn’t like Shinzo Abe. The troon brigade also doesn’t like even the most anti-White Globo Homo enforcing Republican, so I guess we should start supporting them as well. 

Whoops. Turns out the troon brigade is positively seething with hatred towards Vladimir Putin, and literally put Ukrainian flags in their avatars right next to the tranny one.

Remember when I tried transcribing the meeting notes for Carey Linde, but got repelled because I was unvaccinated? Remember how the above was what they had their television displaying, alternating between “Welcome to the Law Society of BC,” and “We Hate Vladimir Putler.” Curious how “shitlibs mad,” isn’t the heuristic we use whenever they’re mad on behalf of ZOG. 

Vladimir Putler ordered some random 41 year old Japanese guy to make a Do It Yourself Shotgun and then assassinate the former PM of Japan.

Get really excited about combatting China, goy. They’re a communist country, which means that they’re responsible for the Holodomor, dontcha know? Ignore that Trotsky, real name Leiba Bronstein, and the rest were all zionist jews. That’s not really important. What’s important is that China is anti-White unlike Glorious America.

Praise be to the glorious Aryan Turkroach race, and Sultan Erdogan in particular. Subject to change at such time Erdogan stops doing whatever Israel wants, but for now, bow down before the tanned Aryans of Turkey.

Join in with the shitlibs with tranny flags in their bios celebrating LITERALLY HITLER failing to buy twatter. When shitlibs don’t like Shinzo Abe that means that YOU MUST SUPPORT HIM. Also, when they celebrate Musk failing to buy twatter YOU MUST CELEBRATE ALONGSIDE THEM. That might seem contradictory, but when in doubt just ask yourself “is this good for Israel/Schlomo,” and then support whichever thing is congruent with that.

Russia bad because it has slightly higher vaccination rates than Ukraine. This is a foolproof argument. Any politician who supports the population being vaccinated is just a Third Worldist ZOG puppet. The more pro-vaccine they are, the more –

Based Shinzo Abe shows what true nationalist leadership looks like in a time of struggle. As authoritarians we ideologically believe in forcing people to get vaccinations now, all of a sudden. I mean TRS is bad because they don’t think that vaccines inject microchips into people that react with 5G to steal the oxygen from your blood, but it’s okay for Shinzo Abe to do an aggressive vaccine push. Remember, Abe was good for Israel, and therefore based. Start supporting Israel goyim.

While perusing the Azog e-fangirls channel I saw a wild Brandon Martinez telegram post. In it he appears to be celebrating neocons not supporting Putin.

Except he isn’t celebrating this as a mask off moment for conservatism. Instead he’s pretending that koshervatives not supporting Putler is a new development, and this somehow discredits Vladimir Putin.

Remember goy, anyone who doesn’t have the support of Yoram Hazony, Ben Shapiro, and Jonah Goldberg is a Third Worldist Dooginist anti-White pedo supporter.

Thomas Manwise of NJP Propaganda Dispensary fame was doing a pretty good job of dunking on these guys. It’s easy content. Especially when just a few posts later you see this.

I’m not kidding, this is all from today.

Apparently they found Abe blaming Zelensky for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, and now they want to genocide the Japanese. 

No really, they went from accusing anyone who was mildly critical of Japan’s Ronald Reagan of being a Third Worldist Dooginist to “the Japanese must be wiped out,” at the drop of a hat.

For what it’s worth, they’re also mischaracterizing Abe, who actually had a very reasonable take on the Russia-Ukraine war.

The Economist:

Shinzo Abe specified that Zelensky should have made a promise that Ukraine won’t join NATO and should have granted the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) a high degree of autonomy. The latter was specified in the Minsk agreements, which were signed in 2015 and essentially designed as a roadmap for the reintegration of the DPR and LPR back into Ukraine.

In no time the tried and true collage of pictures with supposed enemy numero uno was trotted out.

I swear to god, these guys probably have the picture collage for every possible combination of world leaders and groups ready to go at a moments notice. When Erdogan does something that ZOG doesn’t want rest assured they’ll trot out a whole bunch of pictures of him shaking hands with rabbis and wearing a yarmaluke.

Like I said, these people are Mr. Hardcore. They’ll talk about exterminating the Japanese because Shinzo Abe wanted to avoid a war that has resulted in the killing of tens of thousands of White People, and they saw a few pictures of Abe shaking hands with Vladimir Putin. In reality they’re such pussies that they won’t even call little ol’ Timothy Coish or even send me a text message. I think that this point doing anything other than chuckling and moving on is taking these people far too seriously.



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  1. Yet again, Striker makes a cogent argument, and the opposition immediately refuse to engage with it. They make up a strawman and avoid the actual argument. This happens every time with anti-TRS shills. Then hours later, they U-turn. Insane.

  2. Please do a article on Brandon Martinez. He’s one of the most unlikable faggots this side of the dissident right.

    1. Why waste the time? The dude is boring and retarded as fuck. How is calling brown girls in the UK whores going to get us an ethnostate? At least Paul Miller was funny.

    2. Amen to this. He’s a real weird one.

  3. Hol’up this guy isn’t one of those niggas criticizing TRS for optics cuz they’re talking about jews and saying “…actually Hitler did nothing wrong”?

    He’s over there saying every nonwhite including jews must be genocided, but at the same time you’ve gotta support zelensky’s jewish agenda in exterminating a bunch of Ukrainian boys in a hopeless fight…

    No serious person is out there saying how much more hardcore they are than Hitler cuz they’re “going to kill japs”.
    They’re just full of shit and retarded people intentionally or unintentionally shilling for jews, because the problem is not the japs, it’s the jews.

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