Anyone who has used telegram has seen the one of the channels they follow send out a message to the effect of “someone is impersonating me, don’t fall for it.” I’d seen Jazzhands to it, Western Chauvinist, and a few others. 

Well you can add me to that list, because I’ve finally become important enough for an Indian making $1.50/hr to impersonate.

Sudden Storm Attack? Sounds legit.

I sent out the above announcement, but even after that lots of people came forwards and said they too had been victims of this scammer. Or rather, targets. I don’t think anyone actually fell for this, since it’s clearly aimed at an older audience, to say the least.

Nevertheless, I do feel the need to make it explicit that no, this is not me. And once again, it’s nice to see that there are plenty of little scams that our governments should be taking action against, but won’t because they don’t care, and are too busy trying to arrest us all for speech which Globo Homo hates.

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