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A man whose testimony helped send former police officer Derek Chauvin to prison for 22 years in the 2020 death of George Floyd allegedly threatened to kill police officers and come after their families while being arrested for domestic assault on Saturday.

How could this possibly have happened?

Donald Wynne Williams, 34, a mixed martial arts fighter and self-proclaimed expert on chokeholds, has been charged in Ramsey County with felony domestic assault by strangulation.

Charges say Williams got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend over ice on Saturday while the two were setting up with their three children near the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul to sell bottled water to fairgoers.

Police responded about 5:14 p.m. Saturday to the area of Asbury Street and Midway Parkway on a report of domestic assault. When police met with the victim, she explained that she and her three children were selling bottles of water on the blocks of Frankson and Arona, and Arona and Midway.

The victim, who is described in the complaint as Williams’ business partner, told police that Williams texted her to buy ice, but she refused because she didn’t want to leave her children by themselves. She said she and Williams then argued through text messages.

When the victim went to get into her vehicle, Williams was there in his vehicle and began yelling at her about buying ice. The victim told police that Williams got out of his vehicle, approached her driver’s side window, reached into her vehicle with his left hand and grabbed her by the throat, strangling her. While strangling the victim, Williams used his right hand to backhand the victim on the left side of her face. The victim told police that Williams stopped when a female in the area yelled, “hey!” at Williams; he then fled the area.

B-but, he seemed like such a nice guy when he was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo. I was sure this was a compassionate and empathetic member of da community, who would never be chokin’ no bitchez.

Would the WMD Liars tell me something that wasn’t true?

Williams was a witness present at 38th and Chicago Avenue on May 25, 2020, while four Minneapolis police officers restrained Floyd, 46, on the ground outside Cup Foods after police were called on a report that Floyd had presented a fake bill to pay for merchandise. Floyd resisted arrest and died during the encounter. Chauvin was eventually convicted on second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to over 22 years in prison following his 2021 trial. The three other officers have since been convicted in federal court for violating Floyd’s civil rights and received sentences between two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half years in prison.

During the Chauvin trial, Williams took the stand to testify as a witness and described his expertise in the field of martial arts and his ability to recognize various chokeholds. Williams testified at length during the trial about Chauvin’s knee restraint on Floyd and said Chauvin was using a “blood choke” before Floyd died.

He actually cried on stand at one point during his testimony. This was all very moving for the catlady crowd.

Back in reality land, while “blood chokes,” do in fact exist, kneeling on the back of someone’s spine does not constitute one. That’s not an air choke, and it’s not a blood choke either. Wifebeating Donald Williams was just running cover for career criminal scumbag Fentanyl Floyd for racial reasons.

Court records show that Judge Jacob Kraus has ordered Williams conditionally released with no bail required, although Williams remained in custody as of Wednesday. Kraus was appointed to the bench by Gov. Tim Walz in April of this year.

Williams has other open cases including obstructing the legal process in both Hennepin and Ramsey counties.

In Donald Williams we have a man who delivers tearful testimony explaining how his career as a failed MMA fighter makes him an expert on chokes. He then explains how the patented “shin on the back of the neck choke,” is a “blood choke.” This is why it was perfectly reasonable to conclude that he died from a shinbone to the spine, as opposed to the beyond lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system, which got there because he swallowed his own stash. A stash that he had because he was a fentanyl dealer.

It’s just so damn odd, all these weird coincidences that keep piling up.

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