Thanks, Koren.

I suppose there are certainly worse things she could be doing, like what she’s done facilitating Guatemalan “migrants,” into America.

The Jewish Light:

In 2018, a caravan of Central American migrants approached the United States through Mexico, stoking both fears and compassion. 

Ariel Koren, an interpreter who was translating for separated families near the U.S.-Mexico border at the time, saw a bureaucracy intent on discouraging immigration by making the process nearly impossible for non-English speakers. She called it “language violence.”

The 25-year-old, who was living in Mexico City, had taken time away from her job working for Google Translate to focus on her activism. With fellow Google employee Fernanda Montes de Oca she founded Respond Crisis Translation, which has become a global network of 2,000 volunteer translators and language activists working to provide translation and interpreting services to asylum seekers, mostly those stranded along the U.S. border. 

Koren isn’t /ourgirl/ to say the least. What she can be is useful in showing the anti-goy bias of Google, by pointing out them stomping on the heads of Palestinian activists just like they do to White People.

Google secretly hates brown lesbians. You heard it here first.

Finally Koren gets to something actually truthful. No, Google doesn’t discriminate against coloured rug munchers… unless they get uppity towards Israel. Their policies towards border invasions by Squatemalans is exactly the same as Koren’s.

However, their policy towards the Palestinians is at least different than what Koren’s stated policies are. Whether she’s doing all this to get out in front of the goyim’s response to the ongoing slow genocide of the Palestinians, or is actually genuine is anyone’s guess.

Project Nimbus will demoralize and agonize the many Googlers who truly believe and stand for Google’s mission and values.

The stated values of, what, no borders no nations fuck deportation except for the jew ethnostate of occuped Palestine? Yeah, if you’re a true believer in Globo Homo you might be a little surprised that Jewgle is supporting Israel so completely. But Google’s actual mission and values is “we must secure the existence of our people, and a future for heeb children.”

Koren links to the above video, although I will note that it is still available on YouTube, unlike any genuine grassroots Palestinian activists, or myself. In fact that channel is “Jewish Diaspora in Tech,” so consider this the most tepid criticism of Google you could possibly have.

Koren to her credit does give numerous egregious examples of Google, a supposedly left-wing institution, using its immense and illegitimate power to shut people up who get too uppity towards Israel. She calls this “right wing ideology,” but it’s really just another manifestation of the zionist agenda. Koren gives off the impression, however accurate, of being a Jew who doesn’t really get it, and is confuzzled as to how this “far-left” organization can do all these “far-right” actions in support of an apartheid state that regularly flat our violently racially cleanses the Brown People.

It sure is a real mystery, isn’t it? Maybe we can get Bari Weiss, Juden Peterstein, and Ben Shapiro to deride this left-wing “cancel culture,” we see from the Jewglers. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

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