It was Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s YouTube videos that caught the eye of Joshua Deslandes, a University of Toronto student studying economics and political science.

“He really inspired me to become a Conservative. I just loved the message. I loved all the branding. I really just love the Conservative Party,” the 19 year-old said during the Conservatives’ convention in Ottawa last week.

“I bought a membership and I’m really just engaging, meeting MPs, talking to people, and it’s just been very fun.”

Deslandes is one of the Conservative Party of Canada’s newest members — a young person of colour who says he was drawn in by a positive message about the future.

Let’s take a look at this Joshua Deslandes.

And now let’s take a look at the actual people who show up for Poilievre’s cuck rallies.

One of these things is not like the other.

Park said while the Conservative Party is seeing a diverse group of young people joining up, it has always had a core group of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of colour) members, especially recent immigrants.

Sufiyan Master, a 21-year-old from Montreal and a new Conservative Party member, said he hadn’t seen himself in the party until recently.

“I never thought of politics before … just because it’s a thought that’s felt so out of reach,” said

“As a Muslim son of an immigrant, we’ve always leaned toward the Liberal Party. It was just something that felt like home— felt like it represented our values. But I think us as minorities, we have this misperception, a misunderstanding of the different visions that different parties can come to the table and offer.

“Right now it’s about thinking of the future of Canada and how the past few years have been dealt with. It’s quite obvious that not a lot of people have agreed with what’s been happening.”

Let’s take a look at this Sufiyan Master.

Jaime, can you pull up another picture of Pierre’s rallies again?

As more BIPOC individuals take on roles with the party, that new diversity also helps draw in others, said Aderoju Alao, director of communications for the Association of Black Conservatives.

“For Black people, it seems like we finally have a chance at the table [to] have our voices heard,” she said.

Alao, who is based in Edmonton, said her group has seen more BIPOC and young people getting interested in Conservative parties throughout the country.

Conservatives also have been reaching out to minority communities and recent immigrants and with policies designed specifically for them, she said.

“It can be better, but they’re putting in that effort into making sure that they’re reaching out to as many diverse populations that exist in their regions,” Alao said.

“In the past — and I don’t say this categorically — given the history of the Conservative Party, there is that belief from the public that the BIPOC community cannot be represented in the Conservatives. But we are going into a new era.”

Hey faggot, guess who doesn’t get any reachouts from the Koshervative Party. Guess who doesn’t get any policies designed specifically for their group.

Let me make a few things clear. What will absolutely not happen is Koshervatives getting more non-Whites to vote for them. They could get that easily by just going super hard against child tranny stuff, or actually fighting against the utterly illegitimate corporate/billionaire power. That’s not on the table because their owners don’t approve.

What will happen is they’ll pretend to be doing fighting really hard for the Brown Vote as the justification for them just doing super anti-White shit. Part of that is going to be real policy, but much of this is the kikes who own these people hating them even paying lip service to things that Whitey wants, so they’re done with that. 

What else will happen is they’ll use this as a pretext to do a massive anti-White purge of the servative party. They’ve already purged any interesting White Person, but now they’re going to start purging the shills anyway, purely on racial grounds. 

Pierre Poilievre is the most comically astroturfed fake populist in the entirety of the Western World. He’s been that way ever since his introductory speech, wherein he used his uncensored Twatter and uncensored YouTube to pretend to give a shit about “financial elites,” censoring his competition. He will remain the most astroturfed fake populist in existence, and no, he doesn’t even have appeal to Teen Brown Womxyn’s of Colour. Nobody actually likes him except geriatric White People who annoy everybody in their general presence with their stupid, NPC-like politics.

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  1. The Kosher Cons are going to have an interesting time, especially out West. To win power they need seats in Central Canada; but can they pull that off without offending their Western base? And make no mistake, there is a movement of unhappy people here who are busy organizing their own anti-Ottawa political parties.

    For example, federally, there is the Maverick party.

    Provincially, Alberta has a has two openly separatist parties, the Wildrose and the Independence Parties. Meanwhile, the UCP has taken a “make Alberta as free as possible” stance.

    Saskatchewan has the Buffalo Party. A second right of centre party called Saskatchewan United is in the final stages of registration.

    The Buffalo Party is contesting a local by-election set to occur on September 26. There has been almost no media coverage of the campaign, despite the fact that the electoral outcome may signal important, possibly seismic political shifts. If the NDP loses the seat, the Party may be finished in this province. If the Buffalo comes in second, it signals a move to the right in public mood, opinions, and perceptions. If the BP, wins, then the ruling Saskatchewan Party will have a serious political contender on its right wing to deal with.

    Anyhow, this is the context that the CPC finds itself in. And how it navigates these changing currents will be interesting to see.

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