ESTEVAN — A few steps from Estevan’s cenotaph, in the city’s Court of King’s Bench on Wednesday, a jury found the one-time leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party guilty of promoting hatred against Jews.

Travis Patron of Redvers, Sask. was 29 when he was charged in February 2021, and his trial on the matter began in late September of this year.

Every uppity goyim trope you say?

I covered this man on my old site. Travis Patron is not an enormously charismatic man, and made himself a difficult to defend person. But I’ll do that anyway, because in no version of reality is this anything other than 100% bullshit. We live in a world where pseudo-intellectual academics bloviate about “HuWyte Privilege,” and this very same injustice system does absolutely nothing, so spare me the tears over Mr. Patron using the terms “parasitic tribe.” 

I don’t want to muddy the waters here, and let me say that the primary issue here is Patron getting oppressed in courts at the behest of zionist Schlomos, something we should all take issue with. Having said that, for the love of god don’t do stuff like this. He is obviously talking about jews here, so own it. Political persecution must be fought politically, and make sure the jury sees page after page of anti-White hate speech that the police refuse to prosecute. Then make sure they understand that the people who lie us into wars do not get punished for their lies that are used to achieve mass murder. At the end, whatever the jury decides, hang your head high and know you went out on your shield.

The entire “no, please, I didn’t mean it,” and “yes I was bad, but muh free speech,” arguments need to die in our circles. Our enemies are the most evil people on the planet, and they should have their tongues ripped out for what they say. We on the other hand, should be getting medals for speaking truth to power. That is the mindset you need when fighting against this system if you want to win.

Robertson’s instructions to the jury were clear: if they were to convict, it was to be on the basis that the Crown had proven to them Patron’s guilt, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Otherwise, the man was to be presumed innocent.

The judge took great care in outlining the elements of the offence, breaking down the charge for jurors.

As listed on an amended indictment, it was charged that on or between June 1, 2019 and Feb. 4, 2021, in the province of Saskatchewan, Patron did, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, willfully promote hatred against an identifiable group, with the group being Jews.

Specifically, as it relates to promoting hatred, Robertson told jurors it was not enough if a statement was offensive or false.

“Hatred is more than simple dislike. It is an extreme emotion, associated with the vilification or detestation of a group,” the judge said.

And he made clear to jurors it was up to them whether or not to accept the opinion evidence given by a witness that stated Patron’s statements were antisemitic.

Jurors must be sure Patron was talking about Jews within the statements in question, the judge said.

Again, I don’t want to keep harping on Travis Patron here. In no way does he deserve this, but come on now. He was obviously talking about jews, but he, or some legal counsel he had, went with the “no it wasn’t really jews,” bit. As a result, this changed the legal fight from “fuck you, go prosecute some anti-White kikes pushing ‘White Privilege,’ hate propaganda and then go cut out the tongues of the people who lied us into Iraq,” to “no I’m talking about the other parasitic tribe. No, I don’t know who they are, but they’re definitely not jews.”

I know that no matter how often I repeat this I’m still going to be accused of victim blaming, but This. Is. Not. How. You. Do. Legal. Battles. This shit needs to fucking stop forever. I care much more about not having gloating Schlomos than I do hurting the feelings of idiots who want to make themselves easy propaganda wins for our enemies.

Following court, Snyder said the verdict was a real “bring home” for him, and referencing Canada’s Jewish community, he noted there’d been a “visceral reaction” to Patron’s comments.

The convicted man’s words had a real impact, said the prosecutor, who’d told jurors this was not “a trial about dressing up as a Nazi and goose stepping around your basement when no one can see you.”

Court is set to reconvene on the matter later this month, at which point Robertson will hear sentencing submissions. Snyder indicated that the Crown will be suggesting a sentence of a year in prison, which would mean roughly six months going forward for Patron, after he receives credit for time served on remand.

However, the prosecutor acknowledged that depending on how the judge rules, it’s possible Patron could be released without further incarceration, as a result of that credit.

I wouldn’t mind giving Travis Patron an interview. While I have serious complaints with his legal strategy, there’s no question that it was our enemies who did this malicious persecution of him. White People in this country get called a lot worse than “a parasitical tribe,” and yet the very same government that leaps into action at the behest of the CJC when they feel their feelings were hurt. It’s remarkable to watch.

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  1. Shakespeare was right about lawyers…

  2. >The convicted man’s words had a real impact

    He knows this because some Jews told him how Patron’s word ‘really impacted’ them — that’s a direct quote. Probably.

    This is why Whites should NEVER whine about ‘hate’ laws — they will ALWAYS be the target.

    Clown world Canada.

  3. Well he deserves a badge of some sort.
    If he is intelligent, which he appears to be since he stated the obvious – he will realize that getting arrested for this bullsh*t is a trophy of sorts.

    Let’s start putting these stickers on our cars like the WW2 aircraft did.
    A hook-nose parasite member, you know the meme…a nice little 3×3 inch sticker for every time these pukes take you to court for celebrating not-free speech.

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