This weekend retreat has been quite pleasant for me, but I knew I wasn’t going to get many chances to work so I made sure that I wrote as much as I could on my iPad on the way up here. This was a four hour trip, and I spent most of that four hours working on a piece of creative fiction that I was really starting to be quite proud of. This was Thursday, today I re-opened the notes app to continue work on the piece. I had already written the skeleton of the work, so all that was left was the very enjoyable work of turning that into a finished product, or at least a rough draft.

The note is nowhere to be found. I look everywhere and it’s not there. It’s just flat out not on my iPad anymore. The work has been lost to the wind. No, I never hit delete, and no, it’s not in my “recently deleted,” folder. In fact, I don’t even have such a folder.

Theories on exactly what happened are numerous. I had to temporarily go on iCloud so my father could share a totally unrelated Note file with me and I forgot to turn it off. When I arrived here, and got internet connection again, he texts me that he got a weird note file that seemed virus-y, so he wanted to delete it. Not making any connection and being tired from the trip, I told him to go ahead and do so.

For all I know that’s a total red herring. The note that I worked on wasn’t a shared note, so I have no idea why he would have gotten ownership of it. In any case I never did anything, so I have no idea why Apple would just give ownership of my note to someone else. And no, I did not delete his note and overwrite it with my stuff, this was a fresh note.

But maybe it was something else. Maybe it was me closing the note app without saving, something that’s normally done automatically, but may be different if you forget that you have “Apple, please spy on me constantly,” turned on in the background. Maybe it was something totally different. All that I know is that we’ve reached the point in trillion dollar multinational incompetence where you can no longer be sure that the notes you type won’t just be deleted for no fucking reason. You’d think that this would be Day 1 type stuff, but Apple is a small indie company. They can’t be expected to not just delete everything for no reason.

Either way my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

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  1. It’s your fault for giving money to the iJew. Get a Nokia like a white man!

    1. agreed – linux is good too (not a techo fan-boy, but have it on a number of notebooks and it works great – don’t believe all the complaints)

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