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The leadership of Canada’s international armed sodomy enforcers have nervously issued a directive on ‘reconstitution’. That is to say, of course, that they are aware that people are leaving left, right, and center (more right though) and few people are joining to replace those losses. They would therefore like to keep people in and hire more, which will be done through non-specific virtue-signaling methods as indicated in the fatwa.

To the shock of nobody who has been paying attention, the reason that people are leaving is because the CAF is hostile towards them. Specifically, Straight White Males (their primary demographic) are tired of homosexual negro-feminist propaganda, which is the CAF’s primary function. In order to counter this, they are going to double down on said propaganda:

“If the CAF does not create an institutional climate that is more welcoming and inclusive to all Canadians, then attraction and retention problems will persist.”

Inclusive here obviously means more lesbian Shaniquas and bodacious tranny shop teachers, in case you were interpreting that word in its most pure meaning. Inclusive* (some conditions apply) would be more appropriate.

“Personnel generation efforts will also seek to broaden and deepen our strength through diversity, and deliver the requisite training so that our new members may achieve their respective operational functional points and begin their careers in earnest;”

“Deepen our strength through diversity is one of those statements that is immediately shown to be ridiculous when viewed in a military context. The idea that having random people in your military makes it better is too absurd to even entertain.

In summary, nothing is actually changing, rather, the leaders are just explicitly acknowledging an existing problem, and expressing their commitment to the things which caused it, in order to solve it. Whiteness enjoyers and penis-Canadians need not apply, as if they would ever want to. Those who still wear uniforms will soon be treated to even shittier co-workers than before, whose retardation will become their burden to bear:

“[Among other tasks] Provide recommendations on how readiness levels can be lowered to include an assessment of Individual Battle Task Standards (IBTS). Provide an appreciation for capacity savings versus operational impact;”

While the complete clownification of the tranny force is already set in stone, the exciting part will be observing exactly how it manifests as we proceed. Look forward to more glaring errors in judgement, probably accompanied by accidental deaths and hierarchy-of-victimhood fights between freaks of various species.

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  1. A third world army to complement a third world society. The canadian overlords are consistent if anything.

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