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By: Michelle Rempel Garner

After spending the day knocking on doors during the recent election campaign, my husband and I decided to grab a late-evening meal at a local pub. We invited some friends — it was supposed to be a rare normal night amid the craziness of a campaign.

It was evening, the bar was crowded, we had just finished our meals and my husband, Jeff, spotted the trouble before I did. A thickly built man seated at the bar was paying too much attention to me. He crossed the floor of the restaurant, camera in hand. His actions and his posture clearly said that he was bent on physically harming me, causing an altercation, or both.

As he charged forward, he started yelling at us about the World Economic Forum, demanding that I answer questions about my “ties to Klaus Schwab.”

Yeah, that’s definitely what you should demand Michelle Rempel Garner apologize for. You should give her a pass on her explicitly anti-White statements, or voting record, and get right to the crucially important question of our times.

I’m going to steal an analogy from TDS 957, and point out that the WEF is to “Globalists,” what the Oscars are to Hollywood. It’s literally just a convention. It’d be like hating anime, so you vow to boycott some random comic convention. Basically, it’s fucking stupid.

It wasn’t until much later, at home after the situation had been diffused and the shock was just starting to wear off, Jeff asked me, “Do you think people actually buy into that stuff?”

For me the question has never been whether or not people buy into conspiracy theories about the World Economic Forum.

They do.

Michelle Rempel Garner

The sheer levels of Finklethink that abound these days is simply too much for me. Michelle Rempel Garner is a worthless, evil ditz. Having said that, she’s right about the WEF being nothing more than a tradeshow, and she’s right to dunk on these QAnon tier idiots who are too cowardly to talk about Schlomo and the Rabbis of Zion because they know, deep down inside, that they will never be punished for this worthless conspiracybro garbage because it does not threaten power in the slightest.

The better question is why, and how this is impacting the Canadian political system. Concerns about “The Great Reset”, the World Economic Forum, and the apparent plan to turn Canada into a communist state is one of the underlying conspiracy theories that motivated some of the protesters who have participated in the truckers protest recently disbanded in Ottawa. It is an increasingly mainstream assumption in Conservative circles.

The WEF probably could be better described as a left-of-centre think tank and lobbying facilitator that hosts annual meetings in the tony Swiss ski resort of Davos. There, lobbyists, politicians, the media, and some parts of academia from all over the world mingle in eye-wateringly expensive hotels placed between narrow snow-covered streets.

Companies who pay sizeable fees to the WEF meetings seemingly get access to members from other industries, key thought leaders, and policy influencers from around the world. In return the WEF gets the prestige of hosting these types of meetings. For thought leaders and influencers, WEF meetings and access to its broader community can serve as a way to diversify one’s knowledge in many different fields. Think LinkedIn for the c-suite but in person.

Eric Striker and Keith Woods pictured with Klaus Schwab

It’s literally a trade show for parasite class dipshits. To the extent that they say anything controversial it’s because the parasites who show up already had those beliefs, not that Klaus Schwab infected the mind of innocent little Justin Trudeau with GlOBaLisM.

In January 2016 I woke up to an email with the subject, “You Have Been Selected as a Young Global Leader (YGL)”. I thought it was likely spam, but upon opening it I realized it was no joke. The YGL program is a big part of the broader WEF programming. Businessweek magazine described it as: “the most exclusive private social network in the world.” This is an overstatement; but members do include the likes of Sergei Brin, Ivanka Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Amal Clooney and many of the top up-and-coming political leaders in the G20.

In Canada, Andrew Scheer is a YGL, too. So is Justin Trudeau.

I didn’t give the award much thought. I was 36 at the time and had had other similar honours bestowed upon me. Prior to running for office, at age 29, I was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by the Woman’s Executive Network. I was 33 when I was appointed to federal cabinet. I’ve made my way on the Maclean’s Power List, won Parliamentarian of the Year awards, and other “most influential people” lists. These are all honours, to be clear. But none triggered the response that being a YGL did.

At my own expense, I went to a meeting of the community in spring of 2017 to check out what being a YGL was all about. The meeting was no different in feel from an academic conference, if a bit more global in nature and with more high-profile politicians and CEOs in attendance.

First, the content, timing, and title of the Great Reset document was blissfully naïve and arrogant at best, and flat-out crackers worst. Video also emerged of Klaus Schwab implying that the WEF had influence over attendees who had secured roles in the cabinets of several countries, including Canada. When I saw it, I was shocked at the presumption of the claim that he had influence over Canadian lawmakers by simple virtue of giving them an award.I guess this was done to increase the WEF’s prestige, or to convince companies to fund the organization — in other words, it was marketing — but it showed incredibly poor judgement and eroded his credibility.

This is what being a “Young Global Leader,” as designated by the WEF means. It means they decided to give you that award and they sent you an email. That’s it. You do not have to apply. All it signifies is that you’re an up and coming puppet Globo Homo Enforcer, not that you’re owned by Klaus Schwab, the goy who is totally running the entire World for sure and it’s definitely nothing to do with Nose-People.

I just can’t get over how cowardly and stupid this entire fake outrage is. Imagine if some Hollywood faggot at the Oscars got up on stage and said something like “we need to welcome more refugees.” Now imagine how stupid you would need to be to think that the Oscars are responsible for all these fake refugees.

But not even the people responsible for organizing the Oscars, who would presumably be Hollywood power players of some importance. No, instead imagine believing that the specific actor they got to read out the line is literally responsible for millions of fake refugees showing up in our countries. Not these guys below, but Ryan Reynolds or whomever.

Eric Striker has a great saying, which is that there is a difference between unauthorized opinions, and unpopular opinions. It’s not just you, everybody with working brain cells thinks these “5G steals oxygen from your blood,” or “bill gates vaccine microchips,” or “WEF literally runs the world,” conspiracy types are annoying retards who can only find a home together online. But these idiotic ideas are a great deal less censored than “jews run Hollywood.” That’s because they are unpopular and but totally harmless beliefs for cowardly idiots who hate the thought of actually confronting power.

Ye gets it.

Imagine a group of people who are so annoying and stupid that they make me unironically side with Michelle Rempel Garner, maybe the worst politician in all of Canada, as she dunks on them. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

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