The NHL has released a “diversity report.” In response, both the league and the Associated Press have determined that white people should stop playing hockey or working in hockey.

Did I secretly write this for MSN? Well, no. The actual author is Zachary Faria, and if you ever see a mainstream propaganda piece coming out this hard then it means you should be about ready to pick up the pitchforks and mount some heads on the wall.

The report found that 83.6% of the NHL’s staff and the staff of the league’s teams are white. The league’s rosters are 90% white. The report also found that 62% of staff are men — far more balanced than the league’s rosters, which are made up entirely of men.

This is somehow bad because it’s not “diverse” enough. The NHL’s “executive vice president of social impact” claims that this should influence “where you need to hire” and “how you need to hire,” and that “this is a good start, but there’s a ways to go.”

That is social justice-speak for saying that the league should stop hiring white people.

The Associated Press got in on the act too when the outlet’s hockey writer, Stephen Whyno, said the results give the league “a baseline from which to improve on.” In tweeting out the story, the outlet said the study is “a first step toward fixing the problem.”

As can be expected, even on twatter in 2022 he’s getting roasted in the replies. 

This clearly isn’t popular amongst the NHL watching crowd. Therefore, one might wonder who this is for. Or at least you might if you were still believers in the “corporations have to serve the market,” propaganda.

But what is the “problem,” exactly? What is it that the NHL must “improve on?” Is the “problem” that the league employs too many white people, even though its player base is 90% white? Would the NBA ever come out with a report saying it wasn’t diverse because the league is 73% black? Would the Associated Press and sports media nod along and say it was a problem that there aren’t more white employees in the league?

Good point Mr. Faria, and I think we all know the answer. The NBA will never whine about how the league is too Black, because this is anti-White hate propaganda that is promoted by jews and targeting White People. And no, I don’t care that their hired golem, the “executive vice president of social impact,” is some Mulatto. This is 100% top-down astroturfed by the same group of owners who made Gary Bettman their representative.

But I’m not going to get too worked up about Zachary Faria not naming Der Schlomo, and cataloguing all the NHL owners who are Jews, and who are pushing this explicitly anti-White hiring practice. 

The stance that sports leagues are increasingly embracing is that white people need not apply. The NFL has been begging teams to hire black coaches, as if skin color mattered more than whether a given coach is right for the job or not. Sports media then amplify this racial-essentialism, shaming leagues like the NBA if they don’t sufficiently discriminate against white coaches or players on behalf of black ones.

The world of sports is supposed to be the most meritocratic of any of our cultural pockets. Instead, it is slowly becoming the most discriminatory, with sports media leading the charge and sports leagues dutifully following. It is not “progress” for leagues to say they employ too many people of one race or ethnicity, regardless of what group we are talking about. This kind of overt racism is not a solution to the other kind — I doubt that most sports fans share the sports media’s perception that it is.

(((Daryl Katz))) Edmonton Oilers owner.

I was always a bit curious as to what the NHL was going to do, what with them and hockey more broadly being clearly the White Professional Sport. The NFL pretends that they have some justification to discriminate against Whitey when hiring coaches and executives… because they have a lot of non-White players, mostly Blacks. But then the NHL goes out and says that… they need less Whiteys in coaching and front office positions because go fuck yourself.

And the reduction of White People in the NHL workforce is called “progress,” when it should be called anti-White racial discrimination, and advocating for this should be illegal under already existing hate speech laws.

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