I’m currently serving a week long strike that will be lifted on October 27th. I was a very naughty goy, who uploaded a video of Kanye West talking about Jared Kushner. You can see the Odysee version of the video below.

What really stood out to me with that ban was that they went back and age-restricted a random video of ours from the honkocaust. Well apparently one wasn’t enough, and today I got another email from our beady eyed friends over at Google telling me that another video of mine had been age-restricted.

This video is also from that time, specifically February 23rd, 2022.

It’s another 14 second long video, in which the Ottawa Police attack a protester. Unlike the first video, where the cop rained knees down on the head of the protester, in this video the cops assault the protester while one of them, behind him, rains down some weak arm punches on his head. 

Sorry for the low resolution, and it’s one of those things that needs to be seen in motion. Still, this is not exactly graphic violence, and yet YouTube decided that this eight month old video with 70 views simply could not stay one more second on the site without being age-restricted.

More likely seeing the police brutalize White protesters is effective anti-police propaganda, and in an entirely non-kosher way. Marking it as age-restricted makes it essentially impossible to see for a lot of people, and far less convenient to share on other sites, such as this one.

But then again, maybe there’s just one single troon at Google who got really assblasted at me for some reason, and that’s why they’re going around trying to get my videos taken down however possible. What’s important is that this reinforces how we clearly live in a rules-based order where the government is by the people for the people.

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  1. I understand the attraction of YT: it’s a capable, well-known platform with tremendous potential to deliver large numbers of viewers, has a familiar, comfortable UI, and very good QoS thanks to financial backing by Google (rumor has it that YT by itself is not profitable) and access to Google server farms (for this reason I think Google should be forced to divest YT — it is very difficult for other platforms to compete with YT).

    But anyone who uses YT as a video sharing platform knows that censorship is part of the deal — the same is true of e.g. Blogger — if you want to put out controversial content, you really ought to do it elsewhere.

  2. Tranissary…..how has it taken this long for this word to be conjured into existence?
    I bow before your lingual superiority.

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