NY Post:

Two climate activists Sunday hurled mashed potatoes at a Monet painting worth tens of millions of dollars in a museum in Potsdam, Germany.

The activists pair from Letzte Generation — German for “last generation” — doused Oscar-Claude Monet’s 130-year-old work “Les Meules” with yellow-tinged mash, and then glued themselves to the wall at the Museum Barberini, video posted on social media showed.

“People are starving, people are freezing, people are dying. We are in a climate catastrophe,” protester Mirjam Herrmann yelled after sealing her hand to the wall, according to Der Tagesspeigel.

“Science says we won’t be able to feed our families by 2050,” Hermann told onlookers. “This painting will be worth nothing if we have to fight over food.”

Science says that when people are freezing you should shut down the use of oil. This will help for reasons that I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining. Basically, if you enjoy science, you’d get it.

Furthermore, nothing is more scientific than saying that we won’t be able to feed our families while providing absolutely no evidence. When I think “Science,” I think “throw mashed potatoes at a Monet painting.” I think that’s actually a quote from Nikola Tesla himself.

Sunday’s incident followed a similar protest in London where two members of a group called “Just Stop Oil” splashed a tin of Heinz tomato soup on Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” which is valued at $85 million.

I covered that at the time. Ostensibly this is a different group, Letze Generation, but I would be shocked if it wasn’t organized by the same (((people))). We’ll look into that in a second.

“If it takes a painting – with #MashedPotatoes or #TomatoSoup thrown at it – to make society remember that the fossil fuel course is killing us all: Then we’ll give you #MashedPotatoes on a painting!” Letzte Generation tweeted Sunday.

Both paintings were unharmed by the culinary call-out, according to museum officials.

These paintings are always protected by a thin layer of plastic or glass, for precisely this reason. Having said that, it’s only a matter of time before one of these mutants brings a knife and stabs one of our greatest works of art. 

The Guardian:

The protest, which has drawn applause and sharp criticism, is just the latest one bankrolled by the Climate Emergency Fund, a US network set up in 2019 to fund dramatic forms of protest in an attempt to spur action on the climate crisis. The organization said it will seek to build on the shock of the Van Gogh souping to support further protests across Europe and the US.

“More protests are coming, this is a rapidly growing movement and the next two weeks will be, I hope, the most intense period of climate action to date, so buckle up” said Margaret Klein Salamon, executive director of the Climate Emergency Fund.

Let’s find out more about this Margaret Klein Salamon.


Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD, is a clinical psychologist turned climate activist whose work helps people to face the truth of the climate emergency and transform their despair into effective action. She founded and directed The Climate Mobilization from 2014-2020, advocating an all-hands-on-deck, whole society mobilization to protect humanity and the living world from climate catastrophe. She is the Founding Principal of Climate Awakening, a project to unleash the power of climate emotions through scalable small group conversations. She is the author of Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth, a radical self-help guide for the climate emergency.

Ms. Salamon is a psychologist turned climate activist who mysteriously has access to large amounts of money which she uses to attempt to destroy our great works of art. In case this was too subtle for you, Mike Peinovich found an ABC article literally titled “Judaism, the Climate Crisis, and the Moral Imperative to Act,” featuring none other than our good friend Margaret.


At an event in Melbourne last week, co-hosted by the Jewish Climate Network, Margaret Klein Salamon, founder and executive director of US-based The Climate Mobilization, spoke on the need to confront the climate emergency, a term whose use she has been urging. With a focus on policy and communication to mobilise large scale action, her organisation emphasises institutional change, calling for “World War II–type policy instruments to transform the economy on an emergency basis.” Salamon told me that her views on the climate emergency are informed by her own grandmother’s experience as a Holocaust survivor. “The Holocaust reminds us that really horrible things do happen. There is so much denial and passivity, layers of denial; it’s a social process. We have a moral responsibility to confront denial and tell the truth, even when overwhelming.”

A bunch of ultra wealthy kikes are once again funding fake environmentalism, where they get some spiteful mutants to be their useful idiot golems, and get them to go around to museums to destroy, or at least pretend to destroy, our most beautiful works of art. This is really important to them, because six million Harvey Weinstein lookalikes got hooked up to masturbation machines and insecticided into lampshades. It may not have happened, but it’s real in their mind.

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  1. “I covered that at the time. Ostensibly this is a different group, Letze Generation, but I would be shocked if it wasn’t organized by the same (((people))).”

    A quick search reveals that the Van G. vandals belong to Just Stop Oil (https://nypost.com/2022/10/14/protesters-throw-soup-on-van-goghs-iconic-sunflowers-painting/); Just Stop Oil is funded by the Climate Emergency Fund (https://juststopoil.org/faqs/); and the CEF’s CEO is *drum roll please* Margaret Salamon (https://www.climateemergencyfund.org/margaret-klein-salamon).

    So your instinct was bang on!

    And for the record CEF is humungous. From their website:

    “Since our founding in 2019:
    91 organizations funded
    Over 22,000 climate activists trained
    Over 1 million activists mobilized
    9 million people engaged”

    1. More important than who runs and sits on the boards of these organizations is who funds them — obviously, without money they would either not exist, or be far less effective — unfortunately due to recent changes in IRS rules about filing requirements for non-profits, it is much more difficult to see where the money comes from, since they are no longer required to disclose their donors in publicly available filings — in this way they can now operate more like dark money pools, e.g. the Tides Foundation.

      Most Americans have no idea how prevalent and influential these non-profits are, including in the refugee resettlement racket, where many ‘charities’ are little more than government contractors whose top people are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while they lobby Congress and the government to keep the refugees coming.

  2. Always interesting to see who is behind this people and organization, as well as who funds them — for e.g. 501C3 non-profits, you can research who the principals are and where their money comes from here:

    Charity Navigator

    When available, they provide links to the organizations IRS filings, which today are less informative than they used to be due to a change made during the Trump administration: these organizations no longer have to list their major donors in their public filings.

    Thanks Trump.

    Anyone who doesn’t see what a major problem women are today is just not paying attention — women and feminized men.

  3. Hi eah – thanks for the link.

    Looked at the CEF’s 2019 return and noticed its mission: “It supports only non-violent, legal activities that reinforce the goal of constructively building public pressure and demanding urgent action from governments and corporations to address the climate emergency.”

    So supporting a group that plasters a Monet painting in potatoes is legal and constructive activity? Wow.

    Also, “building public pressure” sounds a lot like political activity. I wonder if someone in the US would care to opine on this? Can a complaint be filed with the IRS to get CEF’s exempt status reviewed/revoked?

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