Jonathan Kay is a typical conservative pundit, and not just because he’s a Jew. Nevertheless, in 2019 he was sued for libel by (((Bernie Farber’s))) Anti-Hate Canada. We’ve written about them quite a few times now, and they’re exactly what you’d expect. So far on the left side of the kosher sandwich that they’re getting buttblasted at fellow tribesmen who are doing the Ben Shapiro bit.

The above screencap is not relevant to the conversation, except that it involves Jonathan Kay and Bernie Farber. Kay exposes Farber for doing yet another anti-goyim hoax/slander, and he later shows that Farber’s organization, Anti-Hate Canada, got well over a quarter million of your tax dollars in a grant, although that appears to have been a one time thing.

More germane to this discussion is the above tweet, wherein Kay claims that he won his case by having the judge dismiss it, in part because it was shown that the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) does in fact assist antifa.

The legal document contains the name (((Richard Warman))). Yes, he’s another “social activist,” Jew, who made a name for himself when he dragged (((Ezra Levant))) and Mark Steyn into court more than a decade ago. Bernie Farber is the head of CAHN, although maybe Warman was the head back in 2019, which is why his name is on the document.

Jonathan Kay twitter:

BTW, the trial was surreal. It went for 6 days & featured such bizarre claims as that I was “malicious to human rights.” I have the transcript. At one point, I was required to explain the plot of the Seinfeld episode that’s at the root of “Del Boca” Bernie Farber’s nickname.

Kay also links to a series of tweets that CAHN put out defending itself in the court of public opinion. They are… interesting to say the least.

Andy Ngo and Patriot Prayer were planning on attacking antifa?

They think it’s an organization, or a group, or an organized group, or something.

They finish their little tirade with a cat pic, and the urge to donate right “meow”. I honestly don’t know what to say. The page they take you to does not have a cat on it, so it’s not like twitter messed up, and shoved in the wrong image preview here. But whatever, these are the (((clowns))) that we’re dealing with. Fur fathers who are so unhinged they think mainstream Benny Shapiro type Jews need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. 

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