The Cradle:

On 14 November, US occupation troops in Syria looted a new batch of the country’s oil from the al-Jazira region, in coordination with their Kurdish proxy militia, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“The American occupation forces took out a new batch of stolen Syrian oil, in 76 tankers, to their bases in northern Iraq, through the illegal Mahmudiyah crossing,” local sources told Syrian media.

Just one day before, US forces also looted large quantities of wheat and oil from different areas of the country and transported them into Iraq, using 94 trucks.

The US occupation in Syria has been consistently plundering the country’s natural resources, namely its oil. Recently, there has been a surge in Washington’s oil looting operations in Syria, given the ongoing energy crisis, and the recent OPEC+ production cuts, which left the west in a state of desperation.

An exclusive investigation by The Cradle details the process of the oil smuggling operation by US forces and the use of several illegal border crossings leading to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR).

According to the Syrian Oil Ministry, US forces have stolen more than 80 percent of the country’s daily oil output, amounting to around “66,000 barrels of oil every single day.”

In late August, Damascus reported that its oil and gas sectors have incurred losses of up to $107 billion as a result US-sponsored war which began in 2011.

Ah yes, the great US Troon Force. Literally stealing oil from Arab nations.

I’m going to go ahead and steal a take from NJP Chairperson (They/them) Mike Enoch.

Moike “Moar Ranch” Enoch:

Remember when Jews were instructing liberals to use the slogan “No blood for oil” in order to obscure the Zionist motivations for the Iraq war and blame “White male Christian oil executives” for the war?

It wasn’t true then, but here we have the US actively stealing Syrian oil and sending it to Iraq in order to alleviate the oil and gas crisis caused by the Jewish sanctions policy on Russia.

Time to bring that slogan back out libs. Here’s betting you won’t.

Murdered US Soldier from Iraq

To be a kosher-leftist is to support average everyday people being censored for saying that a mentally ill man in a dress is a mentally ill man in a dress, all because the WMD Liars told you to. These people are complete and utter jokes, and it is precisely because the so-called “war on terror” was absolutely not a war for oil that they were told to say that. It’s not that their zionist cult leaders didn’t support the war, but they had to give these people something, so they gave them something retarded that obviously missed the point.

But now that it is true that the US Military is straight up thieving oil, to the tune of 66k barrels per day – which works out to almost 20 million lbs of fuel per day – I’m quite sure that these shitlibs will shut their mouths and keep them shut. Because the worst thing in politics is not someone critiquing something the Democracy Class wants. The worst thing is someone critiquing something the Democracy Class wants, while not having a retarded Finklethinked take. That’s the kind of thing that could rally people, so rest assured, it’s not happening anytime soon.

Although I should mention that the war in Syria is undoubtedly not done for the oil itself. This is being done as a way to hurt Syria. 

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  1. Nice to see the authentic rainbow coalition (NJP) speak up against the posers

  2. Looting – oh my, isn’t that a woke-induced specialty?

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