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“VoteAgainstWoke” Celebrates 45 Endorsed Candidates Winning, AntiHate Canada Big Mad

Twenty-one ‘non-woke’ trustees were elected to public school boards across Ontario during the province’s municipal elections on Oct. 24, says the founder of the website “”

“A movement has started,” said the anonymous founder—who goes by the pseudonym “Matt” to protect his identity—in an email to The Epoch Times.

“This is the first time in Canada we’ve seen a large-scale pushback against the woke.”

Matt started VoteAgainstWoke in late September to help voters understand which trustee candidates advocated for parental choice in schools and were against expanding curriculum items like gender theory and critical race theory.

Twenty-four Catholic school board trustees that VoteAgainstWoke endorsed were also elected.

I thought you just said twenty one candidates won?

Ontario readers feel free to contact me, but my understanding, reading this, is that Catholic School Boards and regular School Boards are two different things, even though both have essentially the same structure, and are governed by the same kind of elections. After all these Catholic schools are publicly funded.

Heading on over to their website is quite promising.

Vote Against Woke:

Unlike traditional forms of leftish thought, which have been aimed in large part at assisting working-class individuals, wokeism exhibits an unconcealed hostility toward underprivileged members of society who have not internalized faddish ideas about race and gender. Woke ideas are communicated using academic jargon densely cluttered with newly conceived acronyms such as 2SLGBTQQIA+, AMAB, and BIPOC. As with many cultish movements, the unintelligible nature of this idiom is treated as a feature not a bug, since mastery of such terms permits an acolyte to signal his or her elect status within a woke organization or clique.

The entire writeup is quite excellent. I ctrl+f’d “jew”, “semit”, “israel”, “fascis”, and “nazi”, because I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t getting finklethinked here. I got zero results. Then I searched “white,” and got six results, all of which were positive except one reference to “white-collar employment.” 

I don’t have any contact with whomever runs this, but I think they’re very much on the right track. Again, nothing is 100%, and we know they can’t be perfect because there’s no way there were 45 truly excellent candidates to endorse, let alone endorse and win in these elections. Still, I get a good feel from them. I’m less enthusiastic about the next “anti-woke” activist, although I think what she’s doing is still pretty good.

Teresa Pierre, founder and president of the Ontario advocacy group Parents As First Educators (PAFE), said the number of elected trustees that PAFE endorsed was even higher than those endorsed by VoteAgainstWoke.

“We’re very pleased with the outcomes that we saw,” Pierre told The Epoch Times in an interview. “There are boards that haven’t had pro-parental-rights candidates in them before that now do.”

PAFE doesn’t publicize its list of endorsed candidates, but Pierre said they saw a marked difference in results this year compared to the last municipal election.

“Things have just reached a tipping point in the board with respect to parents being frustrated with the woke ideologies and gender ideology that they’re finding in the schools,” she said.

“The case of the teacher in Halton was probably a motivator for this election cycle as well,” said Pierre, referring to the high school teacher in the Halton District School Board (HDSB) who made international headlines in September after being videotaped wearing large prosthetic breasts with protruding nipples in class.

The Halton goddess of beauty?

You’re trying to tell me you don’t think this is the picture of feminine charm? The kind of beauty that men start wars over? Look at his titties and tell me you wouldn’t motorboat that.

That also started the anti-groomer rally where one of the Daily Rake readers showed up with a possibly ill-advised but still legendary Fags Out sign, only to have the cuckservatives whine about him and call him an antifa. 

He knows who he is. Good on him.

Within the Halton District, three candidates endorsed by VoteAgainstWoke, including Zhang, were elected to the trustee board. Shuttleworth retained her seat.

That’s good because the HDSWB is a hive of scum and villainy.

Three Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) trustee candidates endorsed by VoteAgainstWoke were also elected or re-elected on Oct. 24.

Bill Cody, a newly-elected WRDSB trustee, said he believes the board has become “disconnected from the parents.”

“We cannot ignore how the accumulated problems within a dysfunctional board affect our kids,” Cody wrote to The Epoch Times.

He said schools need to end all “age-inappropriate curriculum and policies, as well as their politicized and divisive responses.”

“Differing opinions can strengthen decision-making, and can expand possibilities,” he said. “If done respectfully, opinions should be able to be shared, without fear of repercussions, intimidation, or being labeled.”

“It is our kids who suffer the consequences when political agendas turn our schools into battlefields.”

It’s a lot of stuff about “radical gender ideology,” and “parents should be more involved.” Not revolutionary, but good. Let’s see what Anti-Hate Canada thinks about all this.

The results are in for Ontario’s municipal school board races. 

After the polls closed on Monday, we took a look at how candidates expressing far-right, transphobic, and homophobic views fared in their respective races. Despite widespread attempts to penetrate school boards, most of the candidates we covered meeting this description did not win their respective seats.

Winning 51.09% of the vote in Halton Catholic District School Board’s Milton Wards 2 and 3, “pro-life” candidate Emma Murphy won the race by a resounding 19.49%. 

In her campaign, and on her social media, Murphy, like so many other anti-equity candidates, centres “parents choice.” According to her answers to Inside Halton’s candidate survey, one of Murphy’s top three issues is “Parental choice brought to the forefront.” 

She also told Inside Halton that “there should be less time spent on teaching the students political and social ideologies.”

I can’t find a picture of Emma Murphy, but good for her. Having said that, she does seem like a bog standard conservative, so it’s not clear what the insane kikels at AHC are whining about. Then again, these are the same people who flipped out at (((Jonathan Kay))) saying true things about them, so I’m pretty sure you can get them to kill themselves by repeating “trannies aren’t real women.”

Winning in Oakville Wards 5 and 6, is Helena Karabela with 71.63% of the vote. Karabela is the only other incumbent candidate, besides Vincent Iantomasi, that anti-abortion and anti-2SLGBTQ+ lobby, the Campaign Life Coalition endorsed ahead of the election in Halton. 

Other CLC endorsed candidates that won a seat include Burlington Wards 3 and 6 voting in Xin Yi Zhang. Zhang earned 22.3 per cent of the vote, winning by a 2.73 per cent margin. Likewise, Oakville Wards 1, 2, and 3 voted 52.63 per cent for Rob Kennedy.

Sometimes you can lose your school board election with 49% of the vote. Sometimes you can win with 20%. It all depends on how many other people run with you.
As can be expected, Anti-Goy Canada at no point brings out a cumulative total for all the candidates who won or lost, and these candidates aren’t even all that based. You’d think it’d be important to give out this information, but these are some of the most worthless people on the planet that we’re dealing with, so I’m sure the thought didn’t even occur to them. They have their politics either cynically, because they’re zionist Jews, or they’re spiteful mutants like “journalist” Peter Smith, pictured below, and this comes out not just in dressing up like a Disney Princess, but also in General Quotient Of Shittiness.
My overview on school board elections is still coming.

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  1. In Ontario, “public school” refers to the non-religious (formerly non-denominational Christian) publicly-funded schools. “Catholic school” refers to the separate schools for Catholics which, although publicly funded, are never called “public schools”.

    1. Thanks Becquerel.

  2. Congratulations! It’s great to have a win, once in a while!

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