Another day, another example of Justin Trudeau attempting diplomacy and utterly failing. The backstory here is that Trudeau has been going on a “Chyna Baaaaad,” rampage of late, even stooping to leak details of a private meeting between him and Xi Jinping to the press.

This made Xi Jinping understandably upset, and the video starts out with China’s government leader confronting Joffrey over this.

Xi Jinping [Through Translator]: Everything we discussed has been leaked to the press, and that’s not appropriate. And that’s not the way the conversation was conducted.

The video I have is low resolution, but you can see Trudeau’s pained facial expressions better in movement as he pretends to be enjoying this impromptu lecture. It’s very satisfying.

Xi Jinping: If there is –

Justin Trudeau: In Canada we believe in 

JFC Justin. We’re not in a movie here. We don’t need snappy dialogue from you, we need you to not shit all over yourself in a conversation. The first rule of diplomacy is to not interrupt the other government official for no reason, so maybe start with that.

I swear to god, a random person could do diplomacy better than this queer simply by being normal and quiet. They might not make an impression, but sometimes no impression is better than “Canada must be a real fucked up country if this fag’s running it.”

Justin Trudeau cont: In Canada we believe in free and open and frank dialogue and that is what we will continue to have. We will continue to work constructively together but there will be things we will disagree on.

Good god.

First of all, Jinping was angry because Trudeau did a meeting with him under the pretenses of privacy and then leaked the whole thing while also slanting it against China. The man has a right to rebuke Canada’s Number One Aristocrat. Secondly, you all need to watch the video, because the way this little faggot unconfidently mumbles this random blurb that his handlers wrote for him that doesn’t really apply here is deeply satisfying to watch. 

Xi Jinping: Let’s create the conditions first.

With that they shake hands.

We’re then treated to a triumphant Jinping and Trudeau standing there like a spare dick at an orgy.

Eventually he awkwardly walks away.

And we literally get The Virgin meme from Justin.

In fact I think I can make one of these for the occasion. Let me remember how this goes.

LOL. LMAO even. This guy is our PM. 

Let’s recap. Trudeau created a totally fake moral panic about Chynaaa something something Our Democracy. He then leaked the details of a private meeting with Xi Jinping. Then he quietly mumbles something stupid back to Jinping when confronted, interrupting the translator in the process. Finally, he triumphantly slinks away to go cry in the bathroom.

I’ve never seen someone so utterly unprepared for diplomacy.

At least he didn’t dress up like a harmful racial stereotype this time.

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  1. I have nothing insightful to add. What a complete fag.

  2. Justin should have squinted his eyes, stuck his top front teeth out, and said “ching chong ching chong.” You see, that’s the only language these chinee people understand.

  3. What a supreme faggot. Castro’s son would probably get more sympathy from his braindead audience if he dressed in a rainbow suit to the event to try and one-up the wogs in their sound policy of anti-faggotry although that would make him more of a laughing stock on the other side of the aisle among our guys. Still at least through his embarrassed you-done-goofed mumbling you could hear an attempt at a semi-intelligent response, if pedo-Biden was in that spot instead he would forget what he said and where he was halfway through his mumble and then look around panicked for his ice-cream cone or a kid to sniff.

  4. Notice that neither Xi Jinping nor his interpreter paid any attention to Justine’s stupid boilerplate.

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